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Journal Article
Mélanges offerts à Henry Corbin, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , Tehran, (In Press)
Mystical philosophy in Islam, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , (In Press)
The Aga Khan Chair, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: LXVI ; PAGES: pp.10-13, (In Press)
The Relation between Sufism and Philosophy in Persian Culture, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , p.SERIES: Hamdard Islamicus VI ; VOLUME: no. 4 ; PAGES: 33 ff. Ismailis: p. 40, (1983)
An Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , London, p.PAGES: Pp. 25-104, (1978)
Ismaili Contributions to Islamic Culture, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , Tehran, p.PAGES: 265 pp., (1977)
Science and Civilisation in Islam, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , Cambridge/New York, (1970)
Ideals and Realities of Islam, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , New York, p.SERIES: Books that Matter ; PAGES: Pp. 170-171, (1967)

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