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The Function of Fatimid and Ayyubid Glass Weights, Bates, Michael L. , p.SERIES: JESHO ; VOLUME: XXIV ; PAGES: 63-92, (1981)
The Chapter on the Fatimid Da'is in Yemen in the `Tarikh' of Umara al-Hakami (d. 569/1174): an Interpolation., Bates, Michael L. , Riyadh, p.SERIES: In Sources for the History of Arabia ; VOLUME: pt. 2. ; PAGES: Pp. 51-61, (1979)
Notes on some Isma'ili Coins from Yemen, Bates, Michael L. , p.SERIES: Amer. Num. Soc. Mus. Notes ; VOLUME: XVIII ; PAGES: 149-162, (1972)

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