Sloko Moto - Translation

Translation of the Granth Saloko Motto by Pir Shamsh

Paths 001 to 010 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: deelmaa(n)he deval pujee-e
ane deelmaa(n)he dev duvaar
deelmaa(n)he saa(n)yaa aape vase
ane deelmaa(n)he aape deedaar....................1

The True Guide says: Worship the Lord in the heart, and in the heart is the abode of the Lord. In your heart the Lord resides, and in the heart He bestows His Vision.

satgur kahere: aape hareeyaa laher he
ane aape dev moraar
aape sabku(n) dekhat he
pann a(n)dhe ke man dur re.......................2

The True Guide says: You are fresh, green and breezy, and You are the exalted Lord. Every one is encompassed in Your sight, but the hearts(minds) of the blind are remote (from You).

satgur kahere: satpanthee teje sat shu(n) rahe
ane buro na raakhe man
satpanthee te saachaa kahee-e
baakee sarve rad re..............................3

The True Guide says: The followers of the Right Path remain truthful, and they do not harbour any falsehood in their hearts(minds). The followers of the Right Path are to be regarded as truthful. All the rest are to be rejected.

satgur kahere: satpanthee to suraa dhyaansu(n)
ane suraane he sur
te upar koi kha(n)ddu kaaddhe kaher nu(n)
toe suraa na chhodde sur re......................4

The True Guide says: The follower of the Right Path is under the influence of Divine love, and the one influenced by Divine love has the Lord with him. Even if anyone strikes a sword of wrath upon this person, he will not abondon the Lord.

satgur kahere: jenne ra(n)g lee-aa amtannaa
tene kesaa ho-e gumaan
je jevaa hoe momanaa
te tevaa laave imaan re..........................5

The True Guide says: The ones who have tasted our colour(essence); how can they have any pride? Of whatever kind are the momins, of that kind of faith, they will bring along with them.

satgur kahere: jesaa jeev hove aapnnaa
tesaa tu(n) avaraa ne buj
jenne paarku(n) dekhe-aa bhu(n)ddh kaa
teto aape hose jutth re..........................6

The True Guide says: Of whatever quality your soul is, you will percieve the others as that quality. Whoever regards others as evil will himself/herself become false.

satgur kahere: heeraa motee laal he
te sab bajaar chok beekaa-e
pann jenne kaach lee-aa jaine haathmaa(n)
tene laal motee na sohaay re.....................7

The True Guide says: There are diamonds, pearls and rubies, that are all sold at the markets and the shopping streets. But if one goes and purchases pieces of glass, this person is not worthy of having jewels and rubies (or does not realise their value).

satgur kahere: ame sarave jug dekhe-aa
ane dekhe-aa sau naa man
je moman jevu(n) bolashe
tenu(n) tan man tevo praann re...................8

The True Guide says: We have seen the entire world and have seen the hearts of all the creatures. Whatever a momin speaks is a reflection of the nature of his soul as manifested in his body and mind.

satgur kahere: jenne dharam joyaa satnaa
ane joyaa ved veechaar
te imaan raakh she sat su(n)
ane gur upar raakhshe pyaar re...................9

The True Guide says: The person who has observed the True Religion, and has reflected upon the holy scriptures, will maintain faith in the Truth and will adore the Guide.

satgur kahere: jenne ved joine vichaareeyaa nahee
ane tenu vedshu nahee kaam
te tthaalaa aavyaa ne bhulaa gayaa
tenee ved maa(n)he nahee saa(n)kh re............10

The True Guide says: Those who having seen or heard the holy scriptures, do not reflect upon them, have nothing to do with them. They have come empty and have gotten lost, and they do not have any link in the reading or hearing of them.The True Guide says: Those who having seen or heard the holy scriptures, do not reflect upon them, have nothing to do with them. They have come empty and have gotten lost, and they do not have any link in the reading or hearing of them.

Paths 011 to 021 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: bhrahm gnaan maa(n)he jo rahyaa
varee daanat raakhe tthaam
te to soll kallaanee jot maa(n)he jai malle
tene suje sarave kaam re........................11

The True Guide says: Whoever remains within the guidance of the Divine knowledge, and directs his/her intentions toward the abode as well, will go and meet in the splendour of the sixteen mansions on the moon. And he/she will be inspired to do all the (righteous)work.

satgur kahere: jenne kallaa joi deen kee
te jeev parale nahee jaay
satgur shamsh em bhanne
bhaai te a(n)te bhellaa thaay re................12

The True Guide says: Whoever has realised the power of religion, will never go astray. This is as per the teachings of The True Guide Peer Shamsh. Brother, all such people gather at the end.

satgur kahere: amaaraa ra(n)g je dekhshe
tene deen suje saar
tene laakh aavee veree male
toe na mele satno tthaar re.....................13

The True Guide says: Whoever realises our colours(attributes), will be inspired to religion completely. Even if one lakh enemies confront him/her, this person will not abondon the coolness derived from truth.

satgur kahere: dekhe e khel jenne satsu
te kem mele satshu neh
tene jo laakh krodd asatee aavee male
bhaai te maa(n)he sarase teh re.................14

The True Guide says: Whoever realises the mysteries of the Truth; how can he/she abondon the love for the truth? Even if one lakh crore false ones confront him/her, brother, this person will prevail easily over them.

satgur kahere: saar shu thaashe te loknee
jene nathee ved veechaar
te aall bole sat dharam ne
bhaai geenaan na veechaare gemaar re............15

The True Guide says: How will they(the people) be perfected who have not reflected upon the holy scriptures? They are the ones who direct false accusation towards the True Religion. Brother, they never reflect upon the Divine knowledge.

satgur kahere: jene kaleje baann laagaa neh tannaa
tenee ddhrashttee kem avare jaay
tenu pee(n)ddh chaale murt lokmaa(n)
tenee surtee aakaash jaay re....................16

The True Guide says: Whoever's liver has been pierced by the arrow of love, how can this person's vision go astray. This person's body will move in the physical plane(the earth), where as the consciousness will be in the heavens.

satgur kahere: surat neerat jenee rennee maa(n)he
ane sat sohaay tene saar
chaar murat suje deepak tene deelmaa(n)he
te jape aja(n)pee-aa jaap re...................17

The True Guide says: Whoever spends the night fully aware of and love directed towards the Beloved, the Truth manifests in him/her perfectly. He/She gets inspiration from four sources of Light within his/her heart and recites (remembers) the unpronouciable word from within his/her being.

satgur kahere: aja(n)peeyaa jaap jees ghatt vase
tees ghatt maa(n)he sahee deepak jaann
sol kallaa suje tene deel maa(n)
bhaai tene kal jug na lope jaann re.............18

The True Guide says: Whoever's being vibrates with the unpronounceable word, in truth this being embodies the Light. This person's heart feels the splendour of the light of sixteen mansions of the moon. Brother, the present (evil) era will not deceive him.

satgur kahere: te deepak jaage-aa jaapasu
te maa(n)he surat neerat samaay
satso tene jeebhe rahe
gur kahe hu(n) paas tene sahee jaann re.........19

The True Guide says: A person who is awake to remembrance for the sake of that Light, and the consciousness and love is focussed towards it, and his/her tongue is truthful; the Guide says know that in truth He is present with such a person.

satgur kahere: jenaa deel maa(n)he gur bhrahmaa vasee rahyaa
ane tene kem suje nee(n)daa ne chen
te sa(n)saar nee vaat sahu saa(n)bhale
toe na ddolaave potaanu man re..................20

The True Guide says: In whoever's heart the Light of Prophethood has resided, how can such a person feel like backbiting and playing? He/She will hear all the talk of the world, but his/her own mind will not be shaken.

satgur kahere: jenaa ghatt maa(n)he peer shah vasee rahyaa
ane bharpur betthaa jaann
tene shetaan kem lopse
jenne deel maa(n)hethee maaree kaadhshe kaarre.21

The True Guide says: In whose body Peer Shah has resided and know that He is omnipresent therein, how can the devil deceive such a person? The one who has slayed and removed the dirt from his/her heart(by the Grace of the True Guide).

Paths 022 to 032 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: shetaan tene lopashe
je jeev begeenaanee thaay
te jaannee bujee chhaa(n)do raakhashe
tene mue moksh na thaay re......................22

The True Guide says: The devil will deceive that person who remains without Divine knowledge. Inspite of understanding and knowing, this person will conceal and ridicule it(knowledge), and therefore will never find salvation even upon death.

satgur kahere: chha(n)de neh na raakhee-e
ane chha(n)de moksh na thaay
satgur sarevo saachsu(n)
to paap najeek na thaay re......................23

The True Guide says: Do not conceal love and devotion while knowing and understanding about it. Salvation cannot be obtained through this kind of smear and concealment. Serve and devote yourself to the True Guide, then the sins will not approach you.

satgur kahere: paap to jugmaa(n)he atee ghannu
ane sahu sa(n)saar luttaa-e
satee jan jutth na bolee-e
jo sahastra maarannhaaraa thaay re..............24

The True Guide says: Sins prevail in the world in great numbers and the entire world is engaged in plunder. The saintly person must not lie even if confronted by a thousand attackers.

satgur kahere: jeesmaa(n)he nur pragatteeyaa
tenee aa(n)kho huioo hajaar(anant)
tene laakh a(n)dhaaraa aavee vase
toe na mele satnu(n) tthaar re..................25

The True Guide says: In whose being Light has manifested, this person will have a thousand(unlimited) eyes (the vision is limitless). A hundred thousand dark and unenlightened will come and stay with him/her, even then he will not abondon the coolness and peace that is derived from the practise of truth.

satgur kahere: geenaan veechaaree je chaaleeyaa
te duneeyaathee raheshe dur
sa(n)saar saagar to mahaa dukh he
ane satgur beejo ma jaann re....................26

The True Guide says: Whoever lives by reflecting upon the Divine knowledge(geenaans), will keep aloof from the world. The ocean of the world(worldly life) is a great tribulation. And do not regard anyone else(other than the Imam of the time or the one appointed by Him) as the True Guide.

satgur kahere: tirath naahee-e
travennee jyaa niranjan he hajur
te paap chhoddaave jug chaar naa
jo man maa(n)he na aanno mott re................27

The True Guide says: Bath yourselves at the site of pilgrimage, which is the region joining the Ingla, Pingla and Sukhmna channels where the unknowable(Lord) is present. He pardons the accumulated sins of the four eras, if one does not keep pride in oneself.

satgur kahere: gur nar donu ek he
te vase chhe meelaachh maa(n)he
tene sarevjo radehasu
ane man maa(n)he na laavjo khott re.............28

The True Guide says: The Peer and the Imam are one(they are from the same Light) and He resides at a country where the majority of the population is Muslim(at the time of Sri Islam Shah) OR where the majority of the people are meat eaters or are evil minded. Serve and worship Him from the depths of your heart, and do not bring falsehood in your hearts(minds).

satgur kahere: jyaa nur pragatt padhaaryaa
tyaa daityanu bahu jor
tyaa jutthu boleene jeev chheddaavshe
bhaai tenu daitya chhe naam re.................29

The True Guide says: At the (physical) place where the Light is manifestly present in this world, the power of the demon is great. By cheating and lying, it will misguide the souls. Brother, it is called the demon.

satgur kahere: pata(n)g ek teel tol he
ane vanaspatee bhaar addhaar
te ek teel pata(n)g jalaavshe
to jal bal jaa-e bhaar addhaar re...............30

The True Guide says: The weight of a moth is equivalent to one grain of simsim, and that of a vegetable is eighteen weights. The moth which resembles a grain of simsim will afflict and burn. As a result the vegetable of eighteen weights will be drowned and burnt(destroyed).

satgur kahere: kayaa maa(n)he addhaar bhaar vanaspatee chhe
ane laage ana(n)t khelnu(n) fal
kaal krodh jutth kare aatmaa(n)
te pata(n)g jeeu(n) jalaave saar re...............31

The True Guide says: In the gross physical form (body) there are eighteen weights of vegetable, and they have the potential of reaping the fruits of unlimited mysteries. If one engages the soul in dirt, anger and falsehood, than like a moth they(evil tendencies) will burn and afflict the entire vegetable(body).

satgur kahere: jees mukhthee haree naam japee-e
tees mukh varase nur
tees mukhthee jo jutth bolee-e
to satpanth thaie dur re........................32

The True Guide says: The mouth by which you recite the Holy name of the Lord is the mouth which pours out Light. If from the same mouth one speaks falsehood, than the True Path will become remote.

