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Kitab az-Zinat' of Abu Hatim ar-Razi., Hamdani, Abbas. , (In Press)
The Arrangement of the Rasa'il Ikhwan al-Safa and the Problem of Interpolations, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Journal of Semitic Studies XXIX ; VOLUME: no. 1 ; PAGES: Pp. 97-110, (In Press)
The Tayyibi - Fatimid Community of the Yaman at the Time of the Ayyübid Conquest of Southern Arabia, Hamdani, Abbas. , Cambridge, p.SERIES: Arabian Studies ; VOLUME: Vol. VII, (1985)
A Re-examination of Al-Mahdi's Letter to the Yemenites on the Genealogy of the Fatimid Caliphs,, Hamdani, Abbas. , (1983)
An Early Fatimid Source on the Time and Authorship of the Rasa'il Ihwan al-Safa, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Arabica ; VOLUME: XXVI ; PAGES: 62-75, (1979)
Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi and the Brethren of Purity, Hamdani, Abbas. , (1978)    Download:  node-28763-Abbas Hamdani Abu Hayyan Al-Tawjidi & The Brethern of Purity.pdf 
Evolution of the Organizational Structure of the Fatimi Da'wa, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Arabian Studies II ; PAGES: 85-114, (1976)
Byzantine-Fatimid Relations before the Battle of Manzikert, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Byzantine studies I ; PAGES: 169-179, (1974)
The Dai Hatim ibn Ibrahim al Hamidi and his Book `Tuhfat al Qulub', Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Oriens ; VOLUME: XXIII/XXIV ; PAGES: 258-300, (1974)
The Dai Jalam b. Shayban and the Ismaili State of Multan, Hamdani, Abbas. , Karachi, (1973)    Download:  node-29134-le-dai-jalam-bin-shayban-et-l-etat-ismaeli-de-multan.pdf 
The Yamani Ismaili Dai Hatim b. Ibrahim al Hamidi (d. 596 A.H./1199 A.D.) and his Book `Tuhfat al Qulub',, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Proc. 27th Intern. Cong. Or. ; PAGES: 270-272, (1971)
Some Aspects of the History of Libya During the Fatimid Period., Hamdani, Abbas. , Beirut, p.PAGES: Pp. 321-348, (1970)
Some Considerations on the Fatimid Caliphate as a Mediterranean Power., Hamdani, Abbas. , Naples, p.PAGES: Pp. 385-396, (1967)
The Fatimid-Abbasid Conflict in India, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: I.C. ; VOLUME: XLI ; PAGES: 185-191, (1967)
The Fatimids, Hamdani, Abbas. , Karachi, p.PAGES: 84 pp., (1962)    Download:  full text hamdani 29173-small.pdf 
Abu Hatim al-Razi, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , (1960)
On the Genealogy of the Fatimid Caliphs, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , Cairo, (1958)
The Discovery of a Lost Literature, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: All Pakistan History Conference ; VOLUME: VIII ; PAGES: 61-73, (1958)
The Beginnings of Ismaili Dawa in Northern India, Hamdani, Abbas. , Cairo, (1956)
Sirat of al-Mu'ayyad fid Din al Shirazi., Hamdani, Abbas. , London, p.SERIES: S.O.A.S., (1950)
A Compendium of Ismaili Esoterics, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , (1937)
Some Unknown Ismaili Authors and their Works, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , p.SERIES: J.R.A.S. ; PAGES: 359-378, (1937)
The Rasail Ikhwan al-Safa in the Ismaili Literature, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , p.SERIES: Der Islam, (1936)
The Letters of Al-Mustansirbillah, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , p.SERIES: B.S.O.A.S. ; VOLUME: VII ; PAGES: 307-324, (1933)
History of the Ismaili Da'wa and its Literature during the Last Phase of the Fatimid Empire, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , p.SERIES: J.R.A.S. ; PAGES: 126-136, 281-300, (1932)
Rasail Ikhwan al Safa' in the Literature of the Isma'ili Tayyibi Da'wa, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , p.SERIES: Der Islam ; VOLUME: XX ; PAGES: 281-300, (1932)
The Life and Times of the Queen Saiyidah Arwa - The Sulayhid of the Yeman, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , p.SERIES: J.R.C.A.S. ; VOLUME: XVIII ; PAGES: 505 ff., (1931)
The Doctrines and History of the Ismaili Da'wa in Yaman as Based on Da'i Idris Imad'al Din's `Kitab Zahr ul-Ma'ani' and Other Works, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , London, (1931)

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