Tenth Naklanki Avtar


Sri Dash Mahe Sri Dash Mahe (n) Naklanki Rupe Ladho chhe Avtar; Shah Mowla Murtaza Ali Rupe Naam Bhanaveaji ; Het Haqiquatne karne Samiji Tame Bhale Bhale Avaterea; Heat sete Turie Shah Chadse Aswar, Bhagat Odharia, Asur sangarie, Danav Darie, Gatiu Tarie, Asu Purie, Vacha parie, Sankh Chakar Lese Shah Haathe.

Sankh Chakar Lese Shah Hath,
Laine Farse Shah Pruthvi Mahe;

Have Pota Te Dase Avtar,
Parhareo Shah Girbha Vaas;

Shah Dese Rikhianne Raj,
Rikhiu Karse Avichal Raaj;

Rikhiaane Vaikunth Vas,
Pir Shohodev Kero Sam;

Partak Naklanki Naam.

Ho Mara Samiji Sri Das Mahe Maro Tun Sri Parmesara; Sri Dash Mahe Naklanki Rupe Lidho Chhe Avtar, Sri Shah Mowla Murtaza Ali Rupe Naam Bhanaveaji, Sri Mowla Murtaza Ali Te Sri Eslamshah, Sri Shah Mowla Murtaza Alini Mata To Bibi Zuleikha, Pita To Hashme Abu Talib Wali, Gur To Nabi Muhammad Mustafa Rasul Salela Alehe Wasalaam, Sakhti To Bibi Fatamat Zohora Rajiallahu Taala Anahu; Char Lakhne Batris Sestra Shri Shah Mowla Murtaza Ali Rupe Naam Bhanavea Ji Allah Ji Allah, Char Lakhne Batris Sahestra Aaj Kaljugno Parman Hua, Tare Athar Vedna Vara Vartea, Aaj Kaljug Mahe Shahanu Ek Rup Varateo Ek Danav Shah Aape Sangarse Crodi Baresu Pir Sadardin Tarea, Tene Gupth Panth Aradhea, Te To Sahi Amrapurino Vase Bhale Pamia Ji Allah Ji Allah; Pir Sadardin Kahere Bhai Kahu (n) Das Avtar , Te Je Sarvene Sune. Tene Ava Gamanana Fera Tale; Je Sambhle Das Avtar, Te Paam Moksha Mugat Didar; Je sambhale Nar Ne Naar, Tene Avagaman Nahire Sonsar.

Je Sambhale Das Avtar,
Te Dame Moksh Mugat Didar;

Je Sambhale Nar Ne naar,
Tene Avagaman Nahire Sansar;

Jem Mugat Huare Pilaj,
Tene Aaleo Shah Avichal Raaj;

Shahe Aaleo Dhruvne Raaj,
Dhruv Kare Chhe Avichal Raaj;

Bandh Kapiare Pailaj,
Tene Aleo Shah Avichal Raaj;

Shah Dese Rikhianne Raaj
Rikhiyu Karshe Te Avichal Raaj;

Rikhiane Vaikuntha Vas,
Pir Sohodev Kedo Saam;

Partak Dharyo Hari Naam,
Pir Sadardin Kedo Saam;

Partak Naklanki Naam.

Ho Mara Samiji Tu (n) Jug Sadharie, Bhagat Udharie, Asur sangarie, Danav Darie, Gatiyu Tarie, Asu Purie, Vacha Parie, Das Mahe Maro Tu (n) Sri Parmesara; Das Mahe Naklanki Rupe Lidho Chhe Avtar Shaha Mowla Murtaza Ali Rupe Naam Bhanayaji; Het Hakiqatne Karane Samiji Tame Bhale Bhale Avtarea; Das Avtar Mowla Murtaza Ali Jo Se Pir Sadardin Bhakhea Se Sampuran.

Haq Ashahado Ana
La Ilaha Ilallah,
Ashahado Ana
Muhammad Rasulillah,
Ashahado Ana Amirul Mominin Ali Sahi Allah.



Meaning: Our Lord SHRI HARI VISHNU (THE ALI), Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Boundless, Beginning less, Endless, Whose Unfathomable mysteries are unknown to even eighty million angels, prophets, pirs, and paygambers, his ways are extraordinarily mysterious!!!

He incarnated - HIMSELF-in the aspect of 'MACHH ROOP'
In KARTA YUGA, and the Advent of the same 'NOOR' (Light Of Ali) shall be INCARNATE in KALIYUGA as 'DASMO NAKLANKI AVTAR.'

Now BRAHMA, VISHNU and MAHESHAR have changed their garbs and they are now in Musalmani aspect. The advent of SHRI VISHNU (THE ALI) KAYAMJI shall be in the aspect of 'NAR NAKLANK DASMO AVTAR.'

HAZARAT MOWLAMURTAZA ALI is the TENTH INCARNATION of the LORD SHRI VISHNU, the DASMO 'NAKLANKI AVTAR,' the same 'NOOR' as what the Hindus call 'SHRI VISHNU.' He is the MOWLA MURTAZA ALI who reincarnated in Arabia, proclaimed as the First Holy Imam at KHUM-E-GADIR by the Holy Prophet Muhammad.


