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The Early Ismaili Missionaries in North-West Persia and in Khurasan and Transoxiana, Stern, S. M. , p.SERIES: B.S.O.A.S. ; VOLUME: XXIII ; PAGES: 56-90, (1960)
The First Appearance of Ismailism in Iran., Stern, S. M. , Tehran, p.SERIES: Faculty of Letters ; PAGES: 12 pp., (1960)
Philosophy of the Ikhwan us-Safa, Shaikh, M. Saeed. , p.SERIES: Iqbal III ; PAGES: 19-27, (1958)
Commentary of `Rasa'il Ikhwan al-Safa'., Stern, S. M. , Beirut, p.VOLUME: vol. 2 ; PAGES: Pp. 74-76, (1957)
A Muslim Mirror for Princes, Salinger, Gerard. , (1956)
An Original Document from the Chancery Concerning Italian Merchants., Stern, S. M. , Rome, p.VOLUME: II ; PAGES: Pp. 529-538, (1956)
Recht der Ismailiten,, Strothmann, Rudolf. , Vandenhoeck, p.SERIES: Der Islam XXXI ; VOLUME: Abschnitt II-20 ; PAGES: 131-146, (1955)
Les élaborations de Nasir Toussi, Safa, Z. , Tehran, p.SERIES: R. Fac. Lettres IV ; PAGES: 24-39, (1955)
Heterodox Ismailism at the Time of Al-Muizz, Stern, S. M. , p.SERIES: B.S.O.A.S. ; VOLUME: XVII ; PAGES: 12328, (1955)
The Fatimids' Documents as a Source for the History of the Fatimids and their Institutions, Shayyal, Camel el-Din el-. , p.SERIES: B.F.A.E.O. ; VOLUME: VIII ; PAGES: 3-12, 355, (1954)
Three North-African Topographical Notes, Stern, S. M. , p.SERIES: Arabica ; VOLUME: I ; PAGES: 343-345, (1954)
An Early Fatimid Mihrab in the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Shafi'i, Farid. , p.SERIES: B.F.A. CLI, (1953)
Kitab al-Kashf, Strothmann, Rudolf. , Oxford, (1952)
Two Fatimid Tapestry Roundels, Shepherd, D. G. , p.SERIES: Bull. Cleveland Museum of Art ; VOLUME: XXXIX ; PAGES: 215-217, (1952)
Khisrou Nosir, Druzhba, Selvinskii, I., transl. , p.SERIES: In Tajikskaya poezia LXXI ; VOLUME: no. 2. ; PAGES: Pp. 257-258, (1951)
Khisrou Nosir, Khvala remeslennikam, Selvinskii, I., transl. , Stalinabad, Moscow, p.SERIES: Tajikskaya poezia ; VOLUME: LXVIII/LXIX ; PAGES: P. 255, (1951)
Khisrou Nosir, Khvala zemledeltsam, Selvinskii, I., transl. , Stalinabad, Moscow, p.SERIES: Tajikskaya poezia LIX ; PAGES: P. 256, (1951)
Khisrou Nosir, V poritsanie rostovshchikam, Selvinskii, I., transl. , Stalinabad, Moscow, p.SERIES: Takikskaya poezia LXVI ; PAGES: Pp. 252-253, (1951)
Khisrou Nosir, V poritsanie svyatocham, Selvinskii, I., transl. , p.SERIES: Tajikskaya poezia LXV/LXVI ; PAGES: Pp. 252-253, (1951)
Khisrou Nosir, V poritsanie tzaryam i vlast imushchim, Selvinskii, I., transl. , Stalinabad, Moscow, p.SERIES: Tajikskaya poezia LXVII/LXVIII ; PAGES: Pp. 254-255, (1951)
Khisrou Nosir, Yazik, Selvinskii, I., transl. , Stalinabad, Moscow, p.SERIES: Tajikskaya poezia LXXIII ; PAGES: P. 259, (1951)
Khisrou Nosir, Znanie, Selvinskii, I., transl. , p.SERIES: Tajikskaya poezia LXX, (1951)
The Succession of the Fatimid Imam al-Amir, the Claims of the Later Fatimids to the Imamate and the Rise of Tayyibi Ismailism,, Stern, S. M. , p.SERIES: Oriens ; VOLUME: IV ; PAGES: 193-255, (1951)
Religion-Partein und Philosophen Schulen, Sharastani, Abdul-Fath Muhammed al-. , p.SERIES: On Ismailis, 1 ; PAGES: 193, (1950)