Paths 033 to 043 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: satpa(n)thee thai ne je meelaachhaa maa(n)he malshe
tenu Imaan ochhu(n) thaa she
te to chaar jug maa(n)he bhuleeyaa
pachhee aakhar narage jaae re...................33

The True Guide says: If a person having become the follower of the Right Path, goes and meets at the abode of the evil minded or meat eaters, his/her faith will decrease. This person will have gotten lost in the four eras and afterwards in the hereafter he/she will go to hell.

satgur kahere: feraa hataa te faree rahyaa
ane e chhe satgur nee saakh
have Imaan jo tame ddolaavsho
to evo avataar faree nahee thaay re.............34

The True Guide says: The cycles(of rebirth) of the past have ended and that is due to the link with the True Guide. Now if you shaken your faith such an opportunity will not recur.

satgur kahere: chhelee neeshaanee-e kahu
ane terso sadeeno dor
have chetannhaaraa tame chetajo
em boleeyaa satgur shamsh peer re...............35

The True Guide says: I speak of the last sign(banner) and the period is of thirteen centuries. Now the heedful be vigilant so speaks the True Guide Peer Shamsh.

satgur kahere: chhelee sa(n)dh aaveeyaa
aaveeyaa gat maa(n)he jaann
have gat maa(n)he je nav cheteeyaa
te narage paddashe nirvaann.....................36

The True Guide says: The final solution has arrived and it has arrived in the gat(JamatKhana). Now from the context of Jamatkhana if ones have not taken the necessary admonitions, they will fall into hell for certain.

satgur kahere: gatmaa(n)he sarave vaapeeyaa
vaapeeyaa dev naaraayann
jenne jaannee gatmaa(n)he jutthu boleeyaa
tene nahee malle gur nar jaann re...............37

The True Guide says: In Jamatkhana everything (worthwhile) is found and the Lord himself is present therein. The ones who knowingly speak falsehood in it, know that they will not attain the Shah-Peer.

satgur kahere: vellaa aavee jam tannee
temaa(n) koinu(n) na chaale jor
aa jam ne joine je chaalshe
tenne jot ditthee chhe aae re..................38

The True Guide says: The time of judgement has arrrived. In it no one's power will work. Who ever conducts himself recognising this judgement, has indeed seen the Light.

satgur kahere: jam ne joi ne je chaalshe
tenne jot deethhee sahee saar
te to jot chhe deen nee
tene duniyaa na jaanne koi re...................39

The True Guide says: Whoever conducts himself by recognising the time of judgement, has in truth seen the Light perfectly. This is indeed the Light of religion which no one in the world recognises.

satgur kahere: duniyaa to saghallee pata(n)g tol he
ane vase chhe addhaar bhaar maa(n)he
te pata(n)g jees ghatt vaapeeyaa
bhaai taasu(n) preet ma raakh re................40

The True Guide says: Each and every action of the world is worth(in significance) a moth in weight, and they exist in the eighteen weights(human bodies). In whoever's being this moth exists, brother do not have any affection for him/her.

satgur kahere: aa(n)che valage-aa pata(n)gee-aa nahee
te jot dekhee naasee jaa-e
tenne jotno bhed nav jaanneeyo
te aape ballee ballee jaay re...................41

The True Guide says: Those that have clung to the flame are not moths, who are totally absorbed and annhilated upon seing the flame. They have not understood the essence of the Light and eventually burn away to annhilation.

satgur kahere: sarve duneeyaa jot nav dekhe
ane jot dekhee nasee jaay
te jot no bhed jo bahaar kaaddhee -e
to duneeyaa maa(n)he ghelo kahevaay re..........42

The True Guide says: All the people in the world do not see the Light, and if they see the Light they get annhilated. If an enlightened person reveals the secrets of the Light to the outside people, then he/she would be regarded as a fool.

satgur kahere: duniyaa sareekho chaalee-e
to duniyaano maannas kahevaay re
pachhe saragto karame male
ane duniyaa sareekho thaay re...................43

The True Guide says: If you conduct yourselves outwardly as worldy people, then you will be regarded as worldly people. Then the heaven will only be obtained in the rare event of fate and you will be like the worldly people.

Paths 044 to 054 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: duniyaa sareekho je chaalshe
tenu(n) man raakhe sab koi
je vaatt chhoddee uvaatte chaalshe
tene kaa(n)hee na kahevaay re...................44

The True Guide says: Whoever conducts himself/herself like the worldly people, his heart(mind) will be engrossed in all of them. If a person leaves the Path and walks outside it, nothing can be told to this person.

satgur kahere: duniyaa chhoddee je deen su(n) chaalshe
tenu aasan chhe shaah peer ne paas
tyaa darshan dekhe te nurnaa
tyaa duniyaa thaashe halaak re..................45

The True Guide says: Whoever abandons the world and conducts himself/herself religiously, has his/her seat at the presence of Shah Peer. There he/she will have the Vision of (Divine)Light and there the world will perish.

satgur kahere: duniyaa kaale fanaa hojaaese
tame mat chhoddo shaah peer su ra(n)g
jo seer kaapee sansaar lee-e
bhaai toe na chhoddo shaah su sa(n)g re.........46

The True Guide says: The world will be in a state of annihilation tomorrow. Do not abandon the colours of the Shaah Peer. If the world takes your head having slayed it, brother, do not abandon the company of the Imaam(Lord).

satgur kahere: peeyu to vase chhe jot maa(n)he
te aavshe ghattmaa(n)he jaann
te ghatt maa(n)he deevo keeje dharam no
to dharam utaare paar re........................47

The True Guide says: the Beloved resides in the Light and it(the Light) will come to the body. Inside the body kindle the Light of religion, then the Religion will take you across.

satgur kahere: dharam to mottu(n) saachnu(n)
te saache saach kevaa-e
jenaa ghattmaa(n)he nur-j vaapeeyaa
te kuddsu(n) na raakhe het re...................48

The True Guide says: The greatness of Religion is due to the Truth, and it is regarded as absolutely true. In whoever's being the Light is manifest entirely, this person does not have love for the evil.

satgur kahere: kuddsu(n) dharam-j jaay chhe
ane ghattmaa(n)he padde a(n)dhakaar
te mukhthee geenaan-j bolshe
ane man maa(n)he baajeekaar re..................49

The True Guide says: Due to falsehood, the entire religion vanishes and the being is plunged into darkness. Such a person will talk entirely about Divine knowledge from the mouth, while the heart remains deceitful.

satgur kahere: evaa kudd kapatt sarave melajo
ane lejo dharam aachaar
kaayaa kaachee kaale galeejaashe
pachhee aagal thaashe dukh apaar re.............50

The True Guide says: Abandon such deceit and falsehood entirely and partake in religious activities. The raw body will be buried tomorrow and thereafter there will befall great tribulations and regrets.

satgur kahere: kaale kaall-j aavshe
ane leshe jeev utthaay
tyaa eklo sahu koi thaashe
tyaa kuddaa thaashe khuvaar re..................51

The True Guide says: Tomorrow death will come for certain and will demand the soul. There every soul will be alone, and the false ones will be rendered useless.

satgur kahere: kharaane seer chhatra ddhallaavshe
ane bes-she peer ne hajur
kuddaa tyaa bahu roshe
ane roshe sabhaanee paas re.....................52

The True Guide says: The Lord will cover the heads of the truthful and they will be seated in the presence of the Peer(the prophetic light). The false ones will cry there a great deal and will cry in the assembly(gathering).

satgur kahere: dharam amaaro utam chhe
te utam sadaa sahee jaann
satpanth sol kallaa ugeeyo
jenne jaannyo amaaro bhed re....................53

The True Guide says: Our religion is exalted and know it as the most exalted and the best in truth. The Religion of the splendour and the brightness of the sixteen mansions on the moon has indeed grown, in whom who has understood our essence.

satgur kahere: amaaro bhed jenne jaannyo
ane jaannee a(n)tar nee vaat
tees ghatt nee(n)daa na hose paar kee
te satnee karashe vaat re.......................54

The True Guide says: The person who has understood our essence and who has understood the discourse(words) of the inside, will never harbour evil thoughts of others and speak ill of anyone, and will talk about the truth only.

Paths 055 to 065 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: jees ghatt nee(n)daa vaaparee
ane vaaparee ajaannee vaat
tees ghatt setaan vaapareeyaa
te adhuraa deelnaa kahevaay re..................55

The True Guide says: In whose being evil thoughts and backbiting of others prevail, and who talks about unkown matters, in such a being the devil resides and is known as a person of a partial heart.

satgur kahere: jees ghatt ochho vaaparyo
ane nahee tyaa utam vaat
tees ghatt dall ulatteeyaa
te dall daannavnaa neervaann re.................56

The True Guide says: In whose being thought or talk of insignificant matters prevail and there is no talk of exalted matters, in such a being the force has outplaced( the truth). And it is the force of the demon for certain.

satgur kahere: dall daaddvaa nu(n) jyaa ulatte
tyaa sat na suje lagaar
te gat maa(n)he aaveene besase
pann nee(n)daa shu(n) raakhshe vehevaar re......57

The True Guide says: Where the evil forces are prevalent, the truth is not aspired at all. Such a person will come and sit in Jamatkhana, but will still maintain the relationship with backbiting and slander.

satgur kahere: paapee to ghannu(n) jeevshe
tene amaaree chhe aasheesh
teno koi jeev nahee chhoddaavshe
te paddshe narag duvaar re......................58

The True Guide says: The sinful will live longer, even then they have our blessings. Nobody will free the souls of such and they will ultimately fall into hell.

satgur kahere: jees ghatt nee(n)daa vaaparee
tees ghatt shetaan prakaash
te eb kaaddhe sahu tannaa
tene bekolee sahee jaann re.....................59

The True Guide says: In whose being backbiting and slander prevail, in it the devil shines. This person brings out the faults of everybody. Indeed such a person is the violator of words.