The DASMO 'NAKLANKI AVTAR' has reincarnated into KALIYUGA to fight and destroy the devil DAIT KALINGO of KALIYUGA. He will fight the devil on his horse DUL-DUL.

DAIT KALINGO with his very large army will march from CHINAB NAGRI to JAMPUDIP (INDIA). He will perform many miracles and tricks: feed horses that are made of wood; call alive dead fathers and mothers; keep flowing endless sources of honey, milk and food; make pure ghee from ordinary water, etc. The whole world will be charmed by his tricks, but true momins shall not be misguided.



The armies of both sides shall remain unshaken, undefeated, each powerful against the other, until 'HAZAR JOMEJO DHANI,' DASMO 'NAKLANKI AVTAR' with his TRI-POINTED ZULFIQAR and on his DUL DUL will appear and destroy DAIT KALINGO. This will be the time when the DAS AVTAR shall be complete and accomplished. This RUHANI prediction by Our Holy Pir Sadardin, which has been given to us MOMINS in advance, will come true.

Hazarat Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.)


Hazarat MOWLA MURTAZA ALI was born in Macca at Kaa'ba Shariff, the holiest place in Arabia, the House Of God. Mowla Murtaza Ali's mother was Mata Bibi Zuleikha, and father HASHAMI ABU TALIB. When Mowla Murtaza Ali was born, our beloved Holy prophet Muhammad S.A.S was thirty years of age; and prophet Muhammad was revealed as THE NABI at the time Mowla Ali was ten years old.

Mowla Murtaza Ali, from the very young age, with Great Chivalry was of constant help to our beloved prophet - particularly at the time the Kaffirs (Enemies Of Islam) harassed our Prophet Muhammad S.A.S Mowla Murtaza Ali protected the religion of Islam. It is believed that service rendered by Mowlana Murtaza Ali for the cause of Islam was so great and remarkable that if any other Muslims were to continue to render service until the Day of Judgment, Mowlana Murtaza Ali's service cannot be reckoned with!

Mowla Murtaza Ali's wife was JANNATE KHATUN MATA BIBI FATIMA (A.S) , the beloved daughter of our NABI-E-KARIM MUHAMMMAD MUSTAFA RASUL S.A.S. They had two sons, MOWLA SHAH HASSAN (A.S.) and MOWLA SHAH HUSSEIN (A.S.)

Khatimul Nabi - Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Rasul (S.AS.)


O momin, the rue path shown by Pir Sadardin
Is the path accepted by the almighty ALLAH, the 'NOOR-EN-ALLAH-NOOR.' Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Rasul S.AS. Is the 'SHANSHAH.' The 'NOORANI' crown, the head of all the PAYGAMBERS - O momins say the holy salwat: ALLAHUMA SALI ALA MUHAMMADIN WA AALE MUHAMMAD.

Our beloved Prophet, also the first Pir, Hazarat Muhammad Mustafa Rasul S.AS. Was born in Arabia around 570 A.D. His father's name was Hazarat Abdullah, son of Hazarat Abdumutalib, and his mother's name was Bibi Amina.
Our beloved Prophet Muhammad, although he was graced with Holy Nabuwat (PROPHETHOOD) at the age of forty, he was the AAD GURU BRAHMA, THE NABI, right from birth. It is just as when the moon is covered by clouds it is not seen, but when the clouds move, the moon is seen to shine.

When our beloved Prophet Muhammad was young, a prominent widow merchant of Macca, BIBI KHADIJA, employed him and sent him to Syria to do business. The Prophet would return with huge prophets, unmatched by any of the other traders, and also giving perfect account of his sales.

Bibi Khadija, on one occasion, saw in a dream our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.AS. In 'NOORANI' KAYA or 'NOORANI' aspect, and she was spiritually inspired that Muhammad shall grace you with 'Shelter.' Then some days following this when she was looking out from over a hill for her caravans, Bibi Khadija saw divine, 'NOORANI' clouds over the head of our beloved Prophet S.AS.

Bibi Khadija immediately went to see Hazrat Abu Talib and said to him that the total profit that the business Muhammad had done, she was giving it to him and she desired that he look after her business. She also said that it was Allah's wish that she marry with Muhammad.

When Hazarat Abu Talib told Prophet Muhammad S.A.S. the wish of Bibi Khadija, the prophet agreed, and they were married. Our beloved Prophet was Twenty-One Years Of age at the time.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad RASUL-E-KARIM S.AS. Used to, every night, go to a cave in the Hira Mountains for Ibadat. And when our Holy Prophet was forty, he received a revelation telling him that the almighty Allah had appointed him to Holy Nabuwat for the preaching of the religion Islam.

When Hazrat Rasul Karim S.A.S. went back home, he told Bibi Khadija about his experience and divine mission. Bibi khadija immediately embraced Islam as the first follower. And on the very same day Bibi Khadija declared in the city that Muhammad was the Prophet of ALLAH. The news spread all over Arabia in no time.

