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Comments for Place

Comment time CCYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
AuhorComment DateID
Sudbury Jamatkhana, Ontario, CanadaCan I have a contact numberAshnur lalani (not verified)19-11-09105293
Ismaili Center, Dubai , United Arab EmiratesVisiting DubaiParvez Merchant (not verified)19-11-05105204
Frankfurt Jamatkhana, GermanyJK location in Frankfurt Salim Virani (not verified)19-11-05105197
Oshawa Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canadacontact phone no & email address Ashraf Salim Jesani (not verified)19-11-05105181
Lisbon Jamatkhana, PortugalVisting Lisbon 2020Nizar (not verified)19-10-31105070
Laval Jamatkhana, Quebec, CanadaLooking for accommodationTofique Noorani (not verified)19-10-31105069
Ismaili Center, Dubai , United Arab EmiratesVisiting DubaiAkbar Hirani (not verified)19-10-25104986
Abbotsford Jamatkhana, British Columbia, CanadaMore info plsTazmin (not verified)19-10-07104591
Lyon Jamatkhana, FranceLooking for the Jamatkhana address in LyonAtrigul (not verified)19-10-07104578
Missing JamatkhanaJamat khana in Warsaw Poland or any ismailies in warsawMajid juma (not verified)19-10-07104577
Melbourne Jamatkhana, AustraliaIsmailis in Melbourne Lia Bhimani (not verified)19-10-01104481
Kuala Lumpur Jamatkhana , MalaysiaCONTACTMOHAMUD JIVRAJ (not verified)19-09-28104425
Paris Palace Jamatkhana, FranceMorning JKAl (not verified)19-09-26104394
Copenhagen Jamatkhana, DenmarkAddress of Copenhagen Jamatkhana Zull Mamdani (not verified)19-09-20104147
Frankfurt Jamatkhana, GermanyFrankfurt JamatkhanaMumtaz Dhanani (not verified)19-09-19104078
Winnipeg Jamatkhana, Manitoba, Canadafacilities for ismaili international studentsJIVANI SIMRAN YUSUFBHAI (not verified)19-09-18104005
Sydney Jamatkhana, AustraliaJamat Khana in Sunshine Coast or Brisbane Minaz (not verified)19-09-15103895
Miami Jamatkhana, Florida , United States of AmericaRide to jKAnar Mohamed (not verified)19-09-14103872
Northridge Jamatkhana, California , United States of AmericaNew to Los Angeles Nazneen Merchant (not verified)19-09-07103652
London: Darkhana Jamatkhana, United KingdomAny contact details.Shabbir (not verified)19-09-07103644
Birmingham Jamatkhana, United KingdomNeed 2019 Any Council Members NumberShabbir (not verified)19-09-07103642
West Des Moines Jamatkhana, Iowa , United States of AmericaJK in IOWAAhmed Lakhani (not verified)19-09-04103579
Bangkok Jamatkhana, ThailandNor sure if these numberslibrarian-umed19-09-03103509
Quebec & MP Headquarters Jamatkhana, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaCan non Ismalis visit?librarian-umed19-09-02103508
Quebec & MP Headquarters Jamatkhana, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaCan non Ismalis visit?Nurreddin (not verified)19-09-01103475
Bangkok Jamatkhana, ThailandComing to Jamatkhana shariffa Keshavjee (not verified)19-09-01103461
Portland JamatkhanaNew JK LocationM (not verified)19-08-30103423
Missing JamatkhanaNEW Portland JamatkhanaLocal Ismaili (not verified)19-08-30103417
Bristol Jamatkhana, United KingdomNo JK for chandraat ☹Taz Visram (not verified)19-08-30103414
Lisbon Jamatkhana, PortugalLisbon visitNizarali Dhamani (not verified)19-08-29103383
Lisbon Jamatkhana, PortugalGeneral InformationSherali Mavani (not verified)19-08-21103118
Winnipeg Jamatkhana, Manitoba, CanadaWinnipeg JK Timeskmawani@rogers.com (not verified)19-08-20103095
Quebec City Jamatkhana, Quebec, CanadaHas the Quebec JKZahra (not verified)19-08-17103037
Missing JamatkhanaPermanent New Portland, Oregon Jamatkhana Address Needed!! Alykhan Hassanali (not verified)19-08-16103024
Missing JamatkhanaPermanent New Portland, Oregon Jamatkhana Address Needed!! Alykhan Hassanali (not verified)19-08-16103023
Missing JamatkhanaJamat Khana in WarsawTaslim Damji (not verified)19-08-16103002