satgur kahere: sansaar naago ne deen suno
te maa(n)he je eb ddhaa(n)ke jaann
satpanthee tenu(n) naam kahee-e
jo keno eb na kaaddhe bahaar re.................60

The True Guide says: The world is naked and the religion is deserted. Know the one who covers the errors of others. The follower of the True Path is he or she who does not reveal the errors of others.

satgur kahere: dharam nee vaannee-e chaaljo
ane dharam no chhano karjo neh
je dharamne paare te satpa(n)thee
bhaai satpa(n)thee tenu naam re.................61

The True Guide says: Conduct yourselves according to the speech(words,guidance) of religion and perform religious devotion in silence. Whoever observes religion is the follower of the True Path. Brother, this person is indeed called the follower of the True Path.

satgur kahere: jyaa nee(n)daa thaae duniyaa tannee
tyaa nahee amaaro tthaam
tyaa besee je koi sambhale
te jaanno setaan no kaam re.....................62

The True Guide says: Where the slanderous talk of the world takes place, there our abode is not present. Whoever sits there and listens to such talk, is indeed working on behalf of the devil.

satgur kahere: nindaa-e raavann maareeyo
ane maareeyo korav duryodhan raay
nee(n)daa-e ga(n)geeo bheekham gayo
ane gai hemaava(n)tee naar re...................63

The True Guide says: Due to backbiting and slander Raavan killed and harrassed many and the king of Korwas, Duryodhan killed and harassed many. Due to backbiting the wise man of Korwas became a begger and lost his wife Hemaava(n)tee. All the characters mentioned above were pious and had attained the favours of the Lord. However because of backbiting they lost their exalted status resulting in their killing and harassment of many devoted souls

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa-e sankho maareeyo
ane nee(n)daa-e harnnaka(n)s jaay
nee(n)daa-e treesha(n)ku gayo
jenu kull Hareechanddhr kahevaay re.............64

The True Guide says: Due to backbiting the Devil Sankhasur killed many and due to backbiting Harnakans left the exalted status. Due to backbiting, Treeshanku went away, whose progeny was Hareechanddhr.

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa-e paa(n)ch ne bolleeyaa
vallee prahalaadanaa kull kahevaay
te dharam kartaa ektthaa
te nee(n)daathee avagateeyaa thaay re...........65

The True Guide says: Due to backbiting, the five (Paandwas) were dethroned by the Korvas and their progeny is Prahalaadanaa. They were observing religion with oneness of mind but due to backbiting they wavered and got astray(for a while).

Paths 066 to 076 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa-e saat ne haraaveeyaa
te hareechanddhranu kull kahevaay
tenne eb chaddaaveeyaa taaraa raannee ne
te paddeeyaa ghor a(n)dhaar re..................66

The True Guide says: Due to backbiting the seven(crores) lost their way(temporarily). They are regarded as the family of Harichanddhra. They blamed the saintly Taaraa Raannee for a misdeed and consequently they fell into utter darkness.

satgur kahere: je dharam kartaa ektthaa
ane rachtaa nar jot hajur
te jaannee ajaannee vaato kartaa paarkee-u
tethee paddeeyaa ghor a(n)dhaare jaa-e re.......67

The True Guide says: The ones who performed religious worship with one mind(without wavering) and were regularly establishing the worship in the presence of the Light of the Lord. They engaged in discourses about which they had or had not any knowledge and therefore fell into utter darkness.

satgur kahere: je dharamee ne eb chaddhaavtaa
te dharamee gatmaa(n)he besataa jaann
saat saragmaa(n)he te paho(n)cheeyaa
satee taaraaraannee hareecha(n)dr jaann re......68

The True Guide says: Those who used to blame the pious who sat in the Jamaat. They(the pious) are the ones who reached the seven heavens. Know them as the saintly Taaraaraani and her kingly husband Harichandra.

satgur kahere: nav kroddnee nee(n)daa ma(n)ddaavee
te sataavees kroddnee paahe
te deedaar kartaa sarve ektthaa
te paa(n)ddavne duaare jaae re..................69

The True Guide says: The nine crore souls persevered with slander(against them) by the twenty seven crore unliberated souls. All of them were enjoying the Spiritual Vision in unison and they went to the abode of the Paandwas.

satgur kahere: te deedaar kartaa hareetannaa(n)
vallee te nee(n)daa kartaa teh
je nee(n)daa kartaa sat dharam nee
te paddyaa narag-j maa(n)he.....................70

The True Guide says: They were enjoying the Vision of the Lord and at the same time (others) were engaged in slander and backbiting. Those who slandered the True Religion fell into hell completely.

satgur kahere: paandav sareekho bhagat koi nahee
je maa(n)he kull shaah nee aae
te dekhtaa nav krodd paho(n)cheeyaa
te abhyaagat ne aadhaar re.....................71

The True Guide says: There have never been any pious people like the Paandwas in whose progeny the Lord is present. Realising this fact, nine crore souls reached the heavenly abode, depending upon the spiritual strength of the saints(the Paandwas).

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa sareekho paap to koi nahee
jenne luttyaa aalam sa(n)saar
sat pa(n)thee nee je nee(n)daa kartaa
tene habheeyaa dojak na raakhe jaann re.........72

The True Guide says: There is no sin in comparison to backbiting and slander. It(the sin) has plunderd and robbed the entire world. Whoever backbites and slanders the follower of the True Faith, even the bottomless hell will not accomodate this person.

satgur kahere: habheeaa dojak maa(n)he te jeev paddshe
tene tyaa sukh nahee lagaar
tene ek khaai beejo aarogashe
tenaa evaa havaal-j thaay re....................73

The True Guide says: Such a soul will fall into the bottomless hell here. And there, there will never be any peace. There, one will eat him and the other will consume him, such will be the condition of this soul.

satgur kahere: te sataaveesh krodd maa(n)hethee parale gayaa
jenne raakhyo para nee(n)daashu neh
te tthaalaa aavyaa bhulaa gayaa
te paa(n)dav dekhtaa jaann re...................74

The True Guide says: They became remote in the company of the twenty seven crore unliberated souls. These are the ones who thrived on backbiting and slander. They came empty handed and got lost and they were the ones who witnessed the paandvas.

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa-e chovees krodd ne bolleeyaa
ane bolleeyaa haajaraa hajur
satgur bhrahmaa peer sadardeen kahee-e
tenu nabee muhammed naam re....................75

The True Guide says: Due to backbiting and slander twenty four krodd souls were drowned, and were drowned there and there only. We know Him as the True Guide and the Creator Peer Sadardeen(who was the liberator then) whose name is Prophet Muhammed.

satgur kahere: haree naa saachaa jeevddaa
chaalyaa te darshan kartaa neeto neet
te maa(n)he thee potaane bollee chaaleeyaa
te chovees krodd tenne tthaam re...............76

The True Guide says: They were the true souls of the Lord and they used to enjoy the spiritual light every day. From that status they drowned themselves and joined the ranks of twenty four crore unliberated ones.

Paths 077 to 087 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa kartaa te jeev nee
vallee te ektthaa besatthaa jaann
te nee(n)daa maa(n)he thee ettlu(n) paameeyaa
te narag maa(n)he gayaa neervaann re............77

The True Guide says: They used to backbite and slander those souls and they used to seat with oneness of mind. Such were the benefits from backbiting that they eventually went to hell for certain.

satgur kahere: je gur saachaa devtaa
te gur sreshtee naa seerjann haar
jenne gur nar peechhaannyaa imaansu
te shu(n) nee(n)daa nu na chaale jor re.........78

The True Guide says: The Guide who is the true giver(bestower) is the Guide who is the Creator of the universe. Whoever has recognised the Imaam and the Peer by conviction of faith, will not be affected by the force of backbiting and slander against him/her.

satgur kahere: ame aparaadhee bahu laaveeyaa
ane laaveeyaa sa(n)saar saagar maa(n)he
amaaraa vachan je maanse nahee
te jaase narag maa(n)he re.....................79

The True Guide says: We have brought many sinful and guilty ones and we have brought them into the ocean of this world. Whoever will not pay heed to our commands will go to hell.

satgur kahere: ame athar ved bhaa(n)kheeyaa
te amaaraa mukhthee jaann
te amaaraa mukhnee bhaashaa nahee saa(n)bhale
ane raakhshe nee(n)daasu neh re................80

The True Guide says: We have foretold in the final scripture (the Holy Qur'aan) with our own mouth. Whoever does not listen to the language of our mouth will eventually end up loving backbiting and slander.

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa evee jaannee-e
jesee ku(n)vaaree kanyaa jaann
nee(n)daa paarkee je kare
tene ku(n)vaaree kanyaanu(n) kala(n)k jaann re.81

The True Guide says: Backbiting and slander is such that it can be compared to(the curse of?) a virgin woman. Whoever engages in slandering others will have the stigma of(curse from?) a virgin woman attached to him/her.

satgur kahere: ku(n)vaaree kanyaa dharam tthaam chhe
tene pitaa laage pann paay
te pitaane kanyaa nu kala(n)k chadde
je kare paarkee nee(n)daa jaann re..............82

The True Guide says: The virgin woman is at the abode of religion, even her father bows at her feet. The father will have the curse from the virgin woman if he engages in backbiting and slandering others.

satgur kahere: das aasmaan ame joyaa
ane joyaa sarave sa(n)saar
sahu maa(n)he ame joyaa
to nee(n)daa nee bahu chhe pukaar re............83

The True Guide says: We have seen the ten heavens and have seen the entire world. In all of the above we have seen(visited). The regrets and tribulations that incur upon the backbiters and slanderers are not to be found anywhere seen by us.

satgur kahere: satpa(n)th sareekho koi nahee
jenee nar paase chhe saakh
te satpa(n)th pujyaanu(n) dharam sarve jaase
je nee(n)daa su raakhe vevaar re................84

The True Guide says: There is nothing like (more exalted than) the True Path, for the ones who have the Link with the Imaam. The religious benefits due to worshipping and following the True Path will vanish in entirety if one indulges in backbiting and slander.

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa dharam-j jaase
ane nee(n)daa-e jaase vevaar
nee(n)daa-e sarag-j jaase
ane nee(n)daa-e jaase deedaar re................85

The True Guide says: Due to backbiting and slander the entire religion will go. And due to backbiting and slander all relationships will go. Due to backbiting and slander the entire heavens will vanish and due to backbiting and slander the Spiritual Vision and Light will go.

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa-e ba(n)dhav laddshe
nee(n)daa-e putra pitaane kare dhaaye
nee(n)daa-e naaree ne kala(n)k chaddavshe
nee(n)daa-e maataane putra maare laat re........86

The True Guide says: Due to backbiting and slander friends will fight each other. Due to backbiting and slander a son will curse his father. Due to backbiting and slander the husband will impute(attach stigma to) his own wife. Due to backbiting and slander the son will kick his own mother.

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa-e kala(n)k chaddaavshe
te satpa(n)thee ne chhe haraam
nee(n)daa evee chhe paapnnee
jethee bagadde sarave kaam re...................87

The True Guide says: Due to backbiting and slander a curse or a stigma will be attached(permanently), and it is illicit to a follower of the True Path. Backbiting and slander is of such evil nature, that it will spoil all work.

