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The Origin of the Khojahs and their Religious Life Today, Al-Qadi: See Qadi. , Untersuch, p.SERIES: zur Allgemeinen Religionsgeschichte ; VOLUME: vol. 8 ; PAGES: 190 pp., (1936) Abstract
The Preaching of Islam, Arnold, Thomas Walker, Sir. , p.PAGES: P. 274, (1913)
The Revolt of Aga Khan Mahallati and the Transference of the Ismaili Imamate to India, Algar, Hamid. , p.SERIES: S.I. ; VOLUME: XXIX ; PAGES: 51-81, (1969)
Turkestan down to the Mongol Invasion, Barthold, W.; Transl. T. Minorsky , London, p.PAGES: 483/1190; 377/987, (1928)
Khitabat-i Aliyya': Sermons of Shihabud din Shah al-Husseini, Ujaqi, U. , Tehran, p.SERIES: Ism. Soc. Series A ; VOLUME: 14, (1963)
Kitab Ikhtilaf Usuli'l-Madhahib' of Qadi Nu'man b. Muhammad. Ed., Lokhandwalla, S. T. , Simla, p.PAGES: 140 pp., (1972)
Pandiyat-i Jawanmardi', or Advice of Manliness (PIR), Ivanow, Wladimir; Mustansirbillah II, Imam , Leiden, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A ; VOLUME: 6 ; PAGES: x and 19 and 97 and 102 pp., (1953) Abstract
Si-u Shis Sahifa', 36 Epistles, Badakhshani, Sayyid Suhrab Wali; Foreword by W. Ivanow , Tehran, p.SERIES: Ism. Soc. Series A ; VOLUME: 12, (1961)
A Compendium of the Castes and Tribes Found in India, Kitts, Eustache J. , Bombay, (1885)
A Guide to Ismaili Literature, Ivanow, Wladimir. , London, (1933)
A Hindu-Muslim synthesis, Sikand, Y. , (In Press)
A History of Islamic Philosophy, Fakhry, Majid. , New York, p.SERIES: Columbia University Press ; PAGES: 427 pp., (1970)
Abu Firas: `Ash-Shafiya' -- An Isma'ili Treatise, Makarem, Sami Nasib. , Beirut, p.PAGES: 260 pp., (1966)
Additions to the above, Goitein, Solomon D. , p.SERIES: J.E.S.H.O. ; VOLUME: IX ; PAGES: 67-68, (1966)
Aga Khan, Ein Gott und ein Mensch, Jackson, Stanley. , Munich, p.PAGES: 188 pp., (1953)
Al Azhar, a Millenium of Muslim Learning, Dodge, Bayard. , Washington, New York, p.PAGES: 462-473, (1961)
Al Hidayatu'l Amiriya, Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , London, p.PAGES: Pp. 1-28, (1938)
Arab and Druze at Home, Ewing, William. , London, (1907)
Brief History of the Aga Khan, Dumasia, Navoroji M. , Bombay, (1903)
By Hill Tracks, Niallo, Aziz. , Tashkent, p.PAGES: 156 pp., (1933)
Catalogue of Dated Tiraz Fabrics: Umayyad, Abbasid, Fatimid., Kuhnel, E.,; L. Bellinger. , Washington, (1952)
Collected Papers on the Paranormal, Beshir , New York, p.PAGES: Pp. 1-11, (1968)
Dissertation on the Assassins of Syria, Falconnet, Camille. , (1807)
Druzes and the Secret Sects of Syria, Parfit, J. T. , Westminster, (1917)
Fachreddin der Drusenf&rst, und Seine Zeitgenossen, Wustenfeld, Ferdinand. , G*ttingen, (1886)
Family Safari: H.H. The Aga Khan and Family on Kenya Tour, McHaffie, J. , Nairobi, p.PAGES: 104 pp., (1981)
Family Safari: H.H. The Aga Khan and Family on Kenya Tour, Stern, S. M. , Oxford, (1963)
Fatimid Harah: its Physical, Social, and Economic Structure, Sioufi, Mohamed el-. , Cambridge, Mass., p.PAGES: 32 pp., (1981)
Fatimid Law, Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , Simla, (1969)
Fatimidengeschichte von al-Makrizi, Bunz. , Leipzig, (1909)
Firaq al-Shi'ia, Ritter, H. , p.PAGES: 204, (1954)
Glossary of Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-West Frontier Province, Rose, H. A. , Lahore, (1910)
H. H. The Aga Khan, Greenwall, Harry. , London, p.PAGES: ix é 240 pp., (1952)
H.H. Prince Aga Khan: Guide, Philosopher and Friend of the World of Islam, Malick, Qayyum. , Karachi, (1954)
