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In Press
The Ismailis in History, Esmail, A.; Azim Nanji , p.SERIES: I.C.I.C. ; PAGES: 225-265, (In Press)
The Spread of the Sathpanth Ismaili Da'wa in India., Nanji, Azim. , p.PAGES: 118 pp., (In Press)
The Nizari Ismaili Community in North America: Background and Development., Nanji, Azim. , Edmonton, p.PAGES: Pp. 149-164, (1983)    Download:  node-29244-The Nizari Ismaili Muslim Community in North America, By Nanji. A.pdf 
Towards a Hermeneutic of Qur'anic and other Narratives in Isma'ili Thought., Nanji, Azim. , Berkeley, p.SERIES: Essays in Methodology, (1983)
Ritual and Symbolic Aspect of Islam in African Contexts., Nanji, Azim. , p.SERIES: In Contributions to Asian Studies ; VOLUME: vol. XVII. ; PAGES: Pp. 102 ff., (1982)
The Nizari Isma'ili Tradition in the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent, Nanji, Azim. , Delmar, p.PAGES: 215 pp., (1978)
Modernisation and Change in the Nizari Ismaili Community in East Africa. - A Perspective, Nanji, Azim. , p.SERIES: J.R.A. ; VOLUME: VI ; PAGES: pp. 123-139, (1976)    Download:  node-29007-Moderization and change in the Nizari Ismailis, By Nanji. A.pdf 
On the Acquisition of Knowledge: A Theory of Learning in the Rasail Ikhwan al Safa, Nanji, Azim. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: LXVI ; PAGES: 263-271, (1976)
Qadi al-Nu'man: an Ismaili Theory of Walayah., Nanji, Azim. , Leiden, p.PAGES: Pp. 260-273, (1976)
The Ginan Tradition among the Nizari Ismailis its Value as Source of their History, Nanji, Azim. , p.SERIES: Etudes Arabes et Islamiques I. Histoire et civilisation III ; VOLUME: Actes XXIX C.I.O. ; PAGES: pp. 143-146, (1975)    Download:  node-29187-The Ginan Tradition among the Nizari Ismailis By Dr.Azim Nanji.pdf 
The Nizari Ismaili Traditions in Hind and Sind, Nanji, Azim. , p.PAGES: 316 pp., (1972)
The Nizari Ismaili Community in East Africa., Nanji, Azim. , p.PAGES: 15 pp., (1970)    Download:  node-29243-The Nizari Ismaili community in East Africa 1970 by Nanji. A.pdf 

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