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Nizam al-Mulk: The Book of Government; or Rules for Kings; the `Siyasat-nama' or `Siyar al-muluk', Darke, Hubert. , London, (1960)
Nizar ibn al-Mustansir, Gibb, Hamilton A. R. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new), (In Press)
Nizari Abolishment of the Sharia., Buckley, Jorunn. , (In Press)
Note on the Imam Shahi Ms. at the Deccan College, Poona,, Khakee, Gulshan. , Bombay, p.PAGES: 143-155, (1970)
Notes on a Syrian Ismaili Manuscript, Mirzah, Nasseh A. , p.SERIES: Australian Bulletin of Comparative Religion ; VOLUME: IX ; PAGES: 59-60, (1969)
Notes on Islam in East Africa, Schaft, J. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XXIII ; PAGES: pp. 124 ff., (1965)
Notes on some Isma'ili Coins from Yemen, Bates, Michael L. , p.SERIES: Amer. Num. Soc. Mus. Notes ; VOLUME: XVIII ; PAGES: 149-162, (1972)
Notes on some Ismaili Manuscripts, Tritton, A. S. , p.SERIES: B.S.O.A.S. ; VOLUME: VII ; PAGES: pp. 33-39, (1933)
Notices of some Copies of the Arabic Work entitled Rasayil Ikhwan al Safa, Sprenger, A. , p.SERIES: J.A.S.B. ; VOLUME: XVII ; PAGES: 183-203, (1948)
Nu'man, Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) III ; PAGES: 108, 859-861; French, pp. 111, pp. 879-881., (In Press)
On a Dinar of al-Basasiri struck in Baghdad Ramadan 450, Zambaur, Eduard von. , Vienna, p.SERIES: Monatsblatt der Num. Ges ; VOLUME: VIII ; PAGES: pp. 23 ff., (1909)
On the Acquisition of Knowledge: A Theory of Learning in the Rasail Ikhwan al Safa, Nanji, Azim. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: LXVI ; PAGES: 263-271, (1976)
On the Ethics of the Brethren of Purity, Faruqi, al-. , p.SERIES: M.W. L ; VOLUME: LI ; PAGES: 109-121, 193-198, 252-258; 18-24, (1960)
On the Genealogy of the Fatimid Caliphs, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , Cairo, (1958)
On the History of Islamic Heresiography, Strothmann, Rudolf. , p.SERIES: I.C. ; VOLUME: XII ; PAGES: pp.-16, (In Press)
On the Ismailis in Greater Badakshan Historical Growth and Current Status., Daya, Mehmood. , Milwaukee, (In Press)
On the Theories of Ibda and Ta'thir, Blumenthal, D. R. , p.SERIES: Die Welt des Islam XX ; VOLUME: no. 34, (In Press)
Oratis de religionis Islamiticae ejusque historiae studio a theologis christianis minime negligendo, Veth, Pieter J. , Amsterdam, p.PAGES: 62 pp., (1843)
Origins of Ismailism, Lewis, Bernard. , New York, p.PAGES: 115 pp., (1940)
Out of Africa, part of Canada: Tracing the Ismaili, Ramji, Shiraz. , p.VOLUME: vol 99, (29)
Outlines of Muhammadan Law, Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , London, (1964)
Painting in the Fatimid Period: A Reconstruction, Ettinghausen, Richard. , p.SERIES: Ars Islamica ; VOLUME: IX ; PAGES: 113 ff., (1942)
Paysans et institutions féodales chez les Druzes et les Maronites du Liban du XVIIe siècle à 1914, Tuma, Tawfiq. , Beirut, p.VOLUME: 2 vols. ; PAGES: 862 pp., (1971)
Petitions to the Fatimid Caliphs from the Cairo Geniza, Goitein, Solomon D. , p.SERIES: JQR n.s. ; VOLUME: XLV ; PAGES: 30-38, (1954)
