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Le contrepoint batinite., Awwa, Adil. , p.PAGES: pp. 54-58, (1977)
Les Musulmans à Madagascar en 1977, De la Croix: See Croix. , p.SERIES: Afrique et Asie Moderne ; VOLUME: CXV ; PAGES: 28-46, (1977)
Mowlana Imam Sultan Mohamed Shah: The48th Ismaili Imam., Alibhai Aziz, Abualy. , (1977)
Mowlana Imam Sultan Mohamed Shah: The48th Ismaili Imam., Alibhai Aziz, Abualy. , (1977)
Note sulla teoria dei `Quattro Movimenti' in Cina e in Occidente, Bausani, Alessandro. , p.SERIES: Cina ; VOLUME: XIII ; PAGES: 7-27., (1977)
Philosophie iranienne et philosophie comparée, Corbin, Henri. , Tehran, p.PAGES: 155pp., (1977)
Some Aspects of Law among the Nizari Khojahs Ismailis., Dhanani, Alnoor. , (1977)
The Nizari Ismaili Imam and Plato's Philosopher-King, Hajjar, S.,; S. J. Brzezinski. , p.SERIES: I.S. ; VOLUME: XVI ; PAGES: 303-316, (1977)
The `Crusade' of John Tzimisces in the Light of New Arabic Evidence, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: Byzantion ; VOLUME: XLII ; PAGES: 301-327, (1977)
The Ismaili Response to the Polemic of Ghazali, Corbin, Henri. , p.SERIES: I.C.I.C. ; PAGES: 67-98, (1977)
The Political Doctrine of the Ismailis: An edition and translation with introduction and notes of Abu'l Fawaris Ahmad ibn Ya'qub's `ar-Risala fi l-Imama', Makarem, Sami Nasib. , Delmar, p.PAGES: 104 pp., (1977)
The Ismaili Ginan Literature - Its Structure and Love Symbolism, Assani, Ali. , (1977)
Une reconnaissance de dette en 389 H.-999 J.C., Cahen, Claude. , p.SERIES: Papiers Arabes Strasbourg 118 ; VOLUME: Cahier d'études arabes et islamiques, II-III ; PAGES: pp. 23-28, (1977)
Zaginione miasta muzulmanskie srodkowego Maghrebu z czasow Fatimidow, Dabrowski, L. M. , p.SERIES: Przeql. Or. II ; VOLUME: no. 102 ; PAGES: 131-135, (1977)
Modernisation and Change in the Nizari Ismaili Community in East Africa. - A Perspective, Nanji, Azim. , p.SERIES: J.R.A. ; VOLUME: VI ; PAGES: pp. 123-139, (1976)    Download:  node-29007-Moderization and change in the Nizari Ismailis, By Nanji. A.pdf 
Al-Azhar . . . in a Thousand Years, Alwaye, M. , p.SERIES: Majalat al-Azhar ; VOLUME: XLVIII ; PAGES: ch.1-6, (1976)
Al-Azhar . . . in a Thousand Years, Alwaye, M. , p.SERIES: Majalat al-Azhar ; VOLUME: XLVIII ; PAGES: ch.1-6, (1976)
Ash-Sharastanis Streitschrift gegen Avicenna und ihre Widerlegung durch Nasir al-Din at-Tusi., Madelung, Wilferd. , p.VOLUME: No. 98 ; PAGES: Pp. 250-259, (1976)
Al-Hakim al-Tirmidi et le néoplatonisme de son temps, Marquet, Yves. , (1976)
Apologie de Platon, Jambet, Christian. , (1976)
An Ismaili Refutation of al-Ghazali., Poonawala, Ismail K. , (1976)
Arabic and Islamic Themes: Historical, Educational and Literary Studies, Tibawi, A. L. , London, (1976)
Assassins Castles in Syria, Phillips, J. , p.SERIES: Connoisseur CXCI ; VOLUME: no. 770 ; PAGES: 287-289, (1976)
Cosmic Hierarchies in Early Ismaili Thought: the View on Abu Yaqub al-Sijistani, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: M.W. LXVI ; PAGES: 14-28, (1976)
Evolution of the Organizational Structure of the Fatimi Da'wa, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Arabian Studies II ; PAGES: 85-114, (1976)