Mowla Murtaza Ali and the Protection of Islam

During the lifetime of Mowla Ali's father, Hazarat Abu Talib's, the KAFFIRS, although creating a lot of difficulties for Prophet Muhammad in his preaching of Islam, were not able to go very far with their plans. But in the eleventh year of Prophet hood, Hazarat Abu Talib passed away from this world, and the KAFFIRS planned to kill the Prophet S.A.S.
Our Holy Prophet Muhammad decided not to stay in Macca any longer and to move to Medina. Mowla Murtaza Ali and Prophet Muhammmad also advised the faithful momins to migrate from Mecca to Medina.
A heroic incident of Mowla Ali's strength took place at this time. Mowla Ali asked the Prophet to proceed to Medina, while himself staying behind. This, the Prophet S.AS. Was cleverly able to do without raising the suspicion of the KAFFIRS who were guarding the house of Prophet Muhammad. Kaffirs began to throw stones heavily at the house and were able to break in. To their great surprise! They found Mowla Murtaza Ali in the house. Mowla Murtaza Ali was very bold and he killed many Kaffirs.

Prophet Muhammad RASUL-E-KARIM S.A.S. Reached Medina This migration, at the time Prophet Muhammad was 53 years, and Mowla Ali, 23, is known as the first year of 'Hijra' (A.H.).

The Kaffirs did not give peace, ABU SUFIYAN was afraid that his cousin Muhammad was becoming influenced and would harm his government. Therefore, in Jijra two (2A.H.), he invaded Medina with an army of 1000, and the battle of Badar was fought.

Our Nabi Saheb and Mowla Murtaza Ali had a small army of 313. Against all odds, the mostly unarmed Muslim army won a brilliant victory over the well-equipped Meccan army. Mowla Murtaza Ali fought bravely and in the battle Abu Jahel, the powerful enemy warrior was killed. It was a great day for Islam.

During Hijra Three (3 A.H.), another battle, a fiercer one, was fought at OHAD. Prophet Muhammad S.A.S. became worried and was wounded. Mowla Ali fought almost single handed against the KAFFIRS, and was not only successful at killing them but also at protecting Prophet Muhammad S.A.S.

After the above battle, ABU SUFIYAN his own son MUAVIYA as a Prophet in Syria, and started to make the people take BAIYAT of MUAVIYA. It was the aim of Abu Sufiyan to murder the members of the family of HASHAMI and to make the Umayyad government influential and powerful. Those people who took Muaviya's baiyat, later, became known as the 'SHIAS OF MUAVIYA,' while those who remained firm behind Mowla Murtaza Ali, were known as the 'SHIAS OF MOWLA ALI.'

The battle of Khaybar took place in 7A.H. When the Holy Prophet S.A.S. fought, without result, for almost forty days, he prayed to Mowla Murtaza Ali. Hazarat Jabrail brought the DUA of NA'DE ALI.


Remember Mowla Ali, the creator of the 'Quadrat.' He shall assist you at the time of difficulty and all adversities shall be eradicated. O ALI, O ALI, O MURTAZA ALI.

And sure enough, Mowla Murtaza Ali, with his divine power, won the strong fort of KHAYBAR.

In Hijra ten (10 A.H.) , Hazarat Raul-e-Karim S.A.S. declared in the presence of one hundred and twenty four thousand Moslems that Mowla Murtaza Ali was to be the Imam and Khalif of Islam after the Prophet. The Prophet declared:


ALI is the master of those amongst whom I was master,
O ALLAH love those who love Mowla ALI and reckon those
As enemies who have enmity with MOWLA ALI.

Thus, the FIRST HOLY 'IMAMAT' day was celebrated at Ghadeer-Khum-Khum.

A prominent scholar, S.V. Mir Ahmedali has written in his commentary on the Last AYAT in the Holy Quran - Revealed to Hazarat HABI RASUL-E-KARIM (S.A.S.) (SURATUL AL-MAIDAH, V: 3) after declaration of Mowla Murtaza Ali as Imam and khalif:

This verse occupies a very important and leading
Position in the Holy Quran and forms an essential
Part of the word of God. When the huge caravan of
Several thousands of the pilgrims along with the Holy
Prophet was on its march, returning from Mecca after
The 'Hajjatul-wida' and the caravan was at a place
Called Ghadeer-e-Khum, this verse was revealed to
The Holy Prophet.

Immediately on the receipt of the revelation, the
Holy Prophet ordered halt to the marching Caravan
And called back those who had gone ahead and waited
For those who were coming behind. When all the pilgrims
Had gathered, the Holy Prophet ordered a pulpit to be prepared.

The Holy prophet mounting the Pulpit delivered a long
Sermon of his parting advice to the people, and demanding
Acknowledgement from one and all of the huge audience,
Of his service towards the fulfillment of his mission as the
Apostle of God. He asked if he had conveyed to them the
Commands of God about the raith and its practice enumerating
Them one after another. The gathering in one voice replied to each
Question saying, 'Yes, O Apostle of God we do acknowledge that,
Thou hast conveyed the commands of the lord to us.' At last the Holy
Prophet asked, ' Am I not superior or the master to the believers more
Than their own selves?' The huge crowd in one voice shouted, 'certainly
O Apostle of God!' Again he asked, Am I not superior (or master) to every
Faithful one than his self?' Everyone of the huge gathering shouted, 'Certainly
O Apostle of God.' Then the Holy Prophet called Ali son of Abu Taleb to mount
The pulpit and raised him with the miraculous strength of his apostolic hands.

'To whomsoever I am the Maula (The Lord, Master) this Ali is his Maula.'

'O God! Be thou a friend to him who is a friend to him (Ali).'