Philosophie iranienne et philosophie comparée, Corbin, Henri. , Tehran, p.PAGES: 155pp., (1977)
Philosophy of the Ikhwan us-Safa, Shaikh, M. Saeed. , p.SERIES: Iqbal III ; PAGES: 19-27, (1958)
Pir and Murshid: An Aspect of Religious Leadership in West Pakistan, Mayer, A. , p.SERIES: MES III ; PAGES: 160-169, (1967)
Polemics on the Origin of the Fatimid Caliphate, Mamour, Prince P. H. , London/Karachi, p.PAGES: 232 pp., (1924)
Proposed Introduction to the History of Ismailism in East Africa., King, N. Q.,; A. K. Adatia. , Kampala, (1968)
Qadi al-Nu'man: an Ismaili Theory of Walayah., Nanji, Azim. , Leiden, p.PAGES: Pp. 260-273, (1976)
Rasail Ikhwan al Safa' in the Literature of the Isma'ili Tayyibi Da'wa, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , p.SERIES: Der Islam ; VOLUME: XX ; PAGES: 281-300, (1932)
Rashidu'd-din Sinan, Ivanow, Wladimir. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (old) III ; PAGES: p. 1123, (In Press)
Records from the Cairo Geniza., Goitein, Solomon D. , p.SERIES: Exhibition, (1961)
Relation between Persia and Egypt under Islam up to Fatimid Period., Guest, A. R. , Cambridge, p.PAGES: Pp. 162-174, (1922)
Relation between the Fatimids in North Africa and the Omayyads in Spain during the 4th Cent. A.H., Hassan, H. I. , p.SERIES: B.F.A. X ; VOLUME: no. 2 ; PAGES: 39-83, (1948)
Relations of the Orders of the Assassins with the Crusades during the Twelfth Century., Schafner, David. , p.SERIES: Department of History, (1939)
Ritual and Symbolic Aspect of Islam in African Contexts., Nanji, Azim. , p.SERIES: In Contributions to Asian Studies ; VOLUME: vol. XVII. ; PAGES: Pp. 102 ff., (1982)
Role of Damascus in the History of the Crusades, Fink, Harrold S. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: XLIX ; PAGES: 41-53, (In Press)
Sada-i-Haq: A Call to Truth, Gulam, Ali Shah. , p.SERIES: Dar-es-Salaam, (In Press)
Saint Cults in Afghanistan, Duprée, L. , p.SERIES: A.U.F.S. Reports XX ; VOLUME: no. 1, (1976)
Saladin and the Assassins, Lewis, Bernard. , p.SERIES: B.S.O.A.S. ; VOLUME: XV ; PAGES: 239-245, (1953)
Satpanth Ismailism and Modern Changes within It; with Special Reference to East Africa., Esmail, A. , (1972)
Scientific Elements in Ismaili Thought: The Epistles of the Brethren of Purity, Bausani, Alessandro. , p.SERIES: I.C.I.C. ; PAGES: pp. 121-137, (In Press)
Sefername, Tarzi, A. , Istanbul, p.SERIES: Milli egitim basimevi, (1950)
Shiah Islam, Hussein, A. F. Badshah. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: XXXI ; PAGES: 185-192, (1941)
Shii Legal Theories., Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , p.VOLUME: Vol. I, (1955)
Shi'ite Terms and Conceptions in Judah Halevi's Kuzari, Pines, Shlomo. , p.SERIES: JSAI ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: 165-251, (1980)
Shums Tabrez of Multan., Ivanow, Wladimir. , Lahore, p.VOLUME: In Prof. Shafi Presentation Volume ; PAGES: Pp. 109-118, (1957)
Sidelights on Early Imamate Doctrine, Watt, W. Montgomery. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XXXI ; PAGES: 287-293, (1970)
Sirat Ja'far al Hajib, Ivanow, Wladimir. , p.SERIES: Egypt IV ; VOLUME: no. 2, (1932)
