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The Fatimid Caliphate Diversity of Traditions, Daftary, Farhad; Jiwa, Shainool , 2020, (2020)
The Turkic Dynasties of Ghaznavids and Seljuqs role in Consolidating a Sunni Identity, Donmez, Adile Sedef , 2020, (2020) Abstract
Persecutions against Ismaʿili Missionaries in Central Asia: The Case of Nāser , Mahamid, Hatim , 2017, (2017)
THE FATIMID HOLY CITY: REBUILDING JERUSALEM IN THE ELEVENTH CENTURY, PRUITT, JENNIFER , 2017, p.35-56, (2017)    Download:  The_Fatimid_Holy_City_Rebuilding_Jerusal.pdf 
Al-‘Aziz bi’llah, Jiwa, Shainool , 2011, (2011) Abstract

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