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The Theology of Imamat in the Work of Nasir al-Din Tusi, Howard, K. A. , p.SERIES: Alserat VI ; VOLUME: no. 2 ; PAGES: 20-27, (1980)
Die S*hne Zikrawaihs und das erste fatimidsche Kalifat (290/903), Halm, Heinz. , p.VOLUME: W.O. X ; PAGES: 30-53, (1979)
An Early Fatimid Source on the Time and Authorship of the Rasa'il Ihwan al-Safa, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Arabica ; VOLUME: XXVI ; PAGES: 62-75, (1979)
Imams - Clear and Coherent Policies (On Armed Conflict), Hussain, S. J. , p.SERIES: Alserat V ; VOLUME: nos. 3-4, (1979)
The Notion of Ta'wil in Abu Ya'qub al-Sijistani's `Book of the Sources (Kitab al-Yanabi)', Heinen, A. H. , p.SERIES: Hamdard Islamicus II ; VOLUME: no. 2 ; PAGES: 35-45, (1979)
Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi and the Brethren of Purity, Hamdani, Abbas. , (1978)    Download:  node-28763-Abbas Hamdani Abu Hayyan Al-Tawjidi & The Brethern of Purity.pdf 
Fryderik II Hohenstauf i Asasyni malo znany epizod w relayi Muhammada al-Hamawi, Hauzinski, J. , Poznan, p.SERIES: Ars Historica LXXI ; PAGES: Pp. 185 ff., (1976)    Download:  200812-Delegation Center of Ismaili Imamat.wmv_.FLV.jpg 
Evolution of the Organizational Structure of the Fatimi Da'wa, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Arabian Studies II ; PAGES: 85-114, (1976)
Zur Datierung des isma'ilitischen Buches der Zwischenzeiten und der zehn Konjunktionen, Halm, Heinz. , p.SERIES: Die Welt des Orients VIII ; PAGES: 91-107, (1975)
La doctrine ismaélienne d'après l'oeuvre d'Abu Ishaq Qohestani., Haji, Z. , Paris, (1975)    Download:  NODE 28167-1.pdf  NODE 28167-2.pdf 
Die Sieben und die Zw*lf: Die isma'ilitische Kosmogonie und das Masdak - Fragment des Sahrastani, Halm, Heinz. , p.SERIES: Z.D.M.G. (Suppl. II) ; VOLUME: XVIII ; PAGES: 170-177, (1974)
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The Dai Hatim ibn Ibrahim al Hamidi and his Book `Tuhfat al Qulub', Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Oriens ; VOLUME: XXIII/XXIV ; PAGES: 258-300, (1974)
Notes sur un tiraz au nom d'Abi'l Mansur al-Aziz bi-llah le Fatimide (365-386 H./975-996 A.D.), Habib, Mustapha el-. , p.SERIES: Revue du Louvre ; VOLUME: XXIII ; PAGES: 299-302, (1973)
The Dai Jalam b. Shayban and the Ismaili State of Multan, Hamdani, Abbas. , Karachi, (1973)    Download:  node-29134-le-dai-jalam-bin-shayban-et-l-etat-ismaeli-de-multan.pdf 
The Yamani Ismaili Dai Hatim b. Ibrahim al Hamidi (d. 596 A.H./1199 A.D.) and his Book `Tuhfat al Qulub',, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Proc. 27th Intern. Cong. Or. ; PAGES: 270-272, (1971)
Nasir al-Din Tussi: His Alleged Role in the Fall of Bagdad, Hairi, A. , Brussels, p.SERIES: Correspondence d'Orient ; VOLUME: XI, (1970)
Some Aspects of the History of Libya During the Fatimid Period., Hamdani, Abbas. , Beirut, p.PAGES: Pp. 321-348, (1970)
Der Tamhid als Urkundenteil bei Fatimiden Ayyubiden und Mamluken, Hein, Horst-Adolf. , Wurzburg, p.PAGES: pp. 567-573., (1969)
La survie des Isma'ilites à l'époque aiyubide (sic), Hassan Hissi, Salim. , Beirut, (1969)
The Druzes., Hirschberg. , Cambridge, p.SERIES: In Religion in the Middle East ; PAGES: pp. 330-348, (1969)
The Ismaili State., Hodgson, Marshall G. S. , Cambridge, p.SERIES: he Cambridge History of Iran V ; PAGES: Pp. 422-482, (1968)
Histoire de l'Ordre des Assassins, Hammer-Purgstall, Joseph von. , Paris, (1967)
Some Considerations on the Fatimid Caliphate as a Mediterranean Power., Hamdani, Abbas. , Naples, p.PAGES: Pp. 385-396, (1967)
