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La situation économique du Caire et ses relations extérieures au temps des Fatimides, Zbiss, Slimane-Mostafa. , p.PAGES: pp. 473-474, (In Press)    Download:  NODE 28188.pdf 
Manuel de généalogie et de chronologie pour l'histoire de l'Islam, Zambaur, Eduard von. , Hannover, Osnabr&ck, p.SERIES: Bad Pymont: Orientbuchhandlung Heinz Lafaire ; PAGES: Chapter on Fatimids and Batinites, (1972)
The Emirate of Aleppo 392-487/1002-1094., Zakkar, S. , p.SERIES: S.O.A.S., (1969)
Des aspects tunisiens de l'art turc, Zbiss, Slimane-Mostafa. , p.PAGES: 377-381, (1961)
Aspetti dell'arte musulmana in Tunisia dal IX al XII secolo, Zbiss, Slimane-Mostafa. , p.SERIES: Levante IV ; VOLUME: nos. 3-4 ; PAGES: pp.3-16, (1957)
Mahdia et al-Mansuria nouveaux documents d'art fatimide d'Occident, Zbiss, Slimane-Mostafa. , p.SERIES: J.A. ; VOLUME: CCXLIV ; PAGES: 79-93, (1956)
On a Dinar of al-Basasiri struck in Baghdad Ramadan 450, Zambaur, Eduard von. , Vienna, p.SERIES: Monatsblatt der Num. Ges ; VOLUME: VIII ; PAGES: pp. 23 ff., (1909)
Etudes bibliographiques sur les encyclopédies arabes, Zaki, Ahmed. , Beirut, p.SERIES: [A.H.], (1308)
Fatimid objects, Yusuf, Abd al-Ra`uf. , p.SERIES: BFA XX., (In Press)
Controverse entre le Fatimide Al-Mu'izz et l'Omeyyade Al-Nasir d'après le Kitab al-Musayarat, Yalaqui, M. , p.SERIES: C.T. XXVI ; VOLUME: nos. 85-86 ; PAGES: pp.7-33, (1978)    Download:  NODE 28087.pdf 
Ibn Hani, poète chi'ite et chantre des Fatimides au Maghreb., Yalaqui, M. , p.PAGES: 97-125, (1977)
Un poète chiite d'occident au IV/Xè siècle, Yalaqui, M. , Tunis, (1976)
Sur une possible régence du prince fatimide Abdallah b. Mu'izz en Ifriqiya au IV/Xe siècle, Yalaqui, M. , p.SERIES: C.T. ; VOLUME: XXII/85-86 ; PAGES: pp.7-22, (1974)    Download:  NODE 28497.pdf 
Les relations entre Fatimides d'Ifriqiya et Omeyyades d'Espagne à travers le Diwan d'Ibn Hani., Yalaqui, M. , p.PAGES: Pp. 13-30, (1972)
A Study of the Fatimid and Ayyubid Document in the Monastery of Mt. Sinai, Youssef, J. N. , (1964)
The Forty-third Treatise of the Ikhwan al-Safa, Yousufji, D. H. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: XXXIII ; PAGES: 39-49, (1943)
Abu Ya'qub al-Sijistani: Intellectual Missionary, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: Encycl. Iranica I, fasc. 4 ; PAGES: pp. 396-398, (In Press)
A History of the Ismaili Community in Tanzania., Walji, Shirin R. A. , (In Press)
Aga Khan - Ismaili - Imam - Shi'a, Walker, Paul. , New York, (In Press)
Aklaq-e-Naseri, Wickens, G. M. , p.PAGES: p.725, (In Press)
Al-Afdal b. Badr al-Djamali, Wiet, G. , p.SERIES: E.I. (new) ; VOLUME: I ; PAGES: pp.215-216, (In Press)
Tamim b. al-Mu'izz, Walker, J. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.B., (In Press)
Tamim b. al-Mu'izz, Walker, J. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new), (In Press)
The Universal Soul and the Particular Soul in Ismaili Neoplatonism., Walker, Paul. , (In Press)
Abu Ya'cub al Sijistani and the Development of Isma'ili Neoplatonism., Walker, Paul. , p.219p, (1993) Abstract
The Cult of 'Alid Saints in Fatimid Monuments of Cairo; Part 1: The mosque of al-Aqmiar, Williams, Caroline. , p.SERIES: Muqarnas ; VOLUME: I ; PAGES: pp. 37-52, (1983)
Collection of Islamic Art of Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, Welch, Anthony. , Geneva; Cornell University Press, (1982)
Fatimid Small Change from Syria, Westphal, H. , p.SERIES: Num. Circular LXXXVIII ; PAGES: p. 443., (1980)
Les marchés du Caire, Wiet, G. , Cairo, p.SERIES: IFAO, (1979)
The Pure Brethren and the Philosophical Structure of their System., Widengren, Geo. , Edinburgh, p.PAGES: Pp. 57-69, (1979)
Eternal Cosmos and Womb of History: Time in Early Ismaili Thought, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: I.J.M.E.S. ; VOLUME: IX ; PAGES: 355-366, (1978)
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Cosmic Hierarchies in Early Ismaili Thought: the View on Abu Yaqub al-Sijistani, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: M.W. LXVI ; PAGES: 14-28, (1976)
The Druzes and Circassians of Israel., Wasserstein, D. , London, p.SERIES: Pamphlet 55 ; PAGES: 21 pp., (1976)
An Early Ismaili Interpretation of Man History and Salvation, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: III ; VOLUME: no. 2 ; PAGES: 29-35, (1975)
The 1972 Assassin Expedition, Willey, Peter. , p.SERIES: Asian Affairs ; VOLUME: LXI ; PAGES: 60-70, (1974)
The Ismaili Answer to the Problems of Worshipping the Unknowable Neoplatonic God, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: A.J.A.S. ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: pp.7-21, (1974)
