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Ikhwan al Safa, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) III ; PAGES: pp. 1098-1103; pp. 1071 ff., (In Press)
Isma'il, Marçais, G. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) III. ; PAGES: p. 980; p. 1004, (In Press)
Khodja, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) V ; PAGES: pp. 25-27; pp. 226-228, (In Press)
Isma'iliyya, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) IV ; PAGES: pp. 198-206; pp. 206-215, (In Press)
Abdan b. al-Rabit, Madelung, Wilferd. , (In Press)
Abu Sa'id Jannabi, Madelung, Wilferd. , (In Press)
Al Hamidi, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: E.I. (new) ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: p.134,p.137, (In Press)
Al Mansur, Marçais, G. , p.SERIES: M.W. XLIX, (In Press)
Al-e Bavand, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.VOLUME: I ; PAGES: pp.747-753, (In Press)
Aspects of Isma'ili Theology: The Prophetic Chain and the God Beyond Being, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: I.C.I.C. ; PAGES: pp. 51-66, (In Press)
Assassins, Margoliouth, D. S. , p.SERIES: s.v., (In Press)
Fatimites, Margoliouth, D. S. , p.SERIES: s.v.; Encyclopaedia Britannica ; VOLUME: X ; PAGES: 202, (In Press)
Hatim b. Ibrahim, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. n.s. III., (In Press)
Ikhwan al-Safa, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: Encyclopaedia Universalis VIII ; PAGES: pp. 724-725, (In Press)
Islamic Spirituality Dissertation; Quranic Wisdom in the Works of Professor, Dr. Allamah Nasir Al-Din Hunzai, Mazhar, Ashiqali, Ph.D. , (In Press)
Ka'im, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) IV ; PAGES: pp. 456-457, (In Press)
Karmatians, Massignon, Louis. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (old) III ; PAGES: p. 767, (In Press)
The Syrian Ismailis at the Time of the Crusades., Mirzah, Nasseh A. , (In Press)
Persecutions against Ismaʿili Missionaries in Central Asia: The Case of Nāser , Mahamid, Hatim , 2017, (2017)
Isma‘ili Da‘wa and Politics in Fatimid Egypt, Mahamid, Hatim , 2006, (2006)    Download:  Ismaili_Dawa_and_Politics_in_Fatimid_Egy.pdf 
Ismaili History Charts, Mawjee, Nargis , (1988) Abstract
Histoire des Ismaéliens: de l'avènement de l'Islam à la fin de la période fatimide, Mawjee, Nargis. , Montréal, p.VOLUME: 3 vols, (1984)    Download:  NODE 28136 hd.pdf 
Quelques remarques à propos de `Kosmologie und Heilslehre Isma'iliyya' de Heinz Halm, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: LV, (1982)
La pensée d'Abu Ya'qub as Sijistani à travers l'`Itbat an Nubuwat' et la `Tuhfat al-Mustajibin', Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: LIV ; PAGES: 95-128, (1981)
Les Ikhwan As-Safa et l'Ismaélisme., Marquet, Yves. , Rome, (1981)
Family Safari: H.H. The Aga Khan and Family on Kenya Tour, McHaffie, J. , Nairobi, p.PAGES: 104 pp., (1981)
The Political Role of Minority Groups in the Middle East, McLaurin, R. de, ed. , New York, (1979)    Download:  node-29261-The Political Role of Minorities in the Middle East, By McLaurin.pdf 
Le Qadi Nu'man à propos des Heptades d'Imams, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: Arabica ; VOLUME: XXV ; PAGES: 225-232, (1978)    Download:  NODE 28382.pdf 
910: En Ifriqiya--Une épitre des Ikhwan al Safa, Marquet, Yves. , (1978)
Ikhwan al Safa, Ismailiens et Qarmates,, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: Arabica ; VOLUME: XXIV ; PAGES: 233-257, (1977)    Download:  NODE 28142.pdf 
The Political Doctrine of the Ismailis: An edition and translation with introduction and notes of Abu'l Fawaris Ahmad ibn Ya'qub's `ar-Risala fi l-Imama', Makarem, Sami Nasib. , Delmar, p.PAGES: 104 pp., (1977)
Ash-Sharastanis Streitschrift gegen Avicenna und ihre Widerlegung durch Nasir al-Din at-Tusi., Madelung, Wilferd. , p.VOLUME: No. 98 ; PAGES: Pp. 250-259, (1976)
Al-Hakim al-Tirmidi et le néoplatonisme de son temps, Marquet, Yves. , (1976)