'Be thou an enemy to him who is an enemy to Ali. Help the one who helps him
(i.e. Ali). Forsake the one who forsaketh Him (i.e. Ali).

As the Holy Prophet completed this declaration this verse (5:3) was revealed:

'This day have I perfected your religion for you and have completed my bounties on you and am pleased your religion to be Islam.' (5:3)

Descending from the pulpit, the Holy Prophet commanded everyone of the huge gathering to pay his 'Baiyat' or homage or allegiance to Ali. The first one to pay the baiyat was Omar ibne Khuttab (Who Later became the second Khalif) saying:

'Hurrah, Hurrah, O son of Abu Taleb thou hast now become my Maula (master) and the Maula (master) of every faithful man and faithful woman.'

Hearing the words with which Omar felicitated Ali, the Holy Prophet commanded Omar not to address Ali as son of Abu Taleb but as 'Amirul-Momineen,' i.e. the Lord commander of the faithful. Everyone paid his baiyat and the Holy Prophet commanded everyone in the audience to receive 'baiyat' for Ali as the 'Amirul-Momineen' at their own places on their return from the 'Haj.'

The event was so much known to everyone during the time of the Holy Prophet and so many of the great personalities have witnessed and vouched for it that none could ever venture to deny.

Without the appointment of some with divine qualities in the place of the Holy Prophet the security of the final word of God, the Holy Quran, and its true interpretation, the Holy Book would have met the same fate as that of the previous scriptures at the hands of the Jews and the Christians, and the promise God himself taking care of securing his own word in its originality under 15:9 could not have been fulfilled.

Thus without the faith in the 'Imamat,' i.e. continuation of the divine guidance , the religion Islam remains incomplete, to be nothing but what the fancy of the corrupt minds would have remolded it to suit their own selfish ends.

Besides the others, the following great authorities of even the accredited Sunni scholars have reported this even with all its details:

(S.V. Mir Ali goes on to give a list of THIRTY-SEVEN ACCREDITED AUTHORS AND SCHOLARS' NAMES and a list of FORTY-TWO WELL-KNOWN BOOKS In which the details of the event of Ghadeer-e-Khum have been given.)

A complete list of all the histories and the traditionists is impossible to present here. Only the well known and the leading ones whose position is universally accepted by the Sunni schools have been given.

When the Holy Prophet declared about Ali being the 'Maula'or the Lord or commander of the faithful, one of the hypocrites - Harith bin No'man Fehri could not tolerate the appointment of Ali in the place of the Holy Prophet and got upon his camel and deciding to leave the gathering, approached the Holy Prophet and said:

'O apostle of God, thou wanted us to discard idolatry: we did it. Thou wanted us to pray, fast, to go on pilgrimage, give the poor-rate, the Khums, to fight in the way of God, we did everything. And now thou art placing Ali over and above us. Is this what thou doest of thine own accord or in accordance with the command from God?'

The Holy Prophet said: 'Whatever I have done is nothing, but the execution of the revealed will of God.' Then the hypocrite prayed to God saying that if what the Holy Prophet said was true then let a torment come from heaven and kill him. Immediately a stone came from heaven and passing right through the man's body killed him.

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S.) passed away from this material world in Hijra 11. In spite of the declaration, Khalifat was not handed over by Islam to IMAM MOWLA SHAH MURTAZA ALI. But eventually, in Hijra 35, after there had already been there three Khalifs of Islam, almost all Muslims decided and approached MOWLA MURTAZA ALI to accept the Seat of Khalifat. They gave their oath of allegiance to Mowla Murtaza Ali.

Khalifat of Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.)

Mowla Murtaza Ali called all the people to the MASJIDE-RASUL, and when he took a seat on the pulpit, a member from those present passed the following resolution:
We, the MAHAJARINS, ANSARS, all the SHARIFFS, ASHABIS, and ISLAM in general, do hereby confirm and pledge that we see all the great virtues of NABI-E-KARIM S.A.S. in Hazarat Ali, therefore we most sincerely accept Mowla Murtaza Ali as AMIR-UL-MOMIN (Master of the Faithful Momins). We all swear in the name of Allah that our heart, soul, and all material possessions we dedicate to our KHALIF, AMIR-UL-MOMININ MOWLA MURTAZA ALI (A.S.).

As soon as the above resolution was passed, all the Muslims became ready to take BAIYAT of Mowla Ali. But before this was done, Mowla Murtaza Ali asked them whether their wish to make BAIYAT was of their own free will. All the Muslims said, 'We feel just and privileged to take thy BAIYAT, O our KHALIF, AMIRUL MOMININ MOWLA MURTAZA ALI. We pledge our allegiance by our own free will.'

MOWLA MURTAZA ALI yet told them not to give their hasty decision, but to go and come back one day later when they would be positive.

All the Muslims, after giving sufficient thought to the above matter, assembled again at the MASJIDE-NABI the next day. Mowla Murtaza Ali also came to hear their final decision, and made the following Holy Firman:

O brothers in Islam, remember the Khalifat shall, as from today, not remain in your hands - it shall not be with you. Give your serious thought over this matter. You are still free to appoint any other person whom you choose. I am ALI-IBNE-ABITALEB; I shall always be with you, never going against you. I shall use all my power for the interest of Islam.