Stoke-on-Trent Jamatkhana, United KingdomA generous action by Mehboob DamaniJeff Key (not verified)19-08-09102807
Copenhagen Jamatkhana, DenmarkCopenhagen JKMalik Rajan (not verified)19-07-29102463
Brussels Jamatkhana, BelgiumVisited JKMunir Jahanyar (not verified)19-07-27102376
Phoenix Jamatkhana, Arizona , United States of AmericaDu’a time on FridayZul Devji (not verified)19-07-26102340
Austin Jamatkhana, Texas , United States of AmericaLooking for Accommodation Pinky (not verified)19-07-25102306
Missing JamatkhanaNaperville Jamat KhanaAmsal (not verified)19-07-20102183
Phoenix Jamatkhana, Arizona , United States of AmericaAddress of JK in Phoenix ArizonaZaher Sunderji (not verified)19-07-16102004
Brussels Jamatkhana, BelgiumI think on Khushiali and biglibrarian-umed19-07-13101932
Minneapolis Jamatkhana, Minnesota , United States of AmericaDua time and life MajalisFaisal Shalwani (not verified)19-07-13101929
Brussels Jamatkhana, Belgiumkushially day 11th july 2019Sara (not verified)19-07-11101885
Strasbourg Jamatkhana, FranceJK in StrasbourgAyiaz (not verified)19-07-11101866
Munich JamatkhanaJamat Khana exact adressMehmood Ali Khan (not verified)19-07-11101858
Saskatchewan Jamatkhana, CanadaRequest for Guidance Zehra Merchant (not verified)19-07-09101800
Yiwu - China - Ismali meeting place get together for Dua Visiting China Salima (not verified)19-07-03101662
Fraser Valley Jamatkhana, British Columbia, CanadaDua timingS (not verified)19-07-03101660
Boesel Jamatkhana, GermanyGERMAN JK INFORMATIONAmym Virani (not verified)19-06-29101520
West Des Moines Jamatkhana, Iowa , United States of AmericaFriday prayersSaleem Khawaja (not verified)19-06-28101478
Paris Palace Jamatkhana, FranceParis jkKT (not verified)19-06-28101462
Missing JamatkhanaJmatkhana in dholka address Or contact personAjay Rana (not verified)19-06-26101410
Miami Jamatkhana, Florida , United States of AmericaMiami Jamatkhana is my nextHarry (not verified)19-06-26101397
Quebec City Jamatkhana, Quebec, CanadaDoes the Jamatkhana open in morning ?Altaf (not verified)19-06-25101394
Minneapolis Jamatkhana, Minnesota , United States of AmericaJK In or around IOWAShabana (not verified)19-06-25101385
Minneapolis Jamatkhana, Minnesota , United States of AmericaJannat Khana locationFarida Shidi (not verified)19-06-24101374
Perth Jamatkhana, Australiadua timeshamshudin k visram (not verified)19-06-23101354
Missing JamatkhanaLancaster JK InfoShamim (not verified)19-06-23101353
Regina Jamatkhana, Saskatchewan, CanadaDua timesSalma Kanji (not verified)19-06-18101237
Belleville Jamatkhana, Ontario, CanadaLocationAnisha (not verified)19-06-17101194
Etobicoke Jamatkhana, Ontario, CanadaVisiting Canada Samir dedani (not verified)19-06-11101047
Minneapolis Jamatkhana, Minnesota , United States of AmericaMinneapolis jkSalima Khakoo (not verified)19-06-09101023
Auckland - Newzealand Jamatkhana, New ZealandNZ Ansh Surani (not verified)19-06-09101013
Missing JamatkhanaMarietta JK (Atlanta NW)A Fazal (not verified)19-06-04100885
Lisbon Jamatkhana, Portugalapply for PortugalGuljan (not verified)19-06-03100855
Lisbon Jamatkhana, PortugalJK ADRESSshamshudin visram (not verified)19-06-01100813
Bangkok Jamatkhana, ThailandIsmailis in Bangkok Alina Ali (not verified)19-05-25100558
Bangkok Jamatkhana, ThailandTotal count of jamatRaiq Essani (not verified)19-05-20100401
Copenhagen Jamatkhana, DenmarkContact emailAbdul Muneem (not verified)19-05-16100285
Parma Jamatkhana, Ohio , United States of AmericaJamatkhana near Purdue UniversitySulaiman Lalani (not verified)19-05-16100262
Scarborough Jamatkhana, Ontario, CanadaNeed Contact for Madat BardaiAsif karmali (not verified)19-05-15100216
Lisbon Jamatkhana, PortugalTravel to LisbonNina Ukani (not verified)19-05-13100172