An Embassy of the Byzantine Emperor to the Fatimid Caliph Al Mu'izz, Stern, S. M. , p.SERIES: Byzantion ; VOLUME: XX ; PAGES: 239-258, (1950)
Epistle of the Fatimid Caliph Al-Amir (`Al-Hidaya Al Amiriyya'--Its Date and Its Purpose), Stern, S. M. , p.SERIES: J.R.A.S. ; PAGES: 20-31, (1950)
Khisrou Nosir, Dobrodetel, Selvinskii, I., transl. , Moscow, p.SERIES: In Tajikskaya poezia LXX ; VOLUME: no. 1 Stalinabad ; PAGES: P. 257, (1949)
Khisrou Nosir, Drug i nedrug, Selvinskii, I., transl. , p.SERIES: In Tajikskaya poezia LXXI ; PAGES: P. 258, (1949)
Khisrou Nosir, V poritsanie poetam panegiristam, Selvinskii, I., transl. , Stalinabad, p.SERIES: Tajikskaya poezia LXVII, (1949)
Kleinere Ismailitische Schriften., Strothmann, Rudolf. , Calcutta, p.SERIES: n Islamic Research Association Miscellany I ; VOLUME: I.R.A. ; PAGES: P. 143, (1948)
Die Ismailiten., Strothmann, Rudolf. , Berlin, p.PAGES: Pp. 101-103, (1948)
Islamic Textiles, Sergeant. , p.SERIES: Ars Islamica ; VOLUME: XIII-XIV ; PAGES: 110 ff., (1948)
Notices of some Copies of the Arabic Work entitled Rasayil Ikhwan al Safa, Sprenger, A. , p.SERIES: J.A.S.B. ; VOLUME: XVII ; PAGES: 183-203, (1948)
Additional Notes to the Authorship of the Epistles of the Ikhwan al Safa, Stern, S. M. , p.VOLUME: I.C.XXI ; PAGES: p.403-404, (1947)
The Authorship of the Epistles of the Ikhwan al Safa, Stern, S. M. , p.SERIES: I.C. ; VOLUME: XX ; PAGES: 367-372, (1946)
Islam and Christian Theology; a Study of the Interpretation of Theological Ideas in the Two Religions, Sweetman, J. W. , London and Redhill, p.SERIES: Pt. 1 ; VOLUME: vol. 1 ; PAGES: pp. 36-42, (1945)
Gnosis-texte der Ismailiten, Strothmann, Rudolf. , G*ttingen, (1943)
Introduction à l'histoire de l'Orient Musulman, Sauvaget, Jean. , Paris, p.PAGES: pp. 136-139, pp. 150-154, (1943)
The Berlin Druze Lexicon, Sprengling, M. , p.SERIES: A.J.S.L. ; VOLUME: LVII ; PAGES: 75 ff., (1940)
Drusen-Antwort aus Nusairi Angriff, Strothmann, Rudolf. , p.SERIES: Isl. XXV ; PAGES: 269 ff., (1939)
Relations of the Orders of the Assassins with the Crusades during the Twelfth Century., Schafner, David. , p.SERIES: Department of History, (1939)
Die Geheimlehre der Batiniten nach der Apologie `Dogmatik des Hausses Muhammed' von Muhammed Ibn al-Hassan ad-Dailami, Strothmann, Rudolf. , Istanbul and Leipzig, p.SERIES: Bibliotheca Islamica, II ; PAGES: 15 é 137 pp., (1938)
Jemenischen Ismailitentum nach univer*ffentlichten Polemiken,, Strothmann, Rudolf. , p.SERIES: ZDMG ; VOLUME: LXXXVIII ; PAGES: 32 ff., (1934)
The Valleys of the Assassins, Stark, Freya. , London, (1934)    Download:  node-29304-The Valley Of The Assassins By P.R.E,Willey.pdf 
Songs of the Druzes, Saarisalo, Aapeli. , p.SERIES: Studia Orientalia IV ; VOLUME: no. 1, (1932)
The Assassins Castle of Lambesar, Stark, Freya. , p.SERIES: Journal LXXX ; PAGES: 47-56, (1932)
A treatise on the Carmatians in the Kitab al-Muntazam of Ibn al-Jauzi, Somogyi, J. de. , (1931)
Shughnansko-izmailitskaya redaktsiya `Knigi Svieta' Nasir-i Khosrova, Semenov, A. , p.PAGES: 589-610, (1930)