Upon hearing of the Holy Firman, from all the directions of the MASJID-E-NABI, there was one voice: 'We all reaffirm our decision, we do not see any better KHALIF than YA MOWLA MURTAZA ALI. O AMIR-UL-MOMIN, be kind enough to stretch your hand so that we may take your BAIYAT.'

Despite BAIYAT, How the Enemies Oppose MOWLA MURTAZA ALI

TOLAH, ZUBEIR, and BIBI AYSHA (One of the widows of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.S.) had been present at the time of BAIYAT to MOWLA MURTAZA ALI, yet they engaged in a plan to wage war against Mowla Murtaza Ali. ABDULLA BIN AMER of the BANI UMAYA gave them assurance of an army of one hundred thousand from BASRAH.

Mowla Murtaza Ali's sons Imam Hassan (A.s.) and Ammar Yaser left for KUFFA to gather an army of nine thousand. This army was joined at BASRAH by Mowla Ali's army from Medina.

Mowla Murtaza Ali said in Firman to his army:

Enemies have jealousy against me. They are treacherous. Since the prophet S.A.S. has appointed me as KHALIF Of Islam, they have been jealous. Today they oppose me after themselves agreeing to an oath of allegiance.

Kuzema Ibne Sabit prayed: 'Ya Amirul Momin, you are just and right. Despite their large numbers they will not be able to stand against thee, Ya Ali.'

But before engaging in war, Mowla Murtaza Ali wrote a letter to Tolah and Zubeir:

The day you requested me to accept Khilafat I refused it. But then because of your requests I agreed. I never compelled you to take my BAIYAT: on the contrary, it was you who were positive that I would be the right Khalif of Islam. Now, you are making a move against me! Remember your Oath of Allegiance!

And another letter to Bibi Aysha:

O Bibi Aysha, you are out to oppose me, which is against the wish of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa S.A.S. Although you say to the people you are opposing me in the welfare of Islam, remember this is an undesirable act of bringing about bloodshed amongst the Muslims. This is an act of Sin. O Bibi Aysha , have the fear of God.

When the above was conveyed to Bibi Aysha, she said, 'I do not wish to listen to Mowla Ali. I will not retreat.'

Mowla Ali then said to his true momins:

O my beloved momins, I have done my best, with all humility, to try and persuade Bibi Aysha against bloodshed. I have warned the enemies of the seriousness of the war. I have done everything possible to stop the battle.

I told them to have fear of Allah in their hearts. I do not understand why they forgot who I am. I am the ALI, the same ALI who has killed many great, powerful enemies of Islam. He same ZULFICAR is in my possession, and I have the same strength now as before.

ALHAMDULILLAH! All the doors of 'NYAMAT' are open for me - the enemies cannot now prevent their own death.

Bibi Aysha was instigating the army to fight bravely against Mowla Murtaza Ali. She ordered them to start attack, and thousands of arrows were fired. The chiefs of the army of Mowla Ali requested, 'O Amir-ul-Mominin, the enemies have started attack, our people are already injured!'

Mowla Murtaza Ali thought that there was no other way but to give order to his son Mohamed Haniff to attack the enemy. Mowla Ali also, with his mighty Zulficar, killed many Kaffirs.

Abdur Rehman Sura slaughtered the two legs of the camel Bibi Aysha was riding. Bibi Aysha cried to Mowla Ali, who was by her side, 'O Ali, I accept defeat, you have won the battle. O Ali, be kind to me.' Hazarat Ali asked the brother of Bibi Aysha, Mohamed Bin Abu Bakar to take care of her. She was taken to Basrah and later to Medina.

But Lo! In spite of all this, Bibi Aysha again changed. She began to agitate Muaviya, the governor of Syria, against Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.).

Muaviya's Campaign against Hazarat Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.).

Muaviya started to create propaganda in Syria; he told the people that Hazarat Ali wishes to grab Syria and to confiscate their property and assets. Muaviya was playing upon the sentiments of the people using the revenge of Hazarat Othman.

Muaviya wrote a letter to Umar bin Aas, a Muslim army general, for his assistance. Upon receipt of Muaviya's letter, Umar said to Muaviya that Hazarat Ali was a very respectable Khalif of Islam, 'O Muaviya, do you wish to oppose Hazarat Ali!'

'O Umar, I know what you mean, but I have no other way to degrade Hazarat Ali so that I may independently rule Syria and secure for my generations the rule.'

'O Muaviya, how dare you say that you are avenging the murder of Othman. You know it is not Hazarat Ali. In fact, you were asked by Othman for help before his murder, and had you not ignored him, Othman might still be alive.'

' O Umar, do you know the reason of not assisting Othman? The reason was to pave the way for what I wish to do now. We shall gain great power, glory, and wealth.'

' O Muaviya, of what good is material glory. You shall destroy your Akubat, Eternal Spiritual Life!'

But Muaviya did not listen and instead Umar's mind began to change, he was tempted by Muaviya's talk, 'If I join hands with you, what will you give me?'

When Mowla Murtaza Ali came to know about Muaviya's plot, he gave the following speech in public at Kufa:

The Almighty Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate, May he shower his blessings upon the faithful who are leading their lives on HAQ, the right path. When the faithfulls desert the HAQ, they desert the path of destruction. O momins, I find that the one who follows his NAFS is deceived. Beware, O momins, this world shall eventually come to an end and you will have to account for it in AKHIRAT.