Spartanburg Jamatkhana, South Carolina, United States of AmericaDua time todayNooruddin Hemani (not verified)19-05-0999970
Missing JamatkhanaMISSING JAMAT KHANASana Kanjee (not verified)19-04-2999628
Paris Argenteuil Jamatkhana, FranceÉtudiant en séjour culturelAlymuhammad Irani (not verified)19-04-2099326
Lisbon Jamatkhana, PortugalNeed info for accommodation and planning to shift in lisbonOves kudchiwala (not verified)19-04-2099324
Colton Jamatkhana, California , United States of AmericaDua times for Colton JK in Inland EmpireRehana (not verified)19-04-1999293
Little Rock ArkansasAddress and Phone NumberAbdul (not verified)19-04-1399095
Jubilee Gardens Jamatkhana, Ontario, CanadaRichmond Hill JK (Monday to Thursday- Regular Days)Pervaiz Kassam (not verified)19-04-1199023
Colton Jamatkhana, California , United States of AmericaColton Jamatkhana, Inland Empire, CARehana Virji (not verified)19-04-0898940
Genève Jamatkhanawrong addresshazem (not verified)19-04-0698885
Dublin Jamatkhana, Republic of Irelandya ali madad parvesh alana (not verified)19-04-0598860
Medicine Hat Jamatkhana, Alberta, CanadaJamat Khana Shenul Jaffer (not verified)19-04-0498844
Paris Palace Jamatkhana, FranceNeed urgent helpZohra (not verified)19-03-3098664
Lisbon Jamatkhana, PortugalLooking for accommodation for 3 month single room Samira (not verified)19-03-2498479
London: Darkhana Jamatkhana, United KingdomDua time on Saturday Soraya (not verified)19-03-2398462
Main Jamatkhana, Tamilnadu, IndiaAddressFaizal chunara (not verified)19-03-2398457
Bangkok Jamatkhana, ThailandThanks for having Bangkok jk infoAsif (not verified)19-03-2298415
Decatur Jamatkhana, Georgia , United States of AmericaNavroz Mubarak.Aarif Pirmohamed (not verified)19-03-2198408
Ismaili Center, Dubai , United Arab EmiratesJamatkhana location in Abu Dhabi.Shiraz Aziz Babwani (not verified)19-03-1998332
Saudade Jamatkhana, Goa, IndiaVisitMitesh (not verified)19-03-1898304
Perth Jamatkhana, AustraliaJK ADRESSshamshudin visram (not verified)19-03-0998084
Falls church Jamatkhana, Virginia, United States of AmericaJamat Khana near University of West VirginiaAly (not verified)19-03-0197915
Copenhagen Jamatkhana, DenmarkNew Address of Copenhagen Denmark JKMalik Rajan (not verified)19-02-2697825
Amsterdam Jamatkhana, HollandSunday JK in AmsterdamNur (not verified)19-02-2697817
Singapore Jamatkhana, SingaporeDua Timings during the week in Singapore and KLYasmin (not verified)19-02-2697802
Brussels Jamatkhana, BelgiumNikah in Brussels JKBenafsha Heidari (not verified)19-02-2597792
Delhi Jamatkhana, IndiaDelhi Jamatkhana Saira Nurali (not verified)19-02-1897659
Calcutta Jamatkhana, IndiaWhat is a good decent hotellibrarian-umed19-02-1597610
Montreux Jamatkhana, SwitzerlandJamat Khana In ZurichTazim Mawji (not verified)19-02-1297543
Brisbane Jamatkhana, AustraliaismailiMr Iqbal Merchant (not verified)19-01-2897228
Council for KarimabadCompliment for karimabad walfare memberAkbar Ali (not verified)19-01-2597174
Santa Monica Jamatkhana, California , United States of AmericaMuslim Seniors Social Gathering in San Fernando ValleyInsiya (not verified)19-01-2497171
Halifax Jamatkhana, Nova Scotia, CanadaHalifax jkHanif (not verified)19-01-2097061
Sarnia Jamatkhana, Ontario, CanadaFinding JamatkhanaSAIFALI (not verified)19-01-1196908
Brisbane Jamatkhana, AustraliaVisitor in Brisbane Minaz (not verified)19-01-0696796
Oslo Jamatkhana, Norwayjk locationkamran (not verified)18-12-2596615
Spartanburg Jamatkhana, South Carolina, United States of AmericaClosest jk to Charlotte ncKarim savji (not verified)18-12-2396559
Hong Kong Jamatkhana, Hong Kongare you still in BeijingShehla (not verified)18-12-0495913
Lisbon Jamatkhana, PortugalRequest for visit PortugalAltaf h wadsariya (not verified)18-12-0195704
Santa Monica Jamatkhana, California , United States of AmericaMajalis Info Henna (not verified)18-11-3095667