Islamische Seidenstoffe der Fatimidenzeit, Schmid, H. , p.SERIES: Zeitschrift f&r bildende Kunst ; VOLUME: LXIV ; PAGES: 185 ff., (1930)
The Agha Khan, Shellabear, W. G. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: XX ; PAGES: 311-312, (1930)
Ismailitskiy panegirik obozhestvlennomn Aliyu Fedai Khorasanskogo, Semenov, A. , Iran, p.VOLUME: III ; PAGES: 51-70, (1929)
Ismailitskaya oda, posviashchennaya voploshcheniyam `Aliya-Boga, Semenov, A. , Iran, p.VOLUME: II ; PAGES: pp.1-24, (1928)
Vzglyad na Koran v vostochnom ismailizm, Semenov, A. , p.SERIES: Iran I ; PAGES: 59-72, (1927)
L'Université d'El Azhar et ses transformations, Secaly, A. , p.SERIES: R.E.I. ; PAGES: 95-116, 465-529; 47-167, 255-337, 401-471, (1927)
K Dogmatike Pamirskogo Ismailizma, Semenov, A. , Tashkent, p.SERIES: XI glava 'Litsa verui' Nasir-i Khosrova, (1926) Abstract
Protivorechiya v ucheniyi o pereseleniyi dush u Pamirskikh ismailitov i u Nasiri Khosrova, Semenov, A. , p.PAGES: 103-117, (1926)
Die zw*lfter-Shià: zwei religionsgeschichte Charakterbild aus der Mongolenzeit, Strothmann, Rudolf. , Leipzig, (1926)
K biografii Nasiri Khosrova, Semenov, A. , p.SERIES: Bulleten Sredne-Aziatskogo Posudarsvennogs III ; PAGES: 64-66, (1924)
Qasida i-dhuryye' of Khakhi Khurasani, Semenov, A. , (1922)
Die Drusenschrift `Kitab Alnoqat Waldawair', Seybold, C. F. , Leipzig, Rio de Janeiro, (1920)
La Syrie - The Druzes - Ritual, Politics, and the City in Fatimid Cairo, Samne, George .; Sanders, Paula , Paris, p.SERIES: Suny Series in Medieval Middle East History ; PAGES: pp. 327-337, (1920)
Description de l'`Umm ul Kitab', Semenov, A. , p.PAGES: 2171-2202, (1918)
Description of the Ismaili Mss Collected by A. Semenov, Semenov, A. , p.PAGES: Pp. 359-386, 2171-2202, (1917)
Sheik Dzelal ud dine Rumi po pmedstavleniyam shugnanskikh ismailitov, Semenov, A. , St. Petersburg, p.SERIES: Z.V.O. ; VOLUME: XXII ; PAGES: 247-256, (1915)
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Du domaine des croyances religieuses des Ismaéliens du Chougnan, Semenov, A. , p.SERIES: Mir Islama ; VOLUME: IV ; PAGES: 523-556, (1912)
Iz oblasti religioz nuikh verovany shugnanskikh ismailitov, Semenov, A. , p.SERIES: Mir Islama IV ; PAGES: 556-561, (1912)
The Druses, Sell, Canon Edward. , London, (1910)
Etudes sur la topographie du Caire, Salomon, G. , Cairo, (1902)
Traveling to Jerusalem., Strange, Guy Le. , London, p.SERIES: Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society, (1893)
Siyasat-Name, Schefer, Ch. , Paris, p.SERIES: de Nizam al-Mulk, (1891)
Diary of a Journey through Syria and Palestine in 1047, Strange, Guy Le. , London, (1888)
Chrestomathie persanne, Schefer, Ch. , Paris, p.VOLUME: Vol. II, (1885)
Sefer Nameh': relation du voyage de Nassiri Khosrau, Schefer, Ch. , Paris, (1881)    Download:  NODE 28002 hd.pdf 
Les prolégomènes d'Ibn Khaldoun, Slane, de. , p.PAGES: 1863-68. Rpt. 1934-38, (1863)
Lettre à M.C.J. Tornberg sur quelques monnaies des dynasties Alides, Soret, Fréderic J. , p.SERIES: Revue Archéologique ; VOLUME: XIII ; PAGES: pp. 129-136, (1856)