No doubt, there are people who believe in AKHIRAT, and lead pious lives. O momins, join with such a group, and do not be arrogant. Do not go along with people who are on the wrong path - they are the most unfortunate ones.

O momins, obey the Firman of Amirul - Momin Hazer Imam, obey Ulul Amra, Sahebul-Zaman. Those who shall follow the Holy Firmans are on the path of HAQ. Those who create FISAD (DISUNITY) shall be positively punished by having to face the fire of Hell.

O momins, the ones who accompanied me in the battle of JAMAL are the blessed ones. Whereas those who were on the opposing side, I am not angry with them, but they missed the path. My guidance is purely in your own interest, for your own good.

O momins, Syria is under my power, and yet the governor Muaviya is plotting against me. Outwardly he shows that he is taking the revenge of the murder of Hazarat Othman, but this is not so. It is jealousy against me that stirs him. He wishes to create agitation amongst us muslims and to gain ruling power in Syria.

The Battle of SIFFIN

Mowla Murtaza Ali warned Muaviya, ' O Muaviya, remember you are adopting the path of 'Munafic.' How do you forget that I, with my Zulficar have destroyed many Kaffirs of Islam. I have destroyed your grandfather, father and uncle who turned their faces away from Nabi-e-Karim S.A.S. You shall go to the path of janam (Hell).'
During the period of ninety days, forty five thousand people were killed from Muaviya's side and twenty five thousand from Mowla Murtaza Ali's side. When the chief warriors of Muaviya's army were killed, and Muaviya's tent became visible to the army of Mowla Ali's, Umar bin Aas invented a trick to save his side from defeat. He ordered his warriors to raise the Holy Quran on their spears, as if begging for peace.

Mowla Ali's soldiers speaking this were deceived; they hesitated to attack, as was anticipated by Muaviya. Asass, one of the chiefs of army asked Mowla Murtaza Ali to stop the war. But Mowla Ali said, 'I had already advised Muaviya to follow the Holy Quran, he never agreed. Now because we are on the verge of victory, he is tricking us. I am not willing to stop the battle.'

Asass said, 'Ya Ali, they are Muslims requesting us to follow the Holy Quran!'

Mowla Murtaza Ali said, 'HAZA QURANO SAMET, WA ANA QURANO NATEO (This Quran is dumb, I am the speaking Quran.)'

There was disunity among the army of Mowla Ali. Malek Ushtar's group kept on fighting. But Mowla Ali had to stop him from carrying on.

Following the stopping of the war, Mowla Ali had to make an agreement with Muaviya. Arbitrators were appointed from both sides. And in this matter also, Mowla Ali's chosen arbitrators were not accepted by Muaviya, or the army of Mowla Ali. Abu Mussa Ashari, an old man, was agreed as the arbitrator, against Mowla Ali's will.

Umar Bin Aas, the arbitrator from Muaviya's side, easily fooled Abu Mussa, when the two arbitrators gave their decision eight months after the war had stopped. A totally unfavorable decision was passed for the side of Mowla Murtaza Ali and his momins.

Hazarat Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.)'S passing away from his physical world

Mowla Murtaza Ali said to the people of Kufa, 'You and your generations will have to suffer the consequences of the serious Befirmani during the battle.'

Nothing stopped Muaviya from continuing his revolting against Mowla Murtaza Ali. When Mowla Murtaza Ali sent his army to Syria to defend against Muaviya's disturbance, the Kharjis attempted the invasion of Iraq. So Mowla Ali had to redirect his army.

After victory over the Kharjis, Mowla Murtaza Ali called a meeting of the momins in Kufa to reorganize the fight against Muaviya in Syria. Mowla Murtaza Ali said to ABDUR REHMAN MULZIM, a faithful momin, 'O Ibne Mulzim, one day you shall attack me with your poisoned sword.'

Ibne Mulzim had been forced to act in this way because of the demand in the MOHOR of the marriage with a very beautiful girl whom he was in love with. The girl, Katma, demanded: 10,000 gold Dinnars, 100 male slaves, 100 female slaves, and the head of Hazarat Ali.

Ibne Mulzim had said to her that he could easily fulfil all her demands except the one of the head of Hazarat Ali. But Katama said she would not marry him if the death of the revenge of her brother during battle of Khaiber was not taken. Katama told Ibne Mulzim that when Mowlana Ali is in total concentration during Namaz, he should strike with a poisonous sword.

There was a big row in the mosque, and when Ibne Mulzim was arrested, Mowla Murtaza Ali said to Imam Shah Hussein and Imam Shah Hassan, 'Arrest him, but he must be punished only once since he has attacked me no more than once.'

Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) performed 'NASS' of his 'Khudai Noor-e-imamat' to Mowlana Shah Hussein (A.S.) and Mowla Ali, thereafter, physically passed away from this world at the age of sixty-three.

