Khatimul Nabi - Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Rasul (S.AS.)


O momin, the rue path shown by Pir Sadardin
Is the path accepted by the almighty ALLAH, the 'NOOR-EN-ALLAH-NOOR.' Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Rasul S.AS. Is the 'SHANSHAH.' The 'NOORANI' crown, the head of all the PAYGAMBERS - O momins say the holy salwat: ALLAHUMA SALI ALA MUHAMMADIN WA AALE MUHAMMAD.

Our beloved Prophet, also the first Pir, Hazarat Muhammad Mustafa Rasul S.AS. Was born in Arabia around 570 A.D. His father's name was Hazarat Abdullah, son of Hazarat Abdumutalib, and his mother's name was Bibi Amina.
Our beloved Prophet Muhammad, although he was graced with Holy Nabuwat (PROPHETHOOD) at the age of forty, he was the AAD GURU BRAHMA, THE NABI, right from birth. It is just as when the moon is covered by clouds it is not seen, but when the clouds move, the moon is seen to shine.

When our beloved Prophet Muhammad was young, a prominent widow merchant of Macca, BIBI KHADIJA, employed him and sent him to Syria to do business. The Prophet would return with huge prophets, unmatched by any of the other traders, and also giving perfect account of his sales.

Bibi Khadija, on one occasion, saw in a dream our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.AS. In 'NOORANI' KAYA or 'NOORANI' aspect, and she was spiritually inspired that Muhammad shall grace you with 'Shelter.' Then some days following this when she was looking out from over a hill for her caravans, Bibi Khadija saw divine, 'NOORANI' clouds over the head of our beloved Prophet S.AS.

Bibi Khadija immediately went to see Hazrat Abu Talib and said to him that the total profit that the business Muhammad had done, she was giving it to him and she desired that he look after her business. She also said that it was Allah's wish that she marry with Muhammad.

When Hazarat Abu Talib told Prophet Muhammad S.A.S. the wish of Bibi Khadija, the prophet agreed, and they were married. Our beloved Prophet was Twenty-One Years Of age at the time.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad RASUL-E-KARIM S.AS. Used to, every night, go to a cave in the Hira Mountains for Ibadat. And when our Holy Prophet was forty, he received a revelation telling him that the almighty Allah had appointed him to Holy Nabuwat for the preaching of the religion Islam.

When Hazrat Rasul Karim S.A.S. went back home, he told Bibi Khadija about his experience and divine mission. Bibi khadija immediately embraced Islam as the first follower. And on the very same day Bibi Khadija declared in the city that Muhammad was the Prophet of ALLAH. The news spread all over Arabia in no time.