Sirat of al-Mu'ayyad fid Din al Shirazi., Hamdani, Abbas. , London, p.SERIES: S.O.A.S., (1950)
Social Change in the Ismaili Society of East Africa, with Reference to the Four Successive Aga Khans., Bhatia, A. G. , (1975)
Some Aspects of Islamic Eschatology, Taylor, J. , p.SERIES: Religious Studies IV ; PAGES: 57-76, (1968)
Some Aspects of Law among the Nizari Khojahs Ismailis., Dhanani, Alnoor. , (1977)
Some Aspects of the History of Libya During the Fatimid Period., Hamdani, Abbas. , Beirut, p.PAGES: Pp. 321-348, (1970)
Some Aspects of the History of the Ismailis in East Africa., Esmail, A. , Kenya, (1978)
Some Considerations on the Fatimid Caliphate as a Mediterranean Power., Hamdani, Abbas. , Naples, p.PAGES: Pp. 385-396, (1967)
Some East African Firmans of H.H. Aga Khan III, King, N. Q.,; A. K. Adatia. , p.SERIES: J.R.A. ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: 179-191, (1969)
Some Educational Terms in Rasa'il Ikhwan as-Safa, Tibawi, A. L. , p.SERIES: 24 Int. Cong. Or ; PAGES: 297-299, (1957)
Some Ismailis Strongholds in Persia, Ivanow, Wladimir. , p.SERIES: I.C. ; VOLUME: XII ; PAGES: 383-396, (1938)
Some Notes on Non-Isma'ili Shiism in the Maghrib, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XLIV ; PAGES: 87-97, (1976)
Some Observations on the Significance of Heresy in the History of Islam, Lewis, Bernard. , p.SERIES: S.I. LIII ; VOLUME: no. 1 ; PAGES: pp. 43-63, (In Press)
Some Specimens of Sathpanth Literature, Hooda, Vali Mahomed. , Leiden, p.SERIES: Collectanae I ; PAGES: Pp. 57-137, (1948)
Some Unknown Ismaili Authors and their Works, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , p.SERIES: J.R.A.S. ; PAGES: 359-378, (1937)
Songs of the Druzes, Saarisalo, Aapeli. , p.SERIES: Studia Orientalia IV ; VOLUME: no. 1, (1932)
Stress and Response in Forced Migration: The Adaptation of Ugandan Ismailis to the Canadian Context., Gates, M. , Simon Fraser University, (1981)
Studies in Isma'ili Law, Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , p.SERIES: Bombay Law Reporter Journal ; VOLUME: XXXI ; PAGES: 84-87, (1929)
Studies on the History of the Qarmati and Ismaili Movements from the Eighth to the Eleventh Centuries., Lewis, Bernard. , London, (1939)
Sufism and Ismailism. Chiragh-nama, Ivanow, Wladimir. , p.SERIES: Revue Iranienne d'Anthropologie III ; PAGES: 13-17, (1959)
Sulaihi, Krenkow. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I., (In Press)
Summary and Review of an Article by Ivanow on Ismailis, Dennison Ross, E., Sir. , p.SERIES: J.R.A.S. ; PAGES: 429-435, (1919)
Tamim b. al-Mu'izz, Walker, J. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.B., (In Press)
Tamim b. al-Mu'izz, Walker, J. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new), (In Press)
Taqiyya, Horovite, I. , p.SERIES: Islam ; VOLUME: III ; PAGES: 63-67, (1912)
Text and translation of a Letter by al-Mu'izz to the Da'i of Sind-Halam b. Shayban, Ivanow, Wladimir. , p.SERIES: J.B.B.R.A.S. n.s. ; VOLUME: XVI ; PAGES: 74-76, (1940)
The `adab al-Qadi', Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , p.SERIES: Islamic Law R ; VOLUME: VI ; PAGES: 406-416, (1964)