Translation of Two Unpublished Arabic Documents Relating to the Doctrines of the Ismailis and other Batinian Sects,, Salisbury, Edward E. , p.SERIES: J.A.O.S. ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: 257-324, (1850)    Download:  NODE 29319.pdf 
Exposé de la religion des Druzes, Sacy, S. de, Baron. , p.SERIES: Reedition ; VOLUME: 2 vols., (1838)
Itinerary from Tehran to Alamut and Khurrem Abad in May, Shiel, J. , p.SERIES: Journal of the Royal Geographical Society VIII, (1837)
Recherche sur l'initiation à la secte des Ismaéliens, Sacy, S. de, Baron. , (1824)
Mémoire sur la dynastie des Assassins et sur l'étimologie de leur nom., Sacy, S. de, Baron. , Paris, p.PAGES: Pp. 322-403, (1818)
Mémoire sur la dynastie des Assassins, Sacy, S. de, Baron. , p.SERIES: Mémoires de l'Académie des Inscriptions et des Belles Lettres IV ; VOLUME: no.2 ; PAGES: 55-59, (1818)
Lettre au rédacteur du `Moniteur' sur l'étimologie du nom des Assassins, Sacy, S. de, Baron. , Paris, (1809)
Commentatio de notione vocum Tanzil et Tawil, Sacy, S. de, Baron. , p.SERIES: Commentationes Societatis Regiae Scienterum XVI, (1805)
Histoire des Druses, peuple du Liban, formé par une colonie de Français, Sprengling, M. , Paris, (1762)
Djazirat al-'Arab, Rentz, G. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) I ; PAGES: pp. 551-552, (In Press)
Les Arabes de Sicile et l'influence qu'ils ont exercée en Egypte sous les Fatimides, Rizzitano, Umberto. , p.PAGES: p. 383, (In Press)    Download:  NODE 28395.pdf 
Djazirat al-'Arab, Rentz, G. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) I ; PAGES: pp. 551-552, (In Press)
A Forgotten Old French Version of The Old Man of The Mountain, Runte, Hans R. , (In Press)
Al-Kahira, Rogers, J. M. , p.SERIES: E.I. (new) ; PAGES: p.4, (In Press)
Concise Encyclopaedia of Arabic Civilization 2 vols., Ronart, S.; Ronart, N. , Amsterdam, (In Press)
Educational and Social Adjustment of Francophone and Anglophone Khoja Ismailis in Montréal., Remtulla, M. , Montréal, p.PAGES: 87 pp., (In Press)
The Mahdi, a Brief History of the Rise of the Ismailian Sect., Raverty, H. G. , p.SERIES: MSS. Eur. ; VOLUME: C.37, (In Press)
Development and Organization of Religious Education amongst Ismailis in Canada., Rajwani, Farida. , (1983)
Das Problem des `Islamischen Gnosis', Rudolph, K. , p.SERIES: Bibliotheca Orientalis ; VOLUME: XXXVIII ; PAGES: 551-557, (1981)
Les mausolées fatimides du quartier d'Al-Masahid, Ragib, Yousuf. , p.SERIES: A.I. ; VOLUME: XVII ; PAGES: 1-29, (1981)
The Early Fatimid Mosque of al-Hakim 990-1010, Ritter, C. F. , p.SERIES: Oriental Art ; VOLUME: XXVII ; PAGES: 303-315, (1981)
The Nizari Isma'ilis of Pakistan: Isma'ilism, Islam and Westernism Viewed through the Firmans: 1936-1980., Rattansi, D. , (1981)
Khalif al Khakim i ustanovlenie teokratii v fatimidskom Egiptie, Roshchin, M. Y. , p.SERIES: N.A.A. ; VOLUME: VI ; PAGES: 132-140, (1978)
Deux monuments fatimides au pied du Muqattam, Ragib, Yousuf. , p.SERIES: R.E.I. XLVI ; VOLUME: no. 1, (1978)

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