Some Notes on Non-Isma'ili Shiism in the Maghrib, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XLIV ; PAGES: 87-97, (1976)
The Sources of Isma'ili Laws, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: J.N.E.S. XXXV ; VOLUME: no. 1 ; PAGES: 29-40, (1976)
La philosophie des Ihwan al Safa, Marquet, Yves. , Algiers, (1975)
History, Philosophy and Doctrine of the Ismailis: A Comprehensive Bibliography., Makan, Nizar. , (1975)
The Jamat Khana as a Source of Cohesiveness in the Ismaili Community in Kenya., Mawani, Parin. , Nairobi, (1975)
L'épitre de la résurrection des Ikhwan al Safa, Michot, J. , p.SERIES: Bul. Phil. Mél. ; VOLUME: XVI/XVII ; PAGES: 114-146, (1974)
The Assimilation of Ugandan Asians in Calgary., Morah, Benson. , (1974)
The Druze Faith, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , Delmar, (1974)
A propos des origines de la hiérarchie mystique en Islam, Marquet, Yves. , (1973)
The Khojas of Bombay: the Defining of Formal Membership Criteria During the Nineteenth Century., Masselos, J. C. , Delhi, p.PAGES: Pp. 1-20, (1973)
Le Si'isme au IXe s. à travers l'histoire de Ya'qubi, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: Arabica ; VOLUME: XIX ; PAGES: 1-45, 101-138, (1972)
L'Egypte vue par un géographe arabe du IV/Xe siècle: Al-Muqaddasi, Miquel, A. , p.SERIES: A.I. ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: 109-139, (1972)
Les cycles de la souveraineté selon les épitres des Ikhwan al Safa, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XXXVI ; PAGES: 49-79, (1972)
Muslim Exploitation of West African Gold during the Period of the Fatimid Caliphate., Messier, R. Albert. , p.PAGES: 226 pp., (1972)
Histoire des doctrines secrètes, Marques-Rivière, Jean. , Paris, p.PAGES: pp. 273-278, (1971)
Shah Diz of Ismaili Fame: Its Siege and Destruction, Minasian, C. O. , p.PAGES: Pp. 71, (1971) Abstract
Al Hakim bi Amrillah, an Essay in Historical Reinterpretation., Makarem, Sami Nasib. , p.PAGES: p.229-230, (1971)
The Logic of Ta'wil in Ismaili Philosophy and Thought., Makan, Nizar. , (1971)
Al Hakim bi Amrillah's Appointment of his Successor, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , p.SERIES: Al-Abhath ; VOLUME: XXIII ; PAGES: p.319-325, (1970)
The Jews in Egypt and Palestine under the Fatimids, Mann, J. , New York, (1970)
Nasir-i Khusraw and His Spiritual Nisbah., Mohaghegh, Mehdi. , Tehran, p.PAGES: Pp. 143-148, (1969)
The Hidden Imams of the Ismailis, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , p.SERIES: Al-Abhath ; VOLUME: XXI ; PAGES: 23-37, (1969)
Notes on a Syrian Ismaili Manuscript, Mirzah, Nasseh A. , p.SERIES: Australian Bulletin of Comparative Religion ; VOLUME: IX ; PAGES: 59-60, (1969)
The Doctrine of the Ismailis, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , Beirut, p.PAGES: 85 pp., (1969)
The Heroes of Surat, Mohamed, Al-Waez Sultanali , Gupties, (1968)
Des Ikhwan al Safa à al Hagg Umar marabout et conquérant Toucouleur, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: Arabica XV ; VOLUME: XVI, no. 1 ; PAGES: pp.6-47, 88-90, (1968)    Download:  NODE 28097.pdf 
The Indians in Uganda, Morris, H. S. , London, p.PAGES: Pp. 77-90, (1968)
The Philosophical Significance of the Imam in Isma'ilism, Makarem, Sami N. , Volume XXVII, p.41-53, (1967)
Bemerkungen zur Imamitischen Firaq Literatur, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: Der Islam ; VOLUME: XLIII ; PAGES: 37-52, (1967)
The Philosophical Significance of the Imam in Ismailism, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , p.SERIES: Studia Islamica ; VOLUME: XXVII ; PAGES: 41-53, (1967)
Pir and Murshid: An Aspect of Religious Leadership in West Pakistan, Mayer, A. , p.SERIES: MES III ; PAGES: 160-169, (1967)
The Alid Ruler of Tabaristan, Daylaman, Gilan., Madelung, Wilferd. , Ravello, p.PAGES: Pp. 483-492, (1967)
Abu Firas: `Ash-Shafiya' -- An Isma'ili Treatise, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , Beirut, p.PAGES: 260 pp., (1966)
