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Waez Audio Entries

Most waezes may not be listened to online.
You must first download them and then listen to them on your computer.

0705-KHIDMAT - 198961:30KhidmatIndian Languages | Hindi
0704-SUFI RELIGION - 198960:45SufismIndian Languages | Hindi
0703-INTELLECT - 199527:43IntellectIndian Languages | Hindi
0702-RAHEMAT - 198959:08RahematIndian Languages | Hindi
0701-SATVENI KE YEH PATH HAI - 65:08ZAHERI AUR BAATUNIIndian Languages | Hindi
0707-AAP KI IS CHOTI SE JAMAT KE LIYE MUJHE - 55:37Indian Languages | Hindi
0699-MOHABAT - 199066:36Mohabat
0696-CHOGADIA KE YEH PATH - 40:38NoorIndian Languages | Hindi
0698-ISLAM DEEN - 198856:29IslamIndian Languages | Hindi
0695-CONCENTRATION - 198249:10ConcentrationIndian Languages | Hindi
0694-IMAM KI MOHABAT - 199161:40Indian Languages | Hindi
0692-FARMAN BARDARI - 198377:40Farman bardariIndian Languages | Hindi
0693-AAJ MEIN YEH GINAN AAP KE SAMNE TARZOMA - 40:35GINANHindi | Indian Languages
0691-ASWARI - 198278:02AswariIndian Languages | Hindi
0689-MAZHAB KI SAMAJ - 198256:45Indian Languages | Hindi
0688-KHUDA - 198470:24KHUDAIndian Languages | Hindi
0687-GENERAL WAIEZ - 198255:47Indian Languages | Hindi
0685-US NE JISNE IS DUNIYA MEIN (LIFE AFTER DEATH 1) - 198859:29life after deathIndian Languages | Hindi
0686-LEKEIN PHIR EK DIVISION ATA HAI (LIFE AFTER DEATH 2) - 198857:04life after deathIndian Languages | Hindi
0683-AAP KE DILO KO MOWLA NOORO SE PHAR - 49:52Love of ImamIndian Languages | Hindi

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