O momins, the mystery of KHUDAWIND-E-KARIM is unknown even to the ASHTA CROR BRAHMAS. Pir, Paygambers, also have been unable to fathom the divine role. It was not the might of Muaviya , nor the strength of Muaviya's army, that enabled him to overthrow the material authority of Hazarat Mowla Ali. But it was the faithfulness and treachery of the followers, the momins themselves that was the cause of all the happenings. They let down Hazarat Mowla Murtaza Ali by their disobedience at Jang-e-Siffin, and gave Muaviya the chance to survive. The poison of this disobedience carried through to the battle of Kerbala.

When the momins, themselves, those for whom SHRI VISHNU VAR DATAR NOOR MOWLA MURTAZA ALI adopts AVTARI VESH, do not take benefit (On the contrary, become Nafarmani) then even the PURPOSE OF THE CREATION is lost.

The divine power could, of course, very easily have destroyed the evil forces. But because of Nafarmani whole circumstances are altered by the 'NOOR'

Mowla Murtaza Ali always acts for the good of the RUHANIS in general, helping his momins in ZAHIR and BATIN. The 'NOOR-E-KHUDAWIND HAQ submitted to the law of the nature, although HE-HIMSELF- is the creator of the divine law. By so doing Mowla Ali imparted to the world the great lesson on the futility of this life, significance of his tolerance, etc. Otherwise Mowla Ali Hazer Imam, by his KHUDAWIND POWER, if he so desired, could have destroyed the whole of creation in the wink of an eye.

The Noor of Mowla Murtaza Ali is Ever-Living - A qasida

Poet KHAKI ALEYMA RAHEMA has contributed a highly instructive 'QASIDA' on the DIVINE 'NOORANI' Aspect of Hazarat Mowla Murtaza Ali. The Qasida was originally composed by the poet in Persian and later translated into English and Gujerati. It was first printed in 1929 in the quarterly magazine 'IRAN' published in Russia.
Poet Rahema has explained in his Qasida a very deep philosophy of' JAMA,' of 'THE MAZAHARE ALLAH,' and of THE DIVINE 'NOOR' that has manifested in different physical garbs during the different ages as the 'EVERLIVING GUIDE.'


ALI was in Existence when this world did not exist;
He brought into being the 'ARSH' (Heavens) and
The 'FARSH' (EARTH) by his power.

ALI is the 'One,' Eternal and Omnipresent; but his
Substance is hidden from those who are spiritually
Blind or short sighted.
ALI is the mystery of what is hidden in expression if
This could be revealed: He is manifest in the hidden
And in the open.

Ali is the one whom we should know as the almighty
And the creator of might; He has no equal, and is unique
In his nature.

Ali forgives and cancels human sin; He forgives the mistakes
Of the old and of the young.

Ali was the master of Jab'rill and of Salman; He as the mighty
Prince has overpowered sixty demons.

Ali is mentioned is Surat Fatiha; He is the meaning of the letters
Alif, Lam, and Mim.

Ali has sent down the Torah and the New Testament;
The Glory of Ali is revealed even in the suhuf of Abraham.

Go and read in the Koran the Ayat about the 'Posterity'
(Dhurriyee) - inquire about the meaning of the expression,
'One after another.'

I will tell the names of the descendants of Ali, One after
Another, if thou will listen to me.

Ali was Seth in the time of Adam, though he was hidden from the eyes of the unworthy.

Ali came in the dress of Sem; unbelievers cannot understand the mysteries of this matter.

Ali was Melchisedech (Malekusalaam); He on whose existence the being of the world depends.

Ali was in the dress of Malkan; He who gives the things of this world their souls.

Ali was in the dress of MOWLA-I-ISLAM; and there is no equal to him.

Ali himself was the Holy Aaron who showed the white hand (Yed-I-bayza) to Moses

Ali was Simon Peter; know this, he from whose luminous countenance the light came into existence.

Ali was in the dress of Adnan; he who became manifest for us undoubtedly.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Ma'aads'; from his light our eyes receive the power of seeing.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Nizar; he who guards us carefully.

Ali was in the dress of Muizz; he whose name thou repeatest everywhere with reverence.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Ilyas; he in whose name both worlds came into existence.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Mudrik; he by whose order all things exist.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Malik by whom is established the kingdom of the world.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Khuzayma; I really know him as the greatest one.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Kenana; he who from the letters KAF and Nun has created the world - 'KUN FAY KUN' means 'BE' and it became.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Malik by whom is established the kingdom of the world.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Fahr; he, by whose union the thirsty receive as much as the sea

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Luwa; he whose blessings appear in all things.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Ghalib; he, who enlightens the hearts of his followers.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Murra; he, whose virtues are with us.

Ali was of Ka'b; he, in whose name the Ka'ba was built.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Kilab; he who created flowers, delicate and beautiful.

Ali was in the dress of Abdul-Manaf; he, by whom mankind was created.

Ali was in the dress of Molwa Hashim; he, who guides the faithful and fulfillment of their prayers.

Ali was in the dress of Abdul-Muttalib; he who now grants us our prayers.

Ali was himself Abu-Talib; know it, know it for certain as there is no doubt about this.

Ali was seen as Ali himself by the world; solver of our difficulties in this world.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Hussein; he who created the beauty of the world.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Zayn-L-abidin; he who accepts the devotion of the worthy.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Baqir; he by whom the stages of spiritual knowledge are shorter and easier for the seeker.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Jaffer; let the faithful possess true sincerity.