Paths 088 to 098 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: jyaare evee paa(n)ch hatyaa satpa(n)thee maa(n)he thaashe
taare ame te chhupee jaae
jo gat bhellaa mallee paap utaarshe
bhaai toe paap na jaay re.......................88

The True Guide says: When such evil five killers of soul(vices) encroach upon the follower of the True Path, at that time we become hidden from him. Even if the person gathers with the jamaat to reduce the sins, they will not be pardoned.

satgur kahere: jyaare paa(n)ch hatyaa evee vaapre
taare nar te neeraakaar thaa-e
te gat mallee besashe
te karshe adharam anyaay re.....................89

The True Guide says: When the evil five vices prevail as such, at that time the Imaam becomes formless and unknown(to such a person). Such a person will come and sit in the jamaat, and will perform irreligious injustice.

satgur kahere: te pote paap na utarshe
ane je gat kare te saar
kalas gur bhrahmaajee aape jot maa(n)he raakhshe
aape karashe raaj duaar re......................90

The True Guide says: The sins will not be reduced by themselves and whatever the gat(congregation) does is essential. By giving you a cupful(of abesafa) the Guide, the Creator keeps you in His Light, and He will grant you a (spiritual) kingdom.

satgur kahere: hakeekatee geenaanee satpa(n)thee
teno sadaa-e saach shu vevaar
te nee(n)daa juttha shu allago raheshe
ane durthee raakhshe imaan......................91

The True Guide says: The actual knower of Divine knowledge is the one who follows the True Path. He/She is forever in connection with the Truth, and will keep away from falsehood,backbiting and slander, and will maintain faith from a distance(physically from the Imaam).

satgur kahere: nar to aage devtaa
ane tenee sarave jot-j jaann
tenu ghattee maa(n)he rup chhe koddaamannu
bhaai te shu raakho imaan re....................92

The True Guide says: Before the Imaam are the spirits and angels and to Him belongs all the Light. He has a very good looking physical body. Brother, maintain faith in Him.

satgur kahere: imaan raakhsho to chhuttsho
ane gur kahe chhe pukaar
saachee dasho(n)d-j aaljo
ane deelksha(durthee) laagjo paay re............93

The True Guide says: If you maintain faith then you will be free and the Guide cries out to you. Submit the genuine tithe and bow to the feet of the Imaam from a distance(don't go too close to Him).

satgur kahere: kol dasho(n)d no aaleeyo
ane te maataano geerbhaavaas maa(n)he jaann
tem nee(n)daa no kol pann aaleeyo
je nahee karavee kenee vaat re..................94

The True Guide says: You gave a promise to submit the tithe and it was during the pregnancy of your mother(before your birth). In the same manner you gave a promise of not backbiting and slandering and not talking about anyone.

satgur kahere: dasho(n)d aalo tame saach shu
te narne hajur-j jaann
te patto leedho savaa laakhno
te leedho tta(n)kashaall no jaann re............95

The True Guide says: Submit the tithe in a truthful manner and do it in the presence of the Imaam(or His representatives in Jamatkhana) only. You have obtained an agreement of 125000 by submitting the tithe and it is that of mint(hard bound and permanent).

satgur kahere: savaa laakh tyaa paamsho
ane jevaa(n) deedhaa hashe daan
jyaa nahee mallshe anpaannee ek teel
tyaa lesho dasho(n)d daan naa fall re...........96

The True Guide says: You will get 125,000(times the tithe amount) there and in accordance with the manner in which you submitted it. Where you will not get even a single grain of simsim seed's worth of food and water. It is there you will receive the fruits of the charity of the tithe.(Perhaps alluding to the fact that the benefits are non material)

satgur kahere: satpanthee tame rejo satshu
ane tame aalyaa kol teno karjo vichaar
te chhaapo leedho traa(n)baa paattno
te kabee na khotto thaay re.....................97

The True Guide says: The followers of truth remain in truth and think about the promise given by you. It is like a stamp of a low oblong block with short props. It will never be false.

satgur kahere: evo dharam kem haaree-e
ane duniyaane laaje-j jaann
te laaj raakho chho sansaarnee
ane raakho chho nee(n)daasu neh re..............98

The True Guide says: Why do you lose such a religion, entirely at the credit of the world. You keep maintaining the credit of the world and you enjoy backbiting and slandering.

Paths 099 to 109 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: laalach dekho jeev naa
je kare paarkee nee(n)daa jaann
taare te be taddthee ddolee paddshe
teno jaashe dharam niyaam neervaann re..........99

The True Guide says: Watch the allurement of the soul that backbites and slanders others. As a result this person will be split into two and will fall down shaking. All his/her tenets of religion will vanish for certain.

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa keedhe shu thaaye
ane vallee jethee imaan-j jaay
gur nar naa tyaa chor kahevaashe
bhaai aakhar narag maa(n)he tthaam re..........100

The True Guide says: What happens to a person indulging in backbiting and slander. By it the entire faith vanishes. Such people will be regarded as Shah Peer's thieves. Brother, in the hereafter they will have an abode in hell.

satgur kahere: sufal kaame sarave tarase
ane aagal chhe tol meezaan
tyaa teel teelnu(n) lekhu(n) saaheb maagshe
te haajar gur besaaddee jaann re...............101

The True Guide says: Through rewarding actions everyone will swim (across the ocean of the worldly existence), and ahead there are scales for weighing. There the Lord will ask about even minute actions equivalent in weight to simsim seeds. It will be in the presence of the Guide who will be seated there.

satgur kahere: tol meezaan ame jannaavyaa
ane tame ddarjo sarave sa(n)saar
te aagall jaataa(n) jaannasho
bhaai taare ma karajo pukaar re................102

The True Guide says: We have let you know about the weighing of scales, and be fearful about it, the entire world. You will realise this fact when you go ahead. Brothers, at that time do not regret.

satgur kahere: ame pukaareeyaa ati ghannu
ane choutte chaddee jaann
pann amaaree pukaar sa(n)bhallee baheraa thaashe
tyaa tenee na chaale pukaar re.................103

The True Guide says: We have cried out to you a great deal while standing in the market place. But those who will be deaf to our cries, will not find any response to their cries there.

satgur kahere: amaaree pukaar je saa(n)bhalle
te saa(n)bhalle ekaa(n)te jaann
te paa(n)ch hatyaathee allagaa raheshe
bhaai te maa(n)he chhe amaare tthaam re........104

The True Guide says: Whoever listens to our cries and pleas, listening with oneness of mind, will keep away from the five vices. Brother, in him/her is our abode.

satgur kahere: ame aavee te maa(n)he besee-e
ane bahoter kotthaa maa(n)he thaa-e avaaj
rahennee jaay tenee jaagataa
tyaa rachanaa geenaan nee thaay re.............105

The True Guide says: We will come and be seated in (the heart of) such a person and there will be a lot of noise(of celebration) in the palace. The night of this person is spent in an awakened state and that time he/she partakes in Divine knowledge.

satgur kahere: aja(n)peeyaa jaap tene ghatt vase
ane kaayaa maa(n)he thaay ja(n)tree no avaaj
tyaa bahoter kotthaa maa(n)he taal ta(n)bal vaaje
tenee ghaat jaanne veeralaa koi re.............106

The True Guide says: The unpronounciable word(sound) prevails in the body of such a person and in the body are heard musical sounds. There will be lots of orderly music from the drum like instruments(without the presence of the instruments). Very few courageous souls realise this phenomenon.

satgur kahere: te jeevnee jeebh amatannee
ane vase te sa(n)saar-j maa(n)he
je bhraa(n)t kaaddhe manthee
tenee dhaat jaanne koi re......................107

The True Guide says: The tongue of such a soul is from us while he/she resides in the world entirely. Whoever removes doubt from the mind, the mystery of such a person is realised by very few.

satgur kahere: dash aasmaan te maa(n)he vase
te maa(n)he surat neerat samaa-e
je bhraa(n)t kaaddhe manthee
tenee dhrashtee imaanee thaay re..............108

The True Guide says: The ten heavens exist in such a person and real happiness and blissful consciousness is contained there. Whoever removes doubt from his/her mind, this person's vision becomes of faith.

satgur kahere: saachaa imaanee te kahee-e
je maa(n)he vase saachaa imaan
te eb na kaddhe paarkaa
ane dukh deve aapnne man re....................109

The True Guide says: The truly faithful are regarded as the ones in whom true faith resides. Such persons will not bring out the errors of others and will bear the burden thereof in his/her own mind.

Paths 110 to 120 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: gat saghallee maa(n) shaah peer vase
ane gat maa(n)he jot-j jaann
te jot prakaash kaa(n)ik raakhsho
to tamaaraa jeevnee raheshe sharam re..........110

The True Guide says: In the entire congregation(Jamatkhana) the Imaam and the Peer are present. And the congregation, is entirely filled with Light. If you retain some of the lustre of the Light, then modesty and shame will prevail in your lives.

satgur kahere: dharam daan gur mukh aaleeye
ane deeje dasho(n)d nu daan
gurgat hajur jo aalee-e
to saaheb pure man nee aash re.................111

The True Guide says: Submit religious charity in the presence of the Guide and submit it in the form of tithe. If you submit it in the presence of the Guide in the congregation, then the Lord will fulfil all the wishes of the heart(mind).

satgur kahere: japtap utam tthaam nu
te ekaa(n)te besee keejee-e kaam
pann jo nee(n)daa karsho paarkee
to vannsashe dharam naa kaam...................112

The True Guide says: Meditation, worship and abstinence (from evil) are the practises of the exalted abode(Jamat Khana). Therein sit with oneness of mind and perform the (exalted) work. But if you engage yourselves in backbiting and slandering others, then all the (benefits of )religious work will perish.

satgur kahere: satno kol nav aalee-e
ane sat karann pote lu(n)ttaa-e
te pinddh surat-j laavee-e
ane surate te satkol paar re...................113

The True Guide says: Do not reveal to others the promise made about the truth and for the sake of truth plunder your (lower) self or transmute the lower energies for higher purposes. Focus your body entirely on awareness or consciousness of the Divine, and through that consciousness, fulfil your promise(made in the womb).

satgur kahere: shuraa jem rannmaa(n)he ladde
ane sheer kapaavaa jaay
te paachhu pagalu nav dhare
te sanmukh chaalyo jaay re.....................114

The True Guide says: As the brave one who fights on the battlefield and goes to have his head slaughtered, who does not set his feet in the reverse direction, and passes away having confronted the enemy face to face.

satgur kahere: ebh par deedhe e kaam chhe
ane duniyaamaa(n)he kathannee thaay
te jyaa tame beso het shu
tyaa bhaav na raakhe koi-e.....................115

The True Guide says: This is the work of the one who attributes an error falsely to someone else, which eventually becomes a narrative in the world. And even if you sit with love there, no one has any feelings(as a result of false accusation).

satgur kahere: te be bhaave kem rahee-e
ane preet potaanee raakh
evaa bhaav shu koi saacho male
bhaai tene kol-j aap re........................116

The True Guide says: How can one live with split feelings and keep love for himself. How can one attain the truth with such feelings. brother, he gives you promises only(without the intent to fulfil them).

satgur kahere: be bhaave je koi rahe
te upar bhaav na rakhe koi
te jene kaaje ame aaveeyaa
bhaai taa(n)su bhaav-j raakh re................117

The True Guide says: Whoever lives with split feelings, no one has any feelings for such a person. Those for whom we have come to fulfil their deeds, brother, keep only love for such persons.

satgur kahere: ame aavee jene mallee-e
tenee koi aagall na karvee vaat
jo a(n)tarno bhed kene aapsho
to reesaamannu amaaru thaay re.................118

The True Guide says: Those whom we come and meet(embrace), do not talk about them afterwards. If you reveal the mysteries of the inside, then our wrath(curse) will befall you.

satgur kahere: reesaamannu amatannu doelu(n)
te doelu(n) ghannaa(n) ghannu jaann
vallee ubhaa thai jo tap karasho
bhaai toy na mallashu jaann re.................119

The True Guide says: Our wrath(curse) is very difficult(to bear), and know it as very very difficult. Even if you repent while standing, brother, we will not be available to you.

satgur kahere: mallee paa(n)ch saat thaine besasho
ane motteraa thai bes-sho jaann
tyaa amane ma jaannjo
jyaa nee(n)daa thaay neervaann re..............120

The True Guide says: You will gather in groups of fives and sevens, and you will sit with greatness(pride). Do not consider us to be present where backbiting and slander prevail for certain.