History of the Assassins, Oswald, Charles Wood. , Benares, p.PAGES: 304 pp., (1926)
Ikhwan us-Safa, Farrukh, Umar A. , Beirut, p.PAGES: 136 pp., (1945)
Indian Architecture, Brown, Percy. , Bombay, p.PAGES: pp. 18-19, (1942)
Ismaili Contributions to Islamic Culture, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , Tehran, p.PAGES: 265 pp., (1977)
Ismaili Literature: A Bibliographical Survey, Ivanow, Wladimir. , Tehran, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A ; VOLUME: 14 ; PAGES: xiv and 245 pp., (1933)
Ismaili Tradition Concerning the Rise of the Fatimids, Ivanow, Wladimir. , London, Bombay, p.SERIES: I.R.A. series ; VOLUME: no. 10 ; PAGES: xxii and 337 and 113 pp., (1942)
Jews and Arabs, Goitein, Solomon D. , Fatimids, p.PAGES: pp. 82-84, (1955)
Jews in the Economic and Social Life of Medieval Islam, Fischel, Walter J. , London, (1937)
Judgement on a Case against the Aga Khan, Perry, Judge. , (1848)
Mahdiya, Lezine, A. , (1965)
Marriage, Divorce and Succession in the Druze Family: a study based on decisions of Druze arbitrators and religious courts in Israel and the Golan Heights, Lahish, Aharon. , Leiden, p.SERIES: Etudes sociales, économiques et politiques du Moyen Orient ; VOLUME: XXXI ; PAGES: 474 pp., (1982)
Moslim Schisms and Sects, Halkin. , Tel-Aviv, p.PAGES: Chap. XVII, (1935)
Muslim Communities in Gujrat, Misra, S. C. , London, Bombay, p.PAGES: Pp. 54-65, (1964)
Muslim Neoplatonist: an Introduction to the Thought of the Brethren of Purity, Netton, I. R. , London, p.PAGES: 146 pp., (1982)
Narrative of a Journey into Khorassan, Fraser, J. B. , London, (1825)
Naval Power and Trade in the Mediterranean, Lewis, A. R. , Princeton, p.SERIES: The Disruptive Role of the Fatimids ; PAGES: pp. 259-262, (1951)
Observations on a unique Cufic gold coin issued by Al-Amir Beakhcam Allah, Abu Ali Manzour Ben Mustali, tenth caliph of the Fatimite Dynasty, Loewe, L. , London, (1849)
Problems in Nasir-i Khusraw's Biography, Ivanow, Wladimir. , Bombay, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series B ; VOLUME: 10 ; PAGES: 89 pp., (1956)
Qadi Nu'man b. Muhammad: `Kitab al-Iqtisar', Traité de jurisprudence ismaélienne, Mirzah, Wahid. , Domascus, p.SERIES: I.F.D. ; PAGES: xxxviii and 174 pp., (1957)
Qazi Noaman's Code of Conduct of the Followers of Imam, Muscati, Jawad. , Mombasa, (1966)
Relation d'une insigne imposture littéraire découverte dans un voyage fait en Sicile en 1794, Hager, Joseph. , Erlangen, (1799)
Religion-Partein und Philosophen Schulen, Sharastani, Abdul-Fath Muhammed al-. , p.SERIES: On Ismailis, 1 ; PAGES: 193, (1950)
Researches into the Religions of Syria, Wortabet, John. , London, p.PAGES: pp. 307, (1960)
Science and Civilisation in Islam, Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. , Cambridge/New York, (1970)
Sectes et cultes étranges, Larsen, Egon. , Paris, p.PAGES: pp. 12-30, (1973)
Shah Diz of Ismaili Fame: Its Siege and Destruction, Minasian, C. O. , p.PAGES: Pp. 71, (1971) Abstract
Some Work of Khayr Khwah of Herat, Ivanow, Wladimir. , p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A ; VOLUME: 16 ; PAGES: 16, (In Press)
Spanish Islam, Dozy, R. , London; Karachi, p.PAGES: pp. 401-415, 434 ff., (In Press)    Download:  2012-Malaysia-islamic arts museum.jpg 
Streitschrift des Ghazali gegen die Batiniyya Secte, Goldziher, Ignaz. , Leiden, (1956)
Studies in Early Ismailism, Stern, S. M. , Jerusalem; Leiden, (1983)