Fryderik II Hohenstauf i Asasyni malo znany epizod w relayi Muhammada al-Hamawi, Hauzinski, J. , Poznan, p.SERIES: Ars Historica LXXI ; PAGES: Pp. 185 ff., (1976)    Download:  200812-Delegation Center of Ismaili Imamat.wmv_.FLV.jpg 
Le dimensioni dell' Universo nel Kitab Ihwan as-Safa, Bausani, Alessandro. , p.SERIES: Congrès Union Europ. Arabisants et Islamisants ; VOLUME: Actes 8e ; PAGES: 23-28, (1976)
On the Acquisition of Knowledge: A Theory of Learning in the Rasail Ikhwan al Safa, Nanji, Azim. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: LXVI ; PAGES: 263-271, (1976)
Qadi al-Nu'man: an Ismaili Theory of Walayah., Nanji, Azim. , Leiden, p.PAGES: Pp. 260-273, (1976)
Saint Cults in Afghanistan, Duprée, L. , p.SERIES: A.U.F.S. Reports XX ; VOLUME: no. 1, (1976)
Some Notes on Non-Isma'ili Shiism in the Maghrib, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XLIV ; PAGES: 87-97, (1976)
The Druzes and Circassians of Israel., Wasserstein, D. , London, p.SERIES: Pamphlet 55 ; PAGES: 21 pp., (1976)
The Kaliph Hakim and History as a Cyclical Happening, Knapp, B. L. , p.SERIES: Nineteenth-Century French Studies ; VOLUME: V ; PAGES: 79-93, (1976)
The Sources of Isma'ili Laws, Madelung, Wilferd. , p.SERIES: J.N.E.S. XXXV ; VOLUME: no. 1 ; PAGES: 29-40, (1976)
Un poète chiite d'occident au IV/Xè siècle, Yalaqui, M. , Tunis, (1976)
Ismailism in Multan and Sind, Khan, Ansar Zahid. , p.SERIES: Journal of the Pakistan Hist. Society ; VOLUME: XXIII, (1975)
Les éditions de l'`Ittiaz al-Hunafa', de Makrizi par Ahmed Hilmy, Sadk Huni, Fatcha Dib et Peter Kessler,, Cahen, Claude. , p.SERIES: Arabica ; VOLUME: XXII ; PAGES: 163-182, (1975)    Download:  NODE 28404.pdf 
La doctrine ismaélienne d'après l'oeuvre d'Abu Ishaq Qohestani., Haji, Z. , Paris, (1975)    Download:  NODE 28167-1.pdf  NODE 28167-2.pdf 
The Ginan Tradition among the Nizari Ismailis its Value as Source of their History, Nanji, Azim. , p.SERIES: Etudes Arabes et Islamiques I. Histoire et civilisation III ; VOLUME: Actes XXIX C.I.O. ; PAGES: pp. 143-146, (1975)    Download:  node-29187-The Ginan Tradition among the Nizari Ismailis By Dr.Azim Nanji.pdf 
The Ismailis in Uganda., Thompson, Gardner. , London, p.PAGES: Pp. 30-52, (1975)    Download:  NODE 29217.pdf 
Arabische Philosophie und Wissenschaft in der Enzyklopâdie Kitab Ihwan as-Safa, Diwald, Susanne. , (1975)
Abd al-Gani ibn Sa'id un savant sunnite au service des Fatimides, Bianquis, Thierry. , p.VOLUME: Histoire et Civilisation I ; PAGES: 39-47, (1975)
An Early Ismaili Interpretation of Man History and Salvation, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: III ; VOLUME: no. 2 ; PAGES: 29-35, (1975)
Fatimid and Post-Fatimid Glass Jetons from Sicily, Balog, B. , p.SERIES: Studi Magrebini VII ; PAGES: 125-148, (1975)
Fatimid and Post-Fatimid Glass Jetons from Sicily, Balog, B. , p.SERIES: Studi Magrebini VII ; PAGES: 125-148, (1975)
Hassan ibn Sabbah: mystificateur ou mystifié., Finné, Jacques. , Verviers, p.SERIES: Editions Marabout ; PAGES: Pp. 70-104, (1975)
History, Philosophy and Doctrine of the Ismailis: A Comprehensive Bibliography., Makan, Nizar. , (1975)