The Ismaili Vocabulary of Creation, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XL, (1974)
A Byzantine Victory over the Fatimids at Alexandretta (971), Walker, Paul. , (1972)
The Order of Assassins: The Psychology of Murder, Wilson, Colin. , London, p.PAGES: 242 pp., (1972)
The Gnostic Technical Language in Rasa'il Ikhwan al-Safa., Widengren, Geo. , Leiden, p.SERIES: In Acta IV Congresso de Estudo Arabes et Islamico ; PAGES: Pp. 181-203, (1971)
Un proconsul fatimide en Syrie, Wiet, G. , p.SERIES: M.U.S.J. ; VOLUME: XLVI ; PAGES: 383-440, (1970)
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Sidelights on Early Imamate Doctrine, Watt, W. Montgomery. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XXXI ; PAGES: 287-293, (1970)
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Assassins of Qain, Willey, Peter. , p.SERIES: XL ; PAGES: pp. 1294-1303, (1968)
The Assassins in Quhistan, Willey, Peter. , p.SERIES: RCAJ ; VOLUME: LV ; PAGES: 180-183, (1968)    Download:  node-29113-the assassins in quhistan by P.R.E.Willey.pdf 
Further Expeditions to the Valleys of the Assassins, Willey, Peter. , p.SERIES: RCAJ ; VOLUME: LIV ; PAGES: 156-162, (1967)    Download:  node-28916Further ExpeditionsTo The Valleys Of The Assassins by PREWilley.pdf 
Abu Ya'qub as-Sijistani. The Opening of the Persian Mission and the Beginning of Isma`ili Dogma., Walker, Paul. , (1966)
The Castles of the Assassins, Willey, Peter. , London, (1963)
Le traité des famines de Maqrizi, Wiet, G. , Egypte, p.PAGES: 1-90; pp. 1-30, (1962)
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Ghadir Khumm, Veccia Vaglieri. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) ; PAGES: pp. 993-994, (In Press)
Ghadir Khumm, Veccia Vaglieri. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) ; PAGES: pp. 993-994, (In Press)
Al-Shahrastani, Vaux, B. Carra de. , p.SERIES: E.I. (new), (In Press)
Batiniya, Vaux, B. Carra de. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (old) I., (In Press)
Darzi, Vaux, B. Carra de. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new), (In Press)
Druzes, Vaux, B. Carra de. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (old)., (In Press)
The Task of Curriculum Planning for a Modern Ismaili Religious Education Curriculum, Virani, Hanif. , (In Press)
The Fatimid Theory of State, Van Ess , Lahore, p.SERIES: Orientalia, (1981)
Le Karramisme de la Haute Asie au carrefour de trois sectes rivales, Vadet, Jean-Claude. , p.SERIES: R.E.I. ; VOLUME: XVIII ; PAGES: 25-50. Pp. 43-48, (1980)
The Pains of Modernisation: a Case Study of Bohras in Udaipur, Verdia, H. S. , p.SERIES: New Quest ; VOLUME: VII ; PAGES: 55-58, 61-70, (1978)
L'aventure tragique d'un Qadi maghrébien en Egypte fatimide, Vajda, G. , p.SERIES: Arabica ; VOLUME: XV ; PAGES: pp.1-15, (1968)    Download:  NODE 28360.pdf 
Les lettres et les sons de la langue arabe d'après Abu Hatim al-Razi, Vajda, G. , p.SERIES: Arabica ; VOLUME: VIII ; PAGES: 113-130, (1961)
Un opuscule ismaélien en transmission judéo-arabe, Vajda, G. , p.SERIES: J.A. ; VOLUME: CCXLVI, no. 4 ; PAGES: 459-466, (1958)
The Rise of Extremist Sects and the Dissolution of the Fatimid Empire in Egypt, Van Ess , p.SERIES: I.C. ; VOLUME: XXXI ; PAGES: 17-25, (1957)
Denevaux estampilles et poids musulmans en verre en Tunisie, Vire, F. , p.SERIES: C.T. ; VOLUME: IV ; PAGES: 54, (1956)
Al-Hakim bi-Amrillah: The God-King Idea Realised, Van Ess , p.SERIES: I.C. ; VOLUME: XXIX ; PAGES: pp.1-18, (1955)
A Reconstruction of the Fatimid Theory of State: The Apocalyptic Nature of the Fatimid State, Van Ess , (1954)
The Syncretic Origin of the Fatimid Da'wa, Van Ess , p.SERIES: I.C. ; VOLUME: XXVIII ; PAGES: 475-491, (1954)
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Les Penseurs de l'Islam, Vaux, B. Carra de. , Paris, p.VOLUME: Vol. IV: Ikhwan al-Safa, (1923)
The Druses and Their Religion, Von Kremer , p.SERIES: The East and the Wes ; VOLUME: VIII ; PAGES: 32 ff., (1910)
Monnaies et sceaux des croisades, Vogue, M. , p.SERIES: Mélanges de Numismatique II ; PAGES: pp. 168-196, (1877)
Oratis de religionis Islamiticae ejusque historiae studio a theologis christianis minime negligendo, Veth, Pieter J. , Amsterdam, p.PAGES: 62 pp., (1843)
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Notes et documents: à propos d'Ibn al-Raqiq, Talbi. , p.SERIES: Arabica XIX ; VOLUME: no. 1 ; PAGES: 86-96, (In Press)
A Theological Miscellany, Tritton, A. S. , (In Press)

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