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audio by year dec 04 1998


MP3 Stereo 16kHz 32Kbps (CBR) 61:45 minutes (14.14 MB)

Ek teerath vedhddaa peer shams gaazee sadhnnaa

Ginans in Punjabi - only few published
Anecdote of Emna Sati
Mention of Mansamjamni of Pir Shams - establishment of 84 Jamat Khana's in China
Guptis. 100,000 in Punjab
Anecdote of Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah calling 12 leaders from Punjab and ordering Punjabi jamat to declare their faith in public.
Anecdote of Hazar Imam in Zanzibar 1960
Mention of Manhar granth of Sayyed Gulmalishah

Interesting to know:
Gupti Jamats all over the world, including Tanzania

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