Tampa Jamatkhana & Ismaili Center, Florida , United States of AmericaJk general questionsLondon Tourists (not verified)18-11-3095658
Bhuj, Kutch Jamatkhana, Gujarat, IndiaBhuj JKNafessa Kassim (not verified)18-11-2795497
St. Johns (Friday) Jamatkhana, Newfoundland, CanadaJamatkhana and universityAlim (not verified)18-11-2195017
Ismaili Center, Dubai , United Arab Emiratestour of Ismaili Centre DubaiAli (not verified)18-11-2094944
Singapore Jamatkhana, SingaporeVisiting need Guidance for Budget hotel and tourist placesAZIZ CHAMADIA (not verified)18-11-0994595
Falls church Jamatkhana, Virginia, United States of AmericaJK near UNi of W|est VirginiaNB (not verified)18-10-2594259
Delhi Jamatkhana, IndiaYa Ali Maddad: My name isOmr Ali (not verified)18-10-2494232
Miami Jamatkhana, Florida , United States of AmericaHelp for accommodation Raj jasani (not verified)18-10-2094170
Upanga Jamatkhana, Dar-es-Salaam, TanzaniaDua timesRiyaz (not verified)18-10-1994151
Denver Jamatkhana - Denver - ColoradoDua timingsSK (not verified)18-10-0893845
Genève JamatkhanaIs Jamatkhana open on Thursday in Geneva? Sohail Ladhani (not verified)18-10-0493718
New Fort Lauderdale Jamatkhana Monday Dua timeHasan Sadruddin (not verified)18-10-0193533
St. Johns (Friday) Jamatkhana, Newfoundland, CanadaJamat in New BrunswickRameez Ali (not verified)18-09-2392827
Essen Jamatkhana, Germanyjamatzeeshan (not verified)18-09-2192613
Richmond Jamatkhana, Virginia , United States of AmericaVerifiedShazma (not verified)18-09-0792058
Singapore Jamatkhana, SingaporeDUA Timmings Amin Jiwani (not verified)18-09-0692009
Kinshasa Jamatkhana, Congowant to attend jamath khanaFazal Karim (not verified)18-09-0692005
Ismaili Center, Dubai , United Arab EmiratesJamat Khan at Ajman UAESaleem Hunza (not verified)18-08-3091691
Clearwater Jamatkhana, Florida , United States of AmericaJK close to Naples FloridaShafraz Saju (not verified)18-08-2291344
Kirkland Jamatkhana, Washington , United States of Americawant to visit jamatkhana in washingtondidar (not verified)18-08-2091319
Berlin Jamatkhana, GermanyNew Dua Time 2018Zeea Patel (not verified)18-08-1691171
Niagara Falls Jamatkhana, Ontario, CanadaBK mijlas tmrw and same addressNasrin (not verified)18-08-1191013
Kingston Jamatkhana, Ontario, CanadaVisiting Kingston Farzana (not verified)18-08-1191009
Tampa Jamatkhana & Ismaili Center, Florida , United States of AmericaYam is there a jk in StAnwer Hemani (not verified)18-08-1191008
Minneapolis Jamatkhana, Minnesota , United States of AmericaUpdated information on MINNEAPOLIS JKAnita (not verified)18-08-1091000
Paris Rosny Jamatkhana, FranceComing to visit Paris an as usual being an ismaili Azmina dhawan (not verified)18-08-1090962
Sudbury Jamatkhana, Ontario, CanadaDu'a time for Chandraat Saturday Aug 11 2018Michelle (not verified)18-08-0990939
Chicago HQ Jamatkhana, Illinois , United States of AmericaVisiting on August 15th or August 20thBayan Noori (not verified)18-08-0890855
Hamilton Jamatkhana, Ontario, CanadaDo we have jamat khana inShenaz Prasla (not verified)18-08-0690720
Brisbane Jamatkhana, AustraliaBrisbane Jamatkhana,Johnny Brett (not verified)18-08-0690673
Darkhana Jamatkhana, Dar-es-Salaam, TanzaniaContact for visiting from London. Karima Peerwani (not verified)18-08-0490556
Darkhana Jamatkhana, Dar-es-Salaam, TanzaniaVisiting Dar es Salaam from LondonKarima Peerwani (not verified)18-08-0490555
Winnipeg Jamatkhana, Manitoba, CanadaYa Ali MadadAmin Saleem (not verified)18-08-0490543
Winnipeg Jamatkhana, Manitoba, CanadaSponsor Letter for ManitobaAmin Saleem (not verified)18-08-0490541
Perth Jamatkhana, AustraliaContact updateFarhana (not verified)18-07-3090175
Minneapolis Jamatkhana, Minnesota , United States of AmericaIsmaili in PittsburghPrince (not verified)18-07-1889403

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