The Fatimid-Abbasid Conflict in India, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: I.C. ; VOLUME: XLI ; PAGES: 185-191, (1967)
The Origins of the Druze People and Religion, with Extracts from their Sacred Writings, Hitti, Philip. , New York, p.SERIES: Columbia University Oriental Studies ; VOLUME: XXVII ; PAGES: 81 pp., (1966)
History of the Fatimid's States, Hassan, H. I. , (1964)
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The Fatimids, Hamdani, Abbas. , Karachi, p.PAGES: 84 pp., (1962)    Download:  full text hamdani 29173-small.pdf 
Abu Hatim al-Razi, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , (1960)
On the Genealogy of the Fatimid Caliphs, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , Cairo, (1958)
The Discovery of a Lost Literature, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: All Pakistan History Conference ; VOLUME: VIII ; PAGES: 61-73, (1958)
De Ismailis in Oost-Afrika, Hanrath, J. J. , p.SERIES: TESG ; PAGES: 263-264, (1957)
The Beginnings of Ismaili Dawa in Northern India, Hamdani, Abbas. , Cairo, (1956)
How Did the Early Shias Become Sectarian, Hodgson, Marshall G. S. , p.SERIES: J.A.O.S. ; VOLUME: LXXV ; PAGES: pp. 1-13, (1955)    Download:  NODE 28937.pdf 
The Order of the Assassins: The struggle of the early Nizari Ismailis against the Islamic world, Hodgson, Marshall G. S. , The Hague, p.PAGES: 325 pp., (1955)
Die Slawen in Dienste der Fatimiden, Hrbek, I. , p.SERIES: Arch. Or. ; VOLUME: XXI ; PAGES: pp. 543-581, (1953)
Ismailiya, Hodgson, Marshall G. S. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: Shorter E.I. ; PAGES: Pp. 179-180, (1953)
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A Compendium of Ismaili Esoterics, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , (1937)
Some Unknown Ismaili Authors and their Works, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , p.SERIES: J.R.A.S. ; PAGES: 359-378, (1937)
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The Life and Times of the Queen Saiyidah Arwa - The Sulayhid of the Yeman, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , p.SERIES: J.R.C.A.S. ; VOLUME: XVIII ; PAGES: 505 ff., (1931)
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The Arabian Brothers of Purity, Hungerford, E. , (1888)
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History of the Assassins, Hammer-Purgstall, Joseph von. , London, (1835)
Geschichte der Assassinen, Hammer-Purgstall, Joseph von. , (1818)
Mim al-juz' ath-nani sirati amir al-muminin al-Hakim bi Amr Allah, Hammer-Purgstall, Joseph von. , p.SERIES: Fundgruben des Orients III ; PAGES: 201-206, (1813)
Relation d'une insigne imposture littéraire découverte dans un voyage fait en Sicile en 1794, Hager, Joseph. , Erlangen, (1799)
Assassinat du roi ou maximes du Veil de la Montagne vaticane et ses assassins pratiquées en la personne du défunt Henry le Grand, Home. , (1614)
Contribution à la vie religieuse en Ifriqiya ziride., Idris, Hady Roger. , p.PAGES: Pp. 342 ff., (In Press)
Some Work of Khayr Khwah of Herat, Ivanow, Wladimir. , p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A ; VOLUME: 16 ; PAGES: 16, (In Press)
Diwan' of Khaki Khorassani, Ivanow, Wladimir. , London, (In Press)
Ismaili Mission in Indo-Pakistan, Ivanow, Wladimir. , p.SERIES: Imamat I ; VOLUME: no. 2 ; PAGES: 19-24, (In Press)
Isma'iliya, Ivanow, Wladimir. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (old) ; PAGES: pp. 98-102, (In Press)