Ibn az Zubair o Fatimidakh, Semenov, A.; Serauky, E , p.PAGES: 82-92, (1975)
Ismailis and Nimatullahis, Pourjavady, N.,; Wilson, P. L. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XLI ; PAGES: 113-135, (1975)
Les commencements du califat fatimide au Maghreb, Dachraoui, Farhat. , Tunis, p.SERIES: S.T.D., (1975)
La philosophie des Ihwan al Safa, Marquet, Yves. , Algiers, (1975)
Multan During the Rule of the Arabs and the Ismailis., Khan, Ahmad Nabi. , (1975)
New light on Nubian-Fatimid Relations, Bashir, B. I. , p.SERIES: Arabica ; VOLUME: XXII ; PAGES: 15-24, (1975)
Review of: Kitab Ikhwan as-safa', Diwald, Susanne. , Wiesbaden, p.SERIES: (111) Die Lehre von Seele und Intellekt Arabische Philosophie und Wissenschaft in der Enzyklo-padie Von Suzanne Diwald ;, (1975)
Religious Leadership and Social Change in the Ismaili Khoja Community, Ahmed, S. S. , (1975)
Religious Leadership and Social Change in the Ismaili Khoja Community, Ahmed, S. S. , (1975)
Social Change in the Ismaili Society of East Africa, with Reference to the Four Successive Aga Khans., Bhatia, A. G. , (1975)
The Imam of the Ismailis, Clarke, P. B. , p.PAGES: 125-178, (1975)
The Jamat Khana as a Source of Cohesiveness in the Ismaili Community in Kenya., Mawani, Parin. , Nairobi, (1975)
The Origin of the Druze Religion, Breyer, David. , p.SERIES: Der Islam ; VOLUME: LII, LIII ; PAGES: 47-84, 239-262, 5-27, (1975)
Western Islamic Influences on Fatimid Egyptian Iconography, Jenkins, M. , p.SERIES: Kunst des Orients X ; PAGES: 91-105, (1975)
Zur Datierung des isma'ilitischen Buches der Zwischenzeiten und der zehn Konjunktionen, Halm, Heinz. , p.SERIES: Die Welt des Orients VIII ; PAGES: 91-107, (1975)
Zur Namengebund Kairos (Al-Qahir = Mars?), Kunitzsch, P. , p.SERIES: Islam LII ; PAGES: 209-225. 1, (1975)
Sur une possible régence du prince fatimide Abdallah b. Mu'izz en Ifriqiya au IV/Xe siècle, Yalaqui, M. , p.SERIES: C.T. ; VOLUME: XXII/85-86 ; PAGES: pp.7-22, (1974)    Download:  NODE 28497.pdf 
A Comparative Table of the Bombay, Cairo, and Beyrut Editions of the Rasail Ikhwan al Safa,, Blumenthal, D. R. , (1974)
A Reconsideration of al Qadi al-Numan's Madhhab, Poonawala, Ismail K. , (1974)
Bohoras, Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , Bombay, p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) I ; PAGES: English, pp. 1254-1255; French, p., (1974)
Byzantine-Fatimid Relations before the Battle of Manzikert, Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Byzantine studies I ; PAGES: 169-179, (1974)
Die Sieben und die Zw*lf: Die isma'ilitische Kosmogonie und das Masdak - Fragment des Sahrastani, Halm, Heinz. , p.SERIES: Z.D.M.G. (Suppl. II) ; VOLUME: XVIII ; PAGES: 170-177, (1974)
Histoire de la philosophie islamique - 2e partie., Corbin, Henri. , Paris, p.SERIES: Encyclopédie de la Pléiade ; VOLUME: Histoire de la Philosophie III ; PAGES: Pp. 1140-1144, (1974)
L'épitre de la résurrection des Ikhwan al Safa, Michot, J. , p.SERIES: Bul. Phil. Mél. ; VOLUME: XVI/XVII ; PAGES: 114-146, (1974)
Nasir-e Khosraw and Ismailism., Corbin, Henri. , Cambridge, p.VOLUME: IV ; PAGES: 520-542, (1974)