Qazi Noaman's Code of Conduct of the Followers of Imam, Muscati, Jawad. , Mombasa, (1966)
Sabéens et Ikhwan al Safa, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XXIV, XXV ; PAGES: 77-109, (1965)    Download:  NODE 28491.pdf 
Coran et Création, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: Arabica XI ; PAGES: pp.279-285, (1964)
Révélation et vision véridique chez les Ihkwan al Safa, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: R.E.I. ; VOLUME: XXXII ; PAGES: 27-44, (1964)
Muslim Communities in Gujrat, Misra, S. C. , London, Bombay, p.PAGES: Pp. 54-65, (1964)
The Syrian Ismailis and the Doctrine of Metempsychosis, Mirzah, Nasseh A. , p.SERIES: Milla Wa Milla ; VOLUME: IV ; PAGES: 48-51, (1964)
Immigrant Indian Communities in Uganda, Morris, H. S. , (1963)
The Ismailis and their Belief in Universal Divine Order, Mirzah, Nasseh A. , p.SERIES: Or. Soc. Trans ; VOLUME: XX ; PAGES: pp.10-22, (1963)
Imamat, résurrection et hiérarchie selon les Ikhwan al Safa., Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: R.E.I. ; VOLUME: XXX ; PAGES: 49-142, (1962)
Le Malékisme et l'échec des Fatimides en Ifriqiya., Mones, H. , Paris, p.PAGES: Pp. 197-220, (1962)
Das Imamat in der fr&hen ismailitischen Lehre, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.PAGES: 43-135, (1961)
De quelques juridictions fatimides en Egypte, Magued, A. M. , p.PAGES: 147-160, (1961)
La place du travail dans la hiérarchie ismailienne d'après l'Encyclopédie des Frères de la Pureté, Marquet, Yves. , p.SERIES: no. 3 ; PAGES: 225-237, (1961)    Download:  NODE 28180.pdf 
Les Nusayris., Massignon, Louis. , Paris, p.PAGES: Pp. 109 ff., (1961)
Fatimiden und Bahrainqarmaten, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: Der Islam ; VOLUME: XXXIV ; PAGES: 34-88, (1959)
Circulars of The Religious Study Group Of Mombasa (Consolidated), Mombasa Study Group , 1959Mombasa , (1959)
La cité des morts au Caire, Massignon, Louis. , p.SERIES: Les Mardis de Dar-es-Salam, (1958)
Hassan bin Sabbah, Muscati, Jawad. , Karachi, Pakistan, (1958)
The Divine Kingship of the Aga Khan: a Study in Theocracy in East Africa, Morris, H. S. , p.SERIES: Southwest Journal of Anthropology XVI ; VOLUME: no. 4 ; PAGES: 454-472, (1958)    Download:  NODE 29137.pdf 
Fatima bint al-Husayn et l'origine du nom dynastique `Fatimites'., Massignon, Louis. , Munich, p.PAGES: Pp. 368 ff., (1957)
Le poème d'Ibn Hani al-Andalusi sur la conquête de l'Egypte (969), Massé, H. , Alger, p.PAGES: pp. 121-127, (1957)
Qadi Nu'man b. Muhammad: `Kitab al-Iqtisar', Traité de jurisprudence ismaélienne, Mirzah, Wahid. , Domascus, p.SERIES: I.F.D. ; PAGES: xxxviii and 174 pp., (1957)
Communal Rivalry among Indians in Uganda, Morris, H. S. , p.SERIES: BJS VIII ; VOLUME: no. 4 ; PAGES: 306-317, (1957)
The Earliest Fatimid Textile (Tiraz Al Mansuriya), Marzouk, M. A. A. , p.SERIES: B. Fac. Arts Alexandria ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: 37-44, (1957)
Indians in East Africa: a Study in a Plural Society, Morris, H. S. , p.SERIES: British J. of Sociology VII ; VOLUME: no. 3 ; PAGES: 194-211, (1956)
Le personnel de la cour fatimide en Egypte, Magued, A. M. , p.SERIES: Ann. Fac. Art Ain Shams ; VOLUME: III ; PAGES: 147-160, (1955)
L'architecture musulmane d'Occident, Marçais, G. , Paris, p.PAGES: pp. 65 ff., (1954)
Les idées morales de Nacir-id-Din Toussi., Mesbah, Faizollah. , Paris, p.PAGES: 204 pp., (1954)
Les tissus égyptiens pendant la période de transition entre la conquête musulmane et l'apparition de l'état fatimide., Maher, So'ad. , (1954)
H.H. Prince Aga Khan: Guide, Philosopher and Friend of the World of Islam, Malick, Qayyum. , Karachi, (1954)    Download:  NODE 28653 1er partie.pdf  NODE 28653 2eme partie.pdf 
Druze History, Massey, F. , (1952)
Institutions et cérémonial des Fatimides en Egypte, Magued, A. M. , Paris, p.PAGES: 441 pp., (1951)
La vie quotidienne des musulmans au moyen âge, Xe au XIIIe siècle., Mazaheri, Aly. , Paris, (1951)

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