Ali was in the dress of Ismail; he by whom the difference between the truth and untruth has become manifest.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Muhammad; he from whom the rays of true light began to shine.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Wafi Ahmed; true to the meaning of his name, he who is the solution of all our difficulties.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Taqui; he whose glory is sung by all things.

Ali was one whose name was Razi Abdullah; he whose looking upon an ordinary stone makes it a jewel.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Mahedi Muhammad; he in whose name the dead were made alive.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Muhammad Qaim; keep his name permanently in the heart.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Mansur; he who gives help to the righteous.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Muizz; he who has given dignity to the devoted.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Aziz; he whose like the world did not know.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Hakim; and from that time wisdom became manifest.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Zahir; this statement we are making in complete certainty.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Mustansir Billah; he who gives help to the poor and mendicant.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Nizar; do not doubt in this if thou art far sighted.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Hadi; he who leads all the faithful.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Muhtadi also; he who revealed to us the hidden mystery.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Qahir; let his anger overcome the wicked.

By name Hasan'Ala Zikrihis-Salam, he will give us today and tommorow all that we pray for.

Ali was in the dress of Zaiyau'din (ala) Muhamed; he by whose the will the light of the sun and moon shines.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Jalaluddin Hassan; he whose is his endless glory.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Alau'd-din Muhammed; he who made to descend the suras Yasin and Taha.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Ruknu'd-din Hassan Khurshah; he, by whose mercy we are reasonable creatures.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Shamsiddeen Muhammad; by his grace and mercy Shams-Tabriz and Jalaluddin Rumi enlightened the world with high spiritual knowledge.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Qasim Shah; he by whose blessings the work of DA'WA continued in various parts of the world.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Shah Islam Shah; he by whose order the world is enlightened with the truth.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Muhammad Bin Islam Shah; from his name Ilm enlightens us.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Al-Mustansir-Billah; by whose grace, spiritual, and material rewards are gifted to faithfulls.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Shah Abdis-Salaam; by his mercy DA'WA of the faith became progressive and continued.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Shah Ghareeb Meerza; he who kindles light of Iman in the heart of the momins.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Shah Abuzar Ali; he by whose blessings the faithfuls are imparted with boundless prosperity.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Shah Murad Meerza; he by whose grace works of DA'WA expanded to a high extent.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Zulfiqar Ali; he who is the master of the universes.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Shah Nooriddeen Ali; he who is the light of both worlds.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Shah Khalilil-Lahiali; he who is the master of momins and the saviour of the Faith.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Shah Nizar; he who protects the faith of his faithfuls.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Sayyid Ali; he who is the all-knowing, the one and single.

Ali was in the dress of Hassanali Shah; he who is the imam of all, today and tommorow.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Shah Kasimali ; he who is the distributor of paradise and of the hell on the resurrection day.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Abu'l Hassanali Shah; know it, he whose light possesses the whole world.

Ali was in the dress of Mowla Shah Hasan Ali; he by whose wisdom all things exist.

Ali shah was really Ali himself; from his name our eyes became enlightened.

Ali is Sultan Muhammad Shah; he by whose order both worlds exist. His wisdom absorbs both worlds; His substance is eternal, of the only king.

(Please note: the Qasida of Poet Khaki Khorashani Rahema ends here with the Holy Name and dress of Ali up to the time of Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah. The author has added what follows.)

MOWLA SULTAN MUHAMMAD SHAH (THE ALI) changed his dress. He manifested in the dress of Mowla Shah Karim Al-Husseiny Hazer Imam. 'NOOR-EN-ALLAH NOOR,' 'LIGHT UPON LIGHT,' the divine light - Ali-Murtaza is Mowla Shah Karim Al-Husseiny Hazer Imam; he by whose order both worlds exist.

Shah Karim Al-Husseiny Hazer Imam is the Centre of All Creation.

AL-KARIM means the generous. He is the one who forgives by his power. When he gives he is not concerned about the amount he gives. The one who seeks refuge and shelter with him is not lost.

His divine light, the 'NOOR' of Hazarat Ali is eternal, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.


Divine Light ('NOOR') of Ali has always existed from the very beginning of time. With his absence, therefore, from the world for even an infinitesimal fraction of a second all evolution would come to a halt, Involution would set in, and the entire universe would dissolve back into nothingness.

The position of 'ULIL AMR MINKUM' (HAZER IMAM- THE DIVINE LIGHT ('NOOR') Of Ali) never disappears and this succession goes on until the Day of Judgment on earth.

Hazer Imam himself is the 'NOOR' of Ali - The Lord Of Truth (Khudavandi Haqq).

His wish and desire have no cause, for, where he stands, there is no cause, caused or causation - all three, they are one. Outside of 'Divine
Imamat' all is nothing. The Hazer Imam ('NOOR' Of Ali) is thus impeccable, infallible.

The divine light being the same, every imam is, and was Hazarat Ali himself, only in different physical Garbs and under different names. Hence, the oneness of the Imam and Shah Karim Al-Husseiny AGA KHAN being Hazarat Ali himself under that name and vice versa.

Momins in their lives are 'Dasond Sukarite Pura' and because of their love and devotion to the progeny of Muhammed (S.A.S.) are bestowed with 'ABHAY DAAN' or Freedom from fear in this and the next worlds (AMEN).