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audio by title aaye rahem raheman

Aaye Rahem Raheman - 2007

MP3 Stereo 22kHz 32Kbps (CBR) 6:53 minutes (1.58 MB)

Raageshwari is a performing artiste (www.raageshwari.com) and
her father Trilok Singh Loomba is an Indian National Award winning
composer. They have performed world wide and wish to perform their Ginans
concerts with live musicians, Turkish whirling and Indian Odissi dancers
and back drop projections of Konya paintings. They are looking out for
sponsors for international concerts on Ginans.

Aaye Rahem Raheman - 2003

MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR) 1:54 minutes (2.62 MB)

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