The `Controversies' of Fakhr al-Din Razi, Kraus, Paul . , p.SERIES: J.B.B.R.A.S. ; VOLUME: XIV ; PAGES: 131-153, (1938)
The `Crusade' of John Tzimisces in the Light of New Arabic Evidence, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: Byzantion ; VOLUME: XLII ; PAGES: 301-327, (1977)
The `Das Avatara' of Pir Shams as Linguistic and Literacy Evidence of the Early Development of Ismailism in Sind, Khakee, Gulshan. , Karachi, p.SERIES: Sind Quarterly VIII ; VOLUME: no. 2 ; PAGES: Pp. 143-155, (1980)
The `Das Avatara' of Satpanthi Ismailis and Imam Shahis of Indo-Pakistan., Khakee, Gulshan. , (1972)    Download:  Dasa-Avatara-Gulshan-Khakee-Thesis-Part1.pdf  Dasa-Avatara-Gulshan-Khakee-Thesis-Part2.pdf  Dasa-Avatara-Gulshan-Khakee-Thesis-Part3.pdf 
The `Sa'adat-nameh' Attributed to Nasir-i Khusraw, Wickens, G. M. , p.SERIES: I.Q. ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: 117-132, 206-221, (1955)
The 1972 Assassin Expedition, Willey, Peter. , p.SERIES: Asian Affairs ; VOLUME: LXI ; PAGES: 60-70, (1974)
The Account of the Ismaili Doctrines in the `Jami al Tawarikh' of Rashid al-Din, Levy, R. , p.SERIES: J.R.A.S. ; PAGES: 509-536, 151, (1930)
The Aga Khan Chair, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: LXVI ; PAGES: pp.10-13, (In Press)
The Agha Khan, Shellabear, W. G. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: XX ; PAGES: 311-312, (1930)
The Alid Ruler of Tabaristan, Daylaman, Gilan., Madelung, Wilferd. , Ravello, p.PAGES: Pp. 483-492, (1967)
The Apostasy of `Ali b. al-Fadl., Geddes, C. , Harlow, p.PAGES: Pp. 80-85, (1983)
The Arrangement of the Rasa'il Ikhwan al-Safa and the Problem of Interpolations, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Journal of Semitic Studies XXIX ; VOLUME: no. 1 ; PAGES: Pp. 97-110, (In Press)
The Art of the Saracens in Egypt, Lane-Poole, Stanley. , London, p.PAGES: Chap. XII, pp. 253-260, (1866)
The Assassins Castle of Lambesar, Stark, Freya. , p.SERIES: Journal LXXX ; PAGES: 47-56, (1932)
The Assassins in Quhistan, Willey, Peter. , p.SERIES: RCAJ ; VOLUME: LV ; PAGES: 180-183, (1968)
The Assassins, Lewis, Bernard. , London, p.SERIES: Encounter, (In Press)
The Assimilation of Ugandan Asians in Calgary., Morah, Benson. , (1974)
The Authorship of the Epistles of the Ikhwan al Safa, Stern, S. M. , p.SERIES: I.C. ; VOLUME: XX ; PAGES: 367-372, (1946)
The Beliefs of the Ismailis, Gorianwala, Mu'izz. , p.SERIES: Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies III ; VOLUME: no. 2, (In Press)
The Berlin Druze Lexicon, Sprengling, M. , p.SERIES: A.J.S.L. ; VOLUME: LVII ; PAGES: 75 ff., (1940)
The Bohras a Muslim Community of Gujarat, Lokhandwalla, S. T. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: III ; PAGES: 117-135, (1955)
The Bohras. Sahibabad, Engineer, Ashgar Ali. , Sahibabad, (1980)
The Brotherhood of Purity, Lane-Poole, S. , Lahore, (1960)
The Brothers of Sincerity, Davidson, Thomas. , p.SERIES: International Journal of Ethics ; VOLUME: VIII ; PAGES: 460 ff., (1896)

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