Paths 121 to 131 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: jyaa nee(n)daa thaay ne rees ghanneree
ane krodh mottero thaay
te kaalle moddhe chaalshe
te tame shene karo evaa kaam re................121

The True Guide says: In whose being there is backbiting and a great deal of (our) displeasure, and there is a great deal of anger, such a person will walk with a black face. Why do you engage in these kind of works.

satgur kahere: jyaa anat dev aavee mallshe
ane mallashe te aalam ne sa(n)saar
te maa(n)he kaalle moddhe chaalsho
ane ghannaa thaasho khuvaar re.................122

The True Guide says: There limitless spirits will come and meet and they will meet in the world. In that gathering you(the backbiters and slanderers) will be having black faces, and you will be rendered useless in many ways.

satgur kahere: chaar deen tame jeevsho
te maa(n)he laagee chhe preet apaar
te kaale preet-j truttshe
tyaare aagall shu desho javaab re..............123

The True Guide says: You will live for four days(a short while) and you have unlimited love for it(this life and it's pleasures). The entire love will break tomorrow and then in the hereafter what account will you give.

satgur kahere: kaayaa kaachee kaale galee jaashe
taare jeevne thaashe dukh apaar
te jeevne tame raakhjo sanasu
ane paarkee nee(n)daa ma karjo lagaar re.......124

The True Guide says: The raw body will be buried tomorrow and then the soul will have unlimited tribulation. Keep such a soul alert and attentive(to it's purpose) and never engage yourselves in backbiting and slandering others.

satgur kahere: chetann haaraa tame chetajo
ane kahuchhu chheleevaar
tyaa ame akhaadde chaddee pukaar shu
tyaa chor thaasho nirvaann re..................125

The True Guide says: The heedful be forewarned and I am informing you for the last time. There at the gathering we will rise and cry out to you, and there you will be thieves for certain.

satgur kahere: khat ghaddee tame jaagjo
je vellaa nur nee kahevaay
potaanu pee(n)ddh tame saa(n)chavjo
bhaai beejaanu shu chhe kaam re................126

The True Guide says: Be awake for the last six ghadis of the night, that is the time of the Light. Look after your owm bodies. Brother, what have you to do with others' work(mind your own business!).

satgur kahere: a(n)tar no bhed kene nav aalee-e
jo sheer kaapee dee-e haath
te jo sheer kaapee leeye aapannu
bhaai toy bhed na aap re.......................127

The True Guide says: Do not reveal the inner mysteries to anyone even if one assists you to the extent of sacrificing his/her head. Even if one slays your own head, brother, do not give the mysteries to him/her.

satgur kahere: sheer deedhu toy shu thayu
jo radeh na bheenu(n) jaann
pann kattkaa kare kaayaa tannaa
tobe aja(n)pe-aa jaap vinaa kuddaa kaam re.....128

The True Guide says: So what if one gives away the head if the heart is not moist(imbued with love). Even if one makes sacrifices to the extent of slaughtering the body into pieces, without the existence of the unpronounciable word (sound) within, all work is false.

satgur kahere: dharam tene aalee-e
jo hove dharamee mahaa sujaann
avar koi maathe aavee padde
koi dushman nee foj-j jaann re.................129

The True Guide says: Give(talk about) religion to the person who is religious and very knowledgable. If it(religion) falls upon someone else, know it as an army(weapon) of the enemy.

satgur kahere: foj dal to daitya tannee
teno a(n)te laage jor
pann naaraayann nu naam jene radeh vase
te ja(n)pe ajapee-aa jaap re..................130

The True Guide says: The weapons and army belong to the demon and it's strength last's till it's end(it is temporary). But in whose heart the Lord's name resides, is the one who recites the unpronounciable word (which manifests infinite strength).

satgur kahere: sheer padde to sahee rahee-e
pann na kaaddhee-e potaano bhed-j bahaar
te jeev ne ame kol-j aalee-e
gur kahe te am saathe jaann re.................131

The True Guide says: Even if the head falls, still remain in truth, but do not reveal the mysteries to the outside. Indeed such are the souls whom we give the promise entirely. The Guide says know that we are with them.

Paths 132 to 142 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: sa(n)g amaaree chhe saachnee
ane saache bhave hu taarann haar
te to uvaatte nahee chaalshe
jene amaaree sa(n)gat-j thaay re...............132

The True Guide says: Our company is of truth and I am the Savior with true feelings. Such a person will not go astray who has our company only.

satgur kahere: sate thaine chaalee-e
ane sat no karee-e shann gaar
sat naame jo sufall kaam keejee-e
to paame sat deedaar...........................133

The True Guide says: Conduct yourselves by being truthful and make a decoration of truth. If in the name of truth you perform rewarding deeds, you will attain the Spiritual Vision.

satgur kahere: deedaar keeje shaah alee tannaa
ane keejee-e pure vishvaas
imaan raakhee-e saachsu
to paamee-e shaah naa deedaar re...............134

The True Guide says: Enjoy the Light and Vision of the Lord and do it with complete conviction. Maintain faith in the Truth, then you will attain the Light and Vision of the Lord.

satgur kahere: deedaar keeje shaah tannu
vallee teno na jaannee-e bhed
to jem paaviaane paanu(n) chadde
bhaai tene tevo deedaar re.....................135

The True Guide says: If you have the Light and Vision of the Lord and do not understand it's significance. It is like a flow of milk into the breast of a castrated(invalid,infertile) one. Brother, such is the Vision of this person.

satgur kahere: radeh neermall keejee-e
ane manmaa(n)he mel ma aann
jo kaayaa kasaavo aapannee
to dharam ne aalo maan re......................136

The True Guide says: Purify your heart and do not retain any dirt in the heart(mind). When you have mortified your bodies, give due respect to religion.

satgur kahere: rehennee keejee-e dharam maa(n)he
ane deen saachu bol
saachaa thaine chaalee-e ddhraddh thai
jem beeju na jaanne koi re.....................137

The True Guide says: Spend the night in religious activities and during the day speak the Truth. By becoming truthful conduct yourselves courageously and in such a manner that no one else knows about it.

satgur kahere: jees ghatt imaan nahee saach su
te kudd chaddaave aall
tene deetthe saach to game nahee
tene sahee naragee jaann re....................138

The True Guide says: In whose being there is no true faith, he/she gives false imputation upon others. This person does not like the truth seen by him/herself. Know this person as an occupant of hell in truth.

satgur kahere: daas hamaaraa te kahee-e
je dee-e dasho(n)d nu daan
te hoy gareeb koi eb chaddaave
to-e bhukhthee na bole vaann re................139

The True Guide says: Our servant is regarded as the one, who submits the charity of the tithe. If the person is poor and someone brings out a fault in him, even then he does not say anything inspite of starvation.

satgur kahere: daas hamaaraa te kahee-e
je kene na aale eb
baakee to sarve daas chhe
paann aakhar paddshe rad re....................140

The True Guide says: Our (real)servant is regarded as the one who does not attribute blame or fault on someone. The rest are also to be regarded as servants but will be rejected in the hereafter.

satgur kahere: daas hamaaraa te kahee-e
je duniyaa su a(n)dhaa jaann
jyaa nee(n)daa thaay kaai vaatnee
tyaa suratee na raakhe jaann re................141

The True Guide says: Our servant is regarded as the one who is blind to the world. Wherever there is backbiting and slander about certain persons and issues, he/she does not keep his/her awareness there.

satgur kahere: daas hamaaraa hoi rahyaa
jaare kahevaannaa satpa(n)thee jeev
je eb ddhu(n)dhhe paarkaa
te satpa(n)thee nahee te chor re...............142

The True Guide says: Our servants have prevailed when they have been called as the followers of the Right Path. (But)The ones who seek faults in others are not the followers of the Right Path but are thieves.

Paths 143 to 153 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: satpanthee to utam avataar chhe
tene sou kahechhe daas
te satpa(n)thee jyaare jutthu bolshe
tyaare jaanno madham avataar re................143

The True Guide says: Being a follower of the Right Path is the most exalted incarnation(manifestation of the soul). Everyone calls this person a servant. When such a person lies then regard him/her as an incarnation of a bitch.

satgur kahere: chaar jugmaa(n)he jeevddaa aavee-aa
ane fartaa satpa(n)th-j maa(n)he
jaare kusttiyaane sa(n)gte besataa
taare thayaa chhe gur nar naa chor re..........144

The True Guide says: The souls of the four eras have come and they have been wandering on the True Path only. But whenever they sat in the company of the weak, at that time they became the thieves of the Shaah Peer.

satgur kahere: satpa(n)thee have tame chet-jo
ane vaaro potaanu man
have ek teel jutthu bolsho
to gur kahe nahee paamsho moksh re.............145

The True Guide says: The followers of the True Path now be warned and control your own minds. Now if you lie even a bit(weight of a simsim seed), then the Guide tells us that you will not attain salvation as a result.

satgur kahere: chaar jug naa jeevddaa chhutteeyaa
te betthaa jue chhe vaatt
te maa(n)he juttho thai je chaalshe
to shu dekhaaddshe mukh re.....................146

The True Guide says: The souls of the four eras have been freed and are seated and waiting. In such a distinguished gathering anyone who walks in a false manner, what kind of face will he show?

satgur kahere: jenne potaano jeev nav vaareeyo
ane beejaane deeye chhe dukh
te aagall jaata judo paddshe
bhaai te jeevthee rahejo dur re................147

The True Guide says: The one who has not controlled his soul and gives others a hard time, such a one will be separated ahead. Brother, stay away from such a soul.

satgur kahere: sarevaa keeje satpanthnee
ane ne gurgatsu dheeaa-e
pann nee(n)daa man nav raakhee-e aapannu
jethee dharma sarve jaay re....................148

The True Guide says: Serve and worship the True Path and adore the presence of the Guide and the congregation, i.e, Jamatkhana. But do not occupy your mind with backbiting and slander, due to which the entire benefits of religion will be wiped out.

satgur kahere: ame pukaareeyaa bahot kar
ane ved maa(n)he deedhee chhe saa(n)kh
gur gat saathe besataa
pann jeev na raakhe tthaam re..................149

The True Guide says: We have cried out to you a great deal and have given you the Link in the scriptures. They sat with the Guide and conregation(J.K) but did not keep their souls(minds) in the abode(in tune with the Divine).

satgur kahere: purav janamnaa je paapee thayaa
te na mele potaano tthaam
te gat jumlaamaa(n) aavee malle
toy na mele paapnu kaam re.....................150

The True Guide says: Those who were sinful in their past births do not abandon their (evil) abode. They come to the entire congregation and meet, even then they do not abandon the sinful work.

satgur kahere: leemb kadavaa te meetthaa na hove
jo deeje sarave jugakaa ras
te deedaar dekhe shaah aleetannu
toy kadavaaino na chhodde kas re...............151

The True Guide says: The sour lemon does not become sweet even if we apply the juice of the entire world. In the same manner the evil person experiences the Divine Light. Even then does not abandon the sourness of the soul.

satgur kahere: te fokatt duniyaa tene maanve
te leemb thee na chhutte paap
te bhellaa jo kaai bolee-e
to ultto dojake jaay re........................152

The True Guide says: The vain world believes in such a person. With (the sourness of) the lemon, the sins do not get pardoned. If one speaks anything in the company of such, he/she turns upside down and goes to hell.

satgur kahere: jees mukhe haree naam japee-e
ane naam naaraayann nu jaann
tees mukhthee kene aall bolaa-e
to kem karee paamee-e moksh re.................153

The True Guide says: The mouth that you use to recite the name of the Lord, and know it as the name of the Exalted. If you falsely accuse someone with such a mouth, how will you attain salvation.