The 1972 Assassin Expedition, Willey, Peter. , p.SERIES: Asian Affairs ; VOLUME: LXI ; PAGES: 60-70, (1974)
The Commentary of R. Hoter Ben Shelomo to the Thirteen Principles of Maimonides, Blumenthal, D. R. , Leiden, (1974)
The Dai Hatim ibn Ibrahim al Hamidi and his Book `Tuhfat al Qulub', Hamdani, Abbas. , p.SERIES: Oriens ; VOLUME: XXIII/XXIV ; PAGES: 258-300, (1974)
The Druze Faith, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , Delmar, (1974)
The Ismaili Answer to the Problems of Worshipping the Unknowable Neoplatonic God, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: A.J.A.S. ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: pp.7-21, (1974)
The Ismaili Vocabulary of Creation, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XL, (1974)
The Reign of Hakim Bi amr Allah, Sadik, A. A. , Beirut, p.PAGES: 209 pp., (1974)
The Assimilation of Ugandan Asians in Calgary., Morah, Benson. , (1974)
The Ismaili Khojas: Sociological Study of an Islamic Sect., Clarke, P. B. , (1974)
Une liturgie shi'ite du Graal., Corbin, Henri. , Paris, p.SERIES: In Mélanges d'histoire des religions offerts à H. C. Puech ; PAGES: Pp. 81-99, (1974)
Du Si'isme d'Al-Raqiq, Idris, Hady Roger. , p.SERIES: Arabica XX/2 ; PAGES: 191-192, (1973)    Download:  NODE 28890.pdf 
Ismaili Heroes, Anonymous , (1973)
Le Caire de Nasir-i Khusraw, Gabrieli, Francesco. , p.SERIES: R. O. M. M. ; VOLUME: XIII/XIV ; PAGES: 357-360, (1973)    Download:  NODE 28364.pdf 
The Dai Jalam b. Shayban and the Ismaili State of Multan, Hamdani, Abbas. , Karachi, (1973)    Download:  node-29134-le-dai-jalam-bin-shayban-et-l-etat-ismaeli-de-multan.pdf 
Une source de Qualqasandi Mawad al-Bayan et son auteur 'Ali b. Halaf, Saleh, Abdel Hamid. , p.SERIES: Arabica ; VOLUME: XX ; PAGES: 92-200, (1973)    Download:  NODE 28532.pdf 
A propos des origines de la hiérarchie mystique en Islam, Marquet, Yves. , (1973)
A propos d'une expédition fatimide à Wargilan d'après Abu Zakariyya al-Wargilani, Negre, A. , (1973)
A Fatimid Petition and Small Decree from Sinai, Richard, D. S. , (1973)
Al-Qadi al-Numan's Works and the Sources, Poonawala, Ismail K. , p.SERIES: B.S.O.A.S. ; VOLUME: XXXVI, (1973)
Al-Tirmidhi's Conception of the Areas of Interiority, Geyoushi, M. I. , p.SERIES: I.Q. ; VOLUME: XVII ; PAGES: 168-188, (1973)
Ceramics from the World of Islam, Atil, E. , Washington, (1973)
Ceramics from the World of Islam, Atil, E. , Washington, (1973)
Faction and Conversion in a Plural Society: Religious Alignments in the Hindu Kush, Cantfield, Robert L. , Michigan, p.SERIES: Anthropological Papers L, (1973)
Les mystères des Templiers, Probst-Birabe. , Paris, (1973)
Les Templiers sont parmi nous, Sède, Gérard de. , Paris, p.SERIES: Ismailis ; PAGES: pp. 114-117, (1973)
L'Ordre des Assasins, Frere, Jean-Claude. , Paris, p.PAGES: pp. 275-282, (1973)
Notes sur un tiraz au nom d'Abi'l Mansur al-Aziz bi-llah le Fatimide (365-386 H./975-996 A.D.), Habib, Mustapha el-. , p.SERIES: Revue du Louvre ; VOLUME: XXIII ; PAGES: 299-302, (1973)
Provozglashenie dnya voskreseseniya (Iz. istorii gosudarstva ismailitov v irane XI-XIII vv.)., Stroeva, L. V. , Iran, p.PAGES: Pp. 133-165, (1973)

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