Rashidu'd-din Sinan, Ivanow, Wladimir. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (old) III ; PAGES: p. 1123, (In Press)
Diwan al-insha': Chancery in Later Medieval Egypt, with Special Reference to Later Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk Decrees Dated 528-894 H./1134-1489 A.D.,, Imamuddin, S. M. , (1980)
The Isma'illya `tariqa' in the Sudan 1792-1914., Ibrahim, M. A. , p.SERIES: S.O.A.S., (1980)
D'al-Dabbag, hagiographe et chroniqueur kairouanais du XIIIe siècle et de son jugement sur les Fatimides,, Idris, Hady Roger. , p.SERIES: BEO XXIX ; PAGES: 243-249, (1977)
Du Si'isme d'Al-Raqiq, Idris, Hady Roger. , p.SERIES: Arabica XX/2 ; PAGES: 191-192, (1973)    Download:  NODE 28890.pdf 
Administration under the Fatimids, Imamuddin, S. M. , Pakistan, p.VOLUME: XIV ; PAGES: p.253-269, (1969)
Glanes sur les Zirides d'Ifriqiya dans le manuscrit d'Istanboul de l'`Ittiaz al Hunafa', Idris, Hady Roger. , p.VOLUME: Arabica XI ; PAGES: 287-305, (1964)    Download:  NODE 28123.pdf 
The Fatimid State, Ibrahim, Dr. H. , Cairo, (1964)
A Creed of the Fatimids, Ivanow, Wladimir. , (1963)
La Berbérie orientale sous les Zirides., Idris, Hady Roger. , Université de Paris, (1960)
Alamut and Lamasar: Two Ismaili Strongholds in Iran, Ivanow, Wladimir. , Tehran, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series C ; VOLUME: 2 ; PAGES: xvi and 106 pp., (1960)
Problématique de l'épopée sanhâdjienne en Berbérie Orientale (X-XIIe Siècle), Idris, Hady Roger. , p.SERIES: AIEO ; VOLUME: XVII ; PAGES: 243-255, (1959)    Download:  NODE 28483.pdf 
Haft Bab' or Seven Chapters or Seven Chapters, by Abu Ishaq Quhistani, Ivanow, Wladimir. , Bombay, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A, 10 ; PAGES: 85 pp. (introd. and transl.) and 68 pp., (1959)
Sufism and Ismailism. Chiragh-nama, Ivanow, Wladimir. , p.SERIES: Revue Iranienne d'Anthropologie III ; PAGES: 13-17, (1959)
Ibn al-Qaddah: the Alleged Founder of Ismailism, Ivanow, Wladimir. , Bombay, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A ; VOLUME: 9 ; PAGES: x and 162 pp., (1957)    Download:  Ivanow-Wladimir-Ibn-al-Qaddah_Part1.pdf  Ivanow-Wladimir-Ibn-al-Qaddah_Part2.pdf 
Shums Tabrez of Multan., Ivanow, Wladimir. , Lahore, p.VOLUME: In Prof. Shafi Presentation Volume ; PAGES: Pp. 109-118, (1957)
Une des phases de la lutte du Malikisme contre le Si'isme sous les Zirides (XIè S.), Idris, Hady Roger. , p.SERIES: C.T. ; VOLUME: IV ; PAGES: 509-517, (1956)    Download:  NODE 28524.pdf 
Problems in Nasir-i Khusraw's Biography, Ivanow, Wladimir. , Bombay, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series B ; VOLUME: 10 ; PAGES: 89 pp., (1956)    Download:  NODE 28671.pdf 
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Studies in Early Persian Ismailism, Ivanow, Wladimir. , Bombay, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A ; VOLUME: 8 ; PAGES: 3, (1955)    Download:  NODE 28684 1er partie.pdf  NODE 28684 2eme partie.pdf 
La révolte d'Abu-Yazid au Xe Siècle, Idris, Hady Roger. , p.SERIES: C.T. ; PAGES: 103 ff., (1953)
Sur le retour des Zirides à l'obédiance fatimide, Idris, Hady Roger. , p.SERIES: A.I.E.O. ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: 25-39, (1953)
Pandiyat-i Jawanmardi', or Advice of Manliness (PIR), Ivanow, Wladimir; Mustansirbillah II, Imam , Leiden, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A ; VOLUME: 6 ; PAGES: x and 19 and 97 and 102 pp., (1953) Abstract

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