Paths 154 to 164 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: jees mukhthee amarat jamee-e
ane tees mukh kheer ne khaa(n)dd
tees mukhthee kene eb chaddaavee-e
tyaare te jamyaanaa kevaa fall re..............154

The True Guide says: The mouth that you use to drink the Holy Water and with the same mouth you eat rice flour and sugar(sukreet). If you attribute a fault to someone with the same mouth, what will be the fruits of such consumption.

satgur kahere: tame neh-j raakho gurnar shaahsu
ane gurnarnee jaanno vaat
tame cheetmaa(n)he chetee bolsho
to lakhe jabaraail haath re....................155

The True Guide says: Keep your entire love for Shaah Peer the Lord, and know the words of the Shaah Peer. If you speak having been vigilant in your consciousness, then the angel Gibraail will note down your (righteous)speech by his hand.

satgur kahere: jyaathakee tame avataryaa
ane avtaryaa sa(n)saar-j maa(n)he
te deenthee ame lekhu maagshu
ane dharam paapnu jaann re.....................156

The True Guide says: Since the time you incarnated, and indeed incarnated in the world. We will ask for the account since that day, and know this to be of virtue and sins.

satgur kahere: lekhu thaashe gurnarnee hajurmaa(n)
ane paase gur besaaddee jaann
tyaa dharam tamaaraa tollshe
ane chaddshe kaagale jaann re..................157

The True Guide says: The account will take place in the presence of Shaah Peer and the Lord will have the Guide seated near Him. There He will weigh your religion and it will be written on the paper.

satgur kahere: dharam dasho(n)d detaa je puraa paddshe
te thaashe tolaatol
pachhe to gurnarne haath chhe
te tolyaanee shudh-j jaann re..................158

The True Guide says: Those who are perfect in their submission of the religious tithes, will have scales upon scales for weighing. Then it will all depend upon the Shaah Peer, who has the entire understanding of the weighing process.

satgur kahere: paap jo ek teel vaadhshe
vallee naaraayann ne hajur
tyaa jeev ghanno pastaavse
paddse ghaa maathaamaa jaann re................159

The True Guide says: If the sins increase by a little bit and in the presence of the Lord, there the soul will regret a great deal and a wound will fall on the head.

satgur kahere: adal karshe moro saahee-aa
tyaa khameeyaanaa fall-j jaann
je khameeyaa raakhe deheemaa(n)
tene tyaa thaashe salaam re....................160

The True Guide says: My Lord will exercise justice. Over there, there will be the entire fruits of patience. Whoever keeps patience in his/her body will be greeted there with salutations of peace.

satgur kahere: paa(n)ch tatva maa(n) sardaar chhe
bhaai tenu kshamaiyaa naam
je kshmaa raakhe dehee maa
tene tyaa sau ootthee kare salaam re...........161

The True Guide says: Among the five essentials(virtues) it is the leader. Brother, it's name is forgiveness. Whoever keeps forgiveness in his/her body, will be saluted while standing by everyone there.

satgur kahere: veegat raakhee-e aapannee
kene mukhthee na bolee-e lagaar
ekaa(n)te chaaleeye mansu
to aagall paamsho moksh deeksh re..............162

The True Guide says: Keep the details (ofthe mysteries) to yourselves and never tell them to others. Conduct yourselves with oneness of mind, then you will be initiated into salvation.

satgur kahere: ekaa(n)te dharam-j keejee-e
ane gatane keeje salaam
haal vaayke gatmaa(n) e aalee-e
to aagall paamsho moksh re.....................163

The True Guide says: Practise the entire religion with oneness of mind, and give salutations to the congregation. Perform repentance in the congregation according to the Farmaan of the Imam. Then you will attain salvation ahead.

satgur kahere: chhaano neh-j raakhee-e
jem beejo na jaanne koi
gat aagall araj keejee-e
to chautte chaddee ne lesho deedaar re.........164

The True Guide says: Keep the entire love and devotion secret and in a manner that no one else knows about it. In front of the congregation perform your supplications(with mukhi/kamadia). Then you will get the Spiritual Vision and Light even in the openness of the market place.

Paths 165 to 175 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: rennee jaagee-e baap re
janpee-e shaah peer ko naam
nee(n)daa thaay tyaathee oothee jai-e
to rahennee nu mul paamo amar tthaam re........165

The True Guide says: (spiritually)poor one, be awake during the night and remember the word of the Shaah Peer. Wherever there is backbiting and slander, get up and leave. Then the reward(price) of the night will be the immortal and eternal abode.

satgur kahere: rennee jaage baapdde
pann manthee na mele aha(n)kaar
tene sudho chor-j jaann-jo
tenee ved maa(n)he chhe pokaar re..............166

The True Guide says: A (spiritually) poor person remains awake at night but does not abandon pride from his/her mind. Know this person entirely as a pure thief and in his/her (recitation of the) scripture there is uproar and regret.

satgur kahere: ved pukaare chomukhthee
je maa(n)he bhrahmaajee nee saakh
je ved veechaaree nahee chaalshe
te kem aave amaare duvaar re...................167

The True Guide says: A person yells at the scripture with his/her mouth wide open in it is the Link with the Creator. The one who conducts himself/herself without reflecting upon the scriptures, how can he/she come to our abode.

satgur kahere: dhar amaaro chhe doelo
te maa(n)he ghaa(n)ttee-u chhe apaar
ek ek ghaattee maa(n)he soll chok chhe
te been khame-aa na aave haath re..............168

The True Guide says: (the path to) our door is difficult, there are countless mountain passes on it. Each and every mountain pass has sixteen courtyards, without patience you can not overcome them.

satgur kahere: khame-aa keeje sat dharamnee
je maa(n)he dev bharyaa chhe ana(n)t apaar
te devnee sabhaa to paamee-e
jo rahennee rahee-e jaagee jeekar-j saar re....169

The True Guide says: Have patience for(the sake of) True Religion which is full of countless and limitless spirits. The one who attains the gathering of the spirits, is he/she who spends the entire night awakened to rememberance of the Lord only.

satgur kahere: dharamee kaarann ame aaveeyaa
ane jovaa satpa(n)thee jeev
je satpa(n)thee saachaa imaansu
te amaara saachaa utam mee(n)t re..............170

The True Guide says: We have come for the sake of the religious and the pious ones and to observe the followers of the True Path. The ones who are the followers of the True Path by virtue of true faith and conviction, are our true and exalted friends.

satgur kahere: satpa(n)thee tenu naam kahee-e
jenne pa(n)jbhu maaryaa kaall
khameaa naa khaddag radeh samaannaa
bhaai tene kahee-e utam mee(n)t re.............171

The True Guide says: We call a person the follower of the True Path, who has slayed the five vices to death. If he carrys the sword of patience in his/her heart. Brother, we call him the exalted friend.

satgur kahere: satpa(n)th maa(n)he chaar devtaa
ane bhagat tenaa naam
pahelaaj, hareecha(n)ddhr, yudhisthar
peer sadardeen tene saath re..................172

The True Guide says: There are four spirits on the True Path and they are called the pious ones. Pahelaaj, Hareecha(n)ddhra, Yudhistar Peer Sadardeen are with them.

satgur kahere: hete-j khaann maa(n)hethee te neepnaa
aaj chak fad vellaa maa(n)he jaann
shukravaaree beej nu farmaan chhe
peer hasan kabeerdeen tenu naam re............173

The True Guide says: It is entirely for sake of love that He created from the origin. Today in the time of intrigue and inspection. There is a farmaan to fulfil the fast of shuravaaree beej and it was made by Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen.

satgur kahere: nar neera(n)jan to neeraakaar chhe
tenu mowlaa alee chhe naam
satgur sohodev em bhaa(n)khyaa
shaah paschim dishaa maa(n)he tthaam re........174

The True Guide says: The Lord who is unknowable is formless. His name is Mowla Ali. This is what the True Guide Peer Sadardeen foretells, the (physical) abode of the Lord is in the direction of the West.

satgur kahere: huraau pachaas tenee jaashe
ane saragvaaso na jaann
tene feett kaar laage satgur tannee
je raakhe par stree su neh re..................175

The True Guide says: The person's fifty (guardian)angels will go and the heavenly residence will not be his. This person who earns the curse of the True Guide, is the one who is in love with a woman other than his wife.

Paths 176 to 186 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: par stree thee dharam jaashe
ane gumaavyo sarag vaaso jaann
sau maa(n) thee saa(n)kh-j jaashe
to tame shene karo evaa kaam...................176

The True Guide says: The religion will go as a result of relationships with other women and you will lose the heavenly abode. The entire Link will be severed with them. Then why do you engage in these activities.

satgur kahere: saa(n)kh gai ane seel gayu(n)
ane gai potaanee pat
soi kaam-j keejee-e
je maa(n)he chaale potaanu vrat re.............177

The True Guide says: When the Link is severed, the purity goes and goes with it, personal self respect. Perform only those deeds which fall within the bounds of your religious observations(discipline).

satgur kahere: satnu vrat shukravaaree beej chhe
ane baar pahor puraa jaann
ardho ahaar karee je raakhshe
te paamshe amar tthaam re......................178

The True Guide says: The true religious observance is the shukravaaree beej. And know it to be for a period of twelve pahors(36 hours). Whoever observes it by maintaining half of sustainance will attain an immortal abode.

satgur kahere: sehej daan-j deejee-e
ane deeje satgur mukhe jaann
vallee gat maa(n)he shukravaaree beej chhoddsho
to paamsho moksh deedaar.......................179

The True Guide says: Offer only pure charity and do it in the presence of the True Guide. After that if you break the fast of shukravaaree beej in JamatKhana, you will attain the Vision and salvation.

satgur kahere: neem thaapnaa jyaa keejee-e
tyaa keso jutthno vevaar
te tthaam je ajaanneeyu bolse
tenu jaashe dharam neeyaam neervaann re........180

The True Guide says: Where you establish religious vow, how can there be any relationship with falsehood. In that (sacred)place who ever speaks about unknown matters, his/her religious discipline will vanish for certain.

satgur kahere: dharam neeyaam to mor chhaap kahee-e
ane vallee gurnee mor chhaap jaann
tyaa mor maaree chhaap nar nee
te mahor naaraayann nee jaann..................181

The True Guide says: The religious tenets (discipline) is to be regarded as a stamped seal(upon your soul), and know it as the stamped seal of the Guide (it cannot be tampered with). There(in eternity) the Imaam's seal was stamped and it is the seal of the Lord.

satgur kahere: nur naaraayann ek chhe
ane maheshvar murat tenee jaann
devshakti aavee chhe te maa(n)he
bhraat raakhe te bhulo gemaar re...............182

The True Guide says: The Light and the Lord are one and the Sustainer is the face of the Lord. The Divine power is manifested in Him. Whoever is doubtful about this is lost and forgotten.

satgur kahere: chaar murat dharam-j thaape-o
te satgur bhrahmaajee aapoiaap
shukarvaaree beej je thaap she
tene moksh muktino tthaam re...................183

The True Guide says: The Religion was established entirely out of the four forms (basic ingredients of the physical world). And it was by the True Guide, the Creator in a spontaneous manner. Whoever establishes the shukravaaree beej will attain the abode of salvation.

satgur kahere: shukarvaaree beej je kaai kal maa(n)he thaapshe
ane thaapshe pure vishvaas
te jeevne mukti-j thaashe
ane sahee thaase amaaro deedaar re.............184

The True Guide says: Whoever establishes the shukarvaaree beej in the present age, and establishes with complete faith, his soul will attain freedom entirely and in truth will have our Vision and Light.

satgur kahere: amaare duaare te fall paamshe
ane te trees krodd devtaane hajur
jenne par stree shu gavan karyaa
te amathee raheshe dur re......................185

The True Guide says: They will attain such fruits in our abode and in the presence of thirty three crore spirits. Those who had illicit relationships with women other than their wives, will be remote to us.

satgur kahere: dharam sarve khoi raheshe
ane na hoshe hareene hajur
te parnaaree ne kaaranne
te amathee thaashe dur re......................186

The True Guide says: The person will have lost the entire religion and will not be in the presence of the Lord. It is due to illicit non spousal relationships, he/she will become remote from us.

Paths 187 to 197 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: jenne par naree tajee ved tatvashu
ane radeh maa(n)he raakheeyo dharam neh
te amathee aagall jai besashe
jyaa chhe amaaro tthaam re.....................187

The True Guide says: Whoever gave up illicit relationship after reflecting upon the essence of the scripture, and in his heart had maintained the love for religion, will go and sit in front of us at our abode.

satgur kahere: amaaraa dharam maa(n) je jeev rahyaa
ane tene chhe amaaro ra(n)g
tene haree hete shu huraau deshe
ane tene deshe ghannaa ghannaa maan re.........188

The True Guide says: The souls that have remained in our religion, have our colour(attributes). The Lord will bestow upon them with love the angels and will shower them with a lot of respect and honour.

satgur kahere: huraamaa(n)he jaai te jeev raheshe
teno amaraapuree maa(n)he vaas
te ghar ame jai besashu
teno karshu ghano maheemaay re...................189

The True Guide says: These souls will go and stay amongst the angels and their abode is in paradise. We will go and sit in these houses and will accord them with grandeur and dignity.

satgur kahere: maheemaa amaaro maataa tanno
ane peetaa amane jaann
pann par stree kaarann amane melsho
to ame maataa peetaa kem thaay neervaann re....190

The True Guide says: Our grandeur corresponds to motherhood and we are your father. But if for the sake of the woman other than your wife, you abandon us, how can we become your mother and father for certain?

satgur kahere: maheemaa amaaro raakhjo
ane vachan amaaraa sheer chaddaay
te to paa(n)ch hatyaa thee chhuttse
te amaaraa vachan ne partaape..................191

The True Guide says: Always keep our dignity and respect and keep our farmans in your heads(minds). One will be freed from the five evil vices through remembrance and obedience to our farmans.

satgur kahere: amaaraa vachan je maanshe
ane te hose amaare paas
te paa(n)ch hatyaa thee allago raheshe
te paamshe amaaro deedaar re...................192

The True Guide says: Whoever believes in and follows our farmaans, will be in our presence. This person will remain away from the five evil vices and will be embraced by our Vision and Light.

satgur kahere: te deedaar amaaro paamshe
vallee besashe amaare paas
te mevaa paame atee ghannaa
ane paamshe shaah no deedaar re................193

The True Guide says: Such a person will attain our Vision and Light and will sit in our presence as well. He/she will attain the fruits in abundance and will attain the Vision and the Light of the Lord.

satgur kahere: tyaa mevaa paamshe atee ghannaa
ane malaaek aave hajur-j maa(n)he
tyaa ana(n)t kheejmat aavee karshe
em kahe satgur shamsh neervaann re.............194

The True Guide says: Such a person will attain fruits in abundance and his/her entire presence will be filled by angels who will come to perform unlimited service there. This is told by the True Guide Peer Shamsh for certain.

satgur kahere: kaayaa naav keeje haree naam kee
maa(n)he bharee-e sat no bhaar
dasho(n)d sukareet gat aagall deejee-e
bhaai te satgur ke farmaan re..................195

The True Guide says: Construct the body of the boat by the name of the Lord and fill it with the load of truth. Submit the tithe and the good deeds in the presence of the congregation(in Jamaatkhana). Brother, do it through the farmaan of the True Guide.

satgur kahere: gat gangaa maa(n)he sukareet keejee-e
ane keejee-e radeh neermal jaann
te radeh maa(n)he kaaik kaaelee aannsho
to tene gur gat nu nahee farmaan re............196

The True Guide says: Perform good deeds in gat gangaa (Jamatkhana) and make your hearts spotless. If you will retain any shortcoming in your hearts then you will not have followed the farmaans of the Guide and congregation(Jamat Khana).

satgur kahere: farmaane maahaadan utare
ane gat farmaane paatak jaay
gat farmaane chhantto nakhaavee-e
je maa(n)he gat ga(n)gaa nu snaan-j thaay re...197

The True Guide says: By the farmaans (burden of) the great day (of reckoning) is reduced and by the farmaans of the congregation(gat) all the sins are removed. By the farmaan of the congregation partake in the chhantaa ceremony through which the cleansing of the gat gangaa (Jamaat khaanaa) takes place.

Gangaa literally means the River Ganges. The hindus perform bathing in it to purify their souls. The Jamaat Khaanaa serves the purpose of the Ganges by having the purifying rituals and in particular the chhantaa ceremony mentioned in the above verse.

Paths 198 to 208 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: gurjee-e nar dekhaaddeeyaa
ane gurjee-e deedho bhed
te gurnar ek chhe
tenee ved maa(n)he gure deedho saa(n)kh........198

The True Guide says: The Guide has shown us the Imaam and the Guide has given us the essence(of Him). The Guide(Peer) and the Imaam are one. In His scripture, the Guide has given us the Link(to the Imaam).

satgur kahere: ved pramaanne je chaalshe
ane te gat gangaa maa(n)he aavshe jaann
te gat gangaa maa(n)he gurnar jaaher chhe
bhaai rakhe adhuraa doe karee jaann re.........199

The True Guide says: The person who conducts himself according to the teachings of the scriptures, know that he/she will come to the J.K. In the J.K. the Imaam and the Peer are manifestly present. Brother, lest you become imperfect by commiting sins.

satgur kahere: jenne gat adhuree jaannee
te jeev sahee naragee jaann
paa(n)ch hatyaa tene sheer besashe
em kahe Peer Shamsh neervaann re...............200

The True Guide says: The person who regards the congregation as incomplete, that soul will in truth be regarded as the occupant of hell. The five evil vices will be on his/her head certainly says Peer Shamsh.

satgur kahere: peer shamsh to utam jaannee-e
jenee kuraan maa(n)he chhe saa(n)kh
te peer shamsh gat maa(n)he jaaher chhe
bhaai,te tyaa gat ga(n)gaa teerath thaay re....201

The True Guide says: Regard Peer Shamsh as the exalted one whose link is to be found in the Qur'aan. Peer Shamsh is also present in Jamaat khaanaas. Brother, there the pilgrimage of the J.K. takes place.

satgur kahere: peer shamsh kuraan-j bhaa(n) kheeyaa
ane bhaakhyaa chaar ved-j jaann
te gat ga(n)gaa maa(n)he besee karee
keedhee saachee saa(n)kh neervaann re..........202

The True Guide says: Peer Shamsh has foretold the entire Qur'aan and has foretold the entire four vedas. He sat in the J.K. and undertook to create the true link for certain.

satgur kahere: saachee saakh to elamtannee
ame chhaie shaah naa daas
gat gangaamaa(n)he je mallee gayaa
ane saa(n)bhallo teno bhed re..................203

The True Guide says: The true link is that of knowledge and we are the servants of the Imaam. Whatever has been obtained in the J.K., know it's significance.

satgur kahere: surbhaann veemaras hoi rahyaa
te rahyaa amaare paas
ame farmaavyaa tem karyaa
te gat ga(n)gaa ne partaap re..................204

The True Guide says: Surbhaann was engaged in religious talk only and he remained with us. He acted according to our farmaans and through the assistance(blessings) of the gat.

satgur kahere: gat gangaa ne ame trann vachan kahyaa
ane farmaan bolyaa teh
jyaare farmaan amaaru sheer chaddaaveeyu
tyaare ame elam maa(n)he aalee saa(n)kh re.....205

The True Guide says: We have given three promises to the Jamaat (referring to three times prayer), and we have made farmaans there in. When a momin has internalised the farmaan in his/her head(mind), then we give him/her the Link in (Divine) knowledge(Ginaans).

satgur kahere: veemaras surbhaann donu ek hay
te hay gat gangaa maa(n)he jaann
te gat gangaa ne vachane chaalyaa
te potaa vaiku(n)tth mojaar re.................206

The True Guide says: Veemras and Surbhaann are both one and know them to be in Jamaat Khaanaa. They have lived according to the commands of Jamaat khaanaa and have reached the joyful paradise(in this life).

satgur kahere: amaaraa vachane seer deedhu
te deedhu amaare haath
ame man maa(n)he bahu raajee huaa
te gat ga(n)gaa partaap re.....................207

The True Guide says: Whoever has given up his/her head(life) in following our command, has given it up through our hands. We have thus become very happy in our heart, (as) this person gave up his life through the assistance of the Jamaat Khaanaa.

satgur kahere: seer deedho te amane
ane ame aarogee-aa aap
te am bhellaa vase chhe
tame rakhe jaanno dur re......................208

The True Guide says: When a person has given us his/her head, we have ate or dinned with him/her at that moment. This person is residing with us lest you think of him/her as far from us.

Paths 209 to 219 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: amaaraa vachan je maanse
te chhe amaarare galekaa haar
tene galekaa haar karee raakhsu
tees momanke sukhakaa a(n)t na paar re.........209

The True Guide says: A person who follows our farmaans is like a necklace around our neck. We will look after him/her like a necklace and this momin will have unbounded happiness.

satgur kahere: te veemaras moman hoi rahyaa
te gat ga(n)gaane partaape
te gat ga(n)gaa vachan je maanshe
te moman saachaa neeradhaar re.................210

The True Guide says: Veemras remained a momin through the assistance(means) of the J.K.. The one who follows the commands of the J.K., is indeed a true momin for certain.

satgur kahere: moman tenu naam chhe
je man maa(n)he raakhe na bhraa(n)t
je moman bhraa(n)t raakhshe
bhaai te kaacho hove neerdhaar re..............211

The True Guide says: A momin is the one who does not entertain any doubt in his/her heart. A momin who will retain any doubt, brother, is unripe for certain.

satgur kahere: duniyaa sarve dureejan chhe
ane koi keeseeke sa(n)g na thaay
lobhe aavee ka(n)heek malyaa
pann khaal seer deedho na jaay re..............212

The True Guide says: The entire world is wicked and nobody is a companion of anyone. Many a desirous(of the world) one have come and met(us and left), but the one who gave up the skin and the head did not go(anywhere and remained with us).

satgur kahere: sur bhaanne khaal utaaree amane deedhee
te to dekhtaa sarve sa(n)saar
tyaa anek aadmee am saathe hataa
bhaai temaa(n) koi na aave paas re............213

The True Guide says: Surbhaann removed his skin and gave it to us and the entire world watched this happen. There, numerous people were with us. Brother, nobody amongst them comes to us.

satgur kahere: man hoy to khaal-j deejee-e
ane man veenaa na hoe kaam
te man ddhu(n)ddhee kaaddhee-e
te lok man dureejan jaann re...................214

The True Guide says: If you have the heart then give us the entire skin and without the heart there is no work. Remove it after seeking the Heart. Know the hearts of the rest as evil.

satgur kahere: surbhaann amane aavee malyaa
te aavyaa mocheeke per
ame tene harkhe su teddaavyaa
te aavee potaa amaaree paas re.................215

The True Guide says: Surbhaann came and met us and he came in the disguise of a shoemaker. We invited him heartily to come by himself to us.

satgur kahere: amaaraa hajur maa(n)he te rahyaa
ane hukam amaaraa maa(n)he jaann
ame sarve taaefe shaah nazafane
ame shaah nazafthee karaavsu maaf re...........216

The True Guide says: He remained in our presence and within the bounds of our orders. All of us circumbulated Shaah Nazaf and through Shaah Nazaf, we will pardon the sins.

satgur kahere: surbhaann ne suratee amaaree
vallee amaaro tene laago neh
tyaare pyaalo ame ettho aalyo
bhaai taare paamyaa bhed re....................217

The True Guide says: Surbhaann has us in his consciousness and he has love for us as well. At that moment we gave him the cup containing the leftover of the water that we drank. Brother, at that moment he realised the essence(of us).

satgur kahere: bhed paayaa ne jot pragattee
tej rup huaa sarup
taare ame paarkhu(n) joyu(n)
te gat ga(n)gaa ne partaap re..................218

The True Guide says: He realised the essence and the light manifested(in him). His face (form) was radiant with light. At that time we observed the test through the help of the J.K..

satgur kahere: gat ga(n)gaa ne ame aagallthee
ane vachan kahyaa tran
te gat tran vaar vachan maanyaa
tyaare ame keedhaa gupat-j kaam re.............219

The True Guide says: From the front of the J.K., we gave three promises(commands). The jamaat obeyed the three commands. Then at that moment we performed the silent work entirely.

Paths 220 to 230 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: kaam keedhaa gat prataape
ane surbhaann ne aavee jot
tyaare surbhaann aavee amaaraa paase oobhaa rahyaa
te gat ga(n)gaa ne prataap re..................220

The True Guide says: We performed the (silent) work through the means of J.K. and the Light came to Surbhaann. Then Surbhaann came and stood in front of us through the context of J.K..

satgur kahere: vachan amaaraa je maanshe
te maa(n)he chhe amaaree jot
te jot prakaashe khaal deedhee
te deedhee bhagat surbhaann aap re.............221

The True Guide says: Whoever believes in and follows our farmaans, in this person is our Light. By virtue of the illumination of the Light, he gave away his skin and he was the pious Surbhaann.

satgur kahere: tenne khaal utaaree potaanaa dilnee
te deedhee naareene haath
te amane aanneene so(n)pee
te maa(n)he thee pagnee mojaddee keedhee jaann re............222

The True Guide says: (Indeed) he removed the skin of his own heart and gave it to his wife. She brought it and submitted it(to us). Out of it she made shoes for (our) feet.

satgur kahere: evaa rakheesar jaare aavee malyaa
tyaare ame thayaa rallee-aat
tene chhapo deedho swarg no
te gayaa amaraapuree maa(n)he re..............223

The True Guide says: When such devotees came and met us, we became extremely happy. They have made a lasting impression(stamp) of the heavens and they attained the Paradise.

satgur kahere: dharam to saachaa imaan no
te imaan saacho jaann
te imaan je laavshe farmaansu
te daas amaaraa jaann.........................224

The True Guide says: Religion is of true faith and the faith is indeed true. Whoever brings faith according to the farmaans, know them to be our servants.

satgur kahere: jo dharam karashe imaan saachsu
te besashe surbhaann nee paas
tenne khaal deedhee hamku
ane aape huaa paak re..........................225

The True Guide says: Whoever practises religion with true faith will sit in the presence of Surbhaann. He gave us his skin and became purified as a result.

satgur kahere: paak naam to naaraayann nu chhe
ane aveechal vachan bhrahmaa jee jaann
gur geenaan jenne re jaanneeyaa
te bhagat huaa saachaa jaann re................226

The True Guide says: The pure word(name) is that of the Lord(Imaam) and the eternal command is that of the Creator. Whoever knows the Divine knowledge conveyed by the Guide OR Whoever realises this through the Divine knowledge of the Guide, is to be regarded as being truly pious.

satgur kahere: hamaaree dehee to surbhaann chhe
ane surbhaann dehee amaaree jaann
te moman addhaai maa(n)hethee kaheeye
ardho moman te saar re........................227

The True Guide says: Our body is Surbhaann and know Surbhaann to be our body. We regard the body of this (exalted) momin as equivalent to two and a half momins and half a momin is his essence.

satgur kahere: surbhaann veemaras doddh moman kahee-e
ane ardho moman enee naaree jaann
ardho moman harjee mochee kahee-e
jenne seevee amaaraa paganee mojaddee jaann re228

The True Guide says: The Religious knowledge of Surbhaan is equivalent to one and a half momins. And half momin is his wife, one half momin is attributed to the cobler who stitched shoes for our feet.

satgur kahere: bhaav veennaa koi moman nahee hove
ane kahe peer shamsh neervaann
gatga(n)gaa maa(n)he chhuttee-e
jeesthee jaay sarve paap re....................229

The True Guide says: Without love no one is a momin and for certain says Peer Shamsh. We are freed in the J.K. from where all the sins are removed.

satgur kahere: soll kallaa satgur tannee
ane baar kallaa naaraayann nee jaann
temaa(n) e chaar kallaa gatmaa(n) e vase
te kallaa narnee parmaann re..................230

The True Guide says: The splendour of sixteen mansions of the moon belong to the True Guide and that of twelve mansions belong to the Lord. Out of these, four are present in J.K. and they are of the Imaam.

Paths 231 to 240 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: gurjee geenaan-j bhaakhe-aa
ane ved parmaann vaat
satgurmaa(n) e je tej varte
te peer sham no avataar re....................231

The True Guide says: The Guide has foretold the Divine knowledge only(and nothing else) and the substance of which is in the vedas. Light shines from the True Guide who is the manifestation of Peer Shamsh.

satgur kahere: peer shamsh thaanak karee rahyaa
ane rahyaa te mulastaan maa(n)he
aasmaanthee suraj ma(n)gaaveeyaa
te peer shamshke farmaan re...................232

The True Guide says: Peer Shamsh having established a physical abode lives there and He lives in Multaan. He brought the sun down from the heavens and it was by the Farmaan of Peer Shamsh.

satgur kahere: chetann haaraa tame chetajo
ane e chhelo avataar
shaah moulaa aly tenu naam chhe
te betthaa paschim deeshaa mozaar re..........233

The True Guide says: The heedful be adviced and vigilant about the final(tenth) manifestation. His name is Shah Mowla Aly. He is seated in the western direction (from the Sub-continent).

satgur kahere: dasho(n)d e narne aalee-e
ane bolyaa bol-j paall
je dasho(n)d detaa kha(n)ddit karshe
to kyaa thakee paame amaaro deedaar re........234

The True Guide says: Submit the tithe to the Imaam and put into action whatever He tells you to do only(and nothing else). Whoever submits the tithe in a defective manner, how can he attain our Vision and Light?

satgur kahere: deedaar to amaaro doelo
ane raate jaago lok
nee(n)ddhraa tene shu kare
je raakhe peer shamshsu het re................235

The True Guide says: Our Vision and Light is difficult(to attain) and be awake at night(amongst the people). What can sleep do to the one who maintains love for Peer Shamsh.

satgur kahere: lok dekhtaa nehaj raakhse
ane deel maa(n)he nee(n)ddhra ne kaall
aavyo amar je olla(n)gase
te nee(n)ddhraa maa(n)he paddse neerdhaar re...236

The True Guide says: The people observe the person to have love only(outwardly) and in his heart there is sleep and dirt. When the command to cross(into the hereafter) arrives, he/she will certainly fall into sleep.

satgur kahere: aar potaano aarogee-e
ane ardho ahaar chhe saar
hak kamaai kareene hak khaai-e
bhaai tene nee(n)ddhraa na thaay lagaar re.....237

The True Guide says: Eat your own food and half of the food is pure(for sacrifice). The one who consumes the rightfully earned income, brother he never falls asleep.

satgur kahere: nee(n)ddhraa to jam nee daasee jaannee ye
ane kaayaa kasee-e aap
aap potaanaa haknee kamaai kareene khaai-e
bhaai to nee(n)ddhraa na aave paas re..........238

The True Guide says: Know sleep to be the servant of death and mortify your body(by service and worship). Consume your own rightfully earned income. Brother, then sleep will not come to you.

satgur kahere: keeree-aa dharam dasho(n)d saachee aapee-e
te deejee-e aapanne haathe imaan
tenu muaa pachhee fall paamee-e
jo haathe deejee-e dasho(n)d nu daan re.......239

The True Guide says: Submit religious rituals and rightful tithe and submit them by your own hands with faith. You will attain the fruits thereof after death, if you submit the tithe by your own hands.

satgur kahere: haathe dharam dasho(n)d deeje saachsu
satgur bole tame saacho raakho veesvaas
peer shamsh kahe tene savaa laakh ghannero aapshu
te aapshu satgur saahebjee ke paas re.........240

The True Guide says: Submit the religious tithe truly. The True Guide says keep true conviction. Peer Shamsh says we will reward the submitter one hundred twenty five thousand times more and we will reward in presence of the True Guide and the Imaam.