Studies in Early Persian Ismailism, Ivanow, Wladimir. , Bombay, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A ; VOLUME: 8 ; PAGES: 3, (1955)
Summary in French by Pierre Lory in Studia Iranica (Abstracta Iranica), Corbin, Henri. , p.SERIES: Suppl. 6. Institut Français d'Iranologie de Téhéran Leiden ; PAGES: P. 123, (1983)
Syria and the Syrians, Wortabet, Gregory M. , London, p.PAGES: pp. 102 ff., (1856)
Tasawurrat. By Nasiru'd-din Tusi., Ivanow, Wladimir.; Nasiru'd-din Tusi , Leiden, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A ; VOLUME: 4 ; PAGES: 249 pp., (1950)
Temps cyclique et gnose ismaélienne, Corbin, Henri. , Paris, (1961)
The Aga Khan and his Ancestors, Dumasia, Navoroji M. , Bombay, p.SERIES: Times of India Press ; PAGES: 375 pp., (1939) Abstract
The Aga Khan and the League of Nations, Budhwani, N. M. , Dhoraji, (1938)
The Aga Khan: Prince, Prophet, and Sportsman, Jackson, Stanley. , London, p.PAGES: 240 pp., (1952)
The Aga Khans, Frischauer, Willi. , London, p.PAGES: 285 pp., (1970)    Download:  The Aga Khans -- OCR-1_Part1.pdf  The Aga Khans -- OCR-1_Part2.pdf  The Aga Khans -- OCR-1_Part3.pdf  The Aga Khans -- OCR-1_Part4.pdf 
The Alleged Founder of Ismailism, Ivanow, Wladimir. , Bombay, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A ; VOLUME: I ; PAGES: 198 pp., (1946)
The Ansareyeh and Isma'ileyeh: A Visit to the Secret Sects of Northern Syria, Lyde, Rev. Samuel. , London, (1853)
The Ansayri and the Assassins, with Travels in the Further East, Walpole, F. , London, (1950)
The Arabian Brothers of Purity, Hungerford, E. , (1888)
The Assassins, Juvaini. , Leiden, (1937)
The Assassins, Ridley, F. , London, (193)
The Assassins: a Radical Sect in Islam, Lewis, Bernard. , New York; London, p.PAGES: 168 pp., (1968)
The Beginnings of Ismaili Dawa in Northern India, Hamdani, Abbas. , Cairo, (1956)
The Castles of the Assassins, Willey, Peter. , London, (1963)
At Tarjamuz Zahira': An Anonymous Tract on the History of Bohras, Fakir, H. M. , (1940)
Diwan al-insha': Chancery in Later Medieval Egypt, with Special Reference to Later Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk Decrees Dated 528-894 H./1134-1489 A.D.,, Imamuddin, S. M. , (1980)
Diwan' of Khaki Khorassani, Ivanow, Wladimir. , London, (In Press)
Haft Bab' or Seven Chapters or Seven Chapters, by Abu Ishaq Quhistani, Ivanow, Wladimir. , Bombay, p.SERIES: Ismaili Society Series A, 10 ; PAGES: 85 pp. (introd. and transl.) and 68 pp., (1959)
Kitab al-Majalis wa al-Musairat' of Qadi Numan, Taherali, Y. S. , (1961)
Qasida i-dhuryye' of Khakhi Khurasani, Semenov, A. , (1922)
A Bibliography of Ismailism, Tajdin, Nagib. , Delmar, N.Y., (1985)
A Byzantine Victory over the Fatimids at Alexandretta (971), Walker, Paul. , (1972)
A Chronological List of the Imams and Da'is of the Musta'lian Ismailis, Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , (1934)
A Collection of Fatimid Manuscripts., Fyzee, Asaf A. A. , (In Press)
A Comparative Table of the Bombay, Cairo, and Beyrut Editions of the Rasail Ikhwan al Safa,, Blumenthal, D. R. , (1974)
A Comparison of the Sunni Caliphate and the Shi'i Imamate, Farsakh, Andrea M. , (1969)
A Compendium of Ismaili Esoterics, Hamdani, Husayn F. al-. , (1937)
A Creed of the Fatimids, Ivanow, Wladimir. , (1963)
A Dark Period in the History of Sind, Daud Potah. , (1954)
A Distinguished Family of Fatimid Qadis in the Tenth Century, Gottheil, R. , (1907)
A Drawing of the Fatimid Period, Gray, Basil. , (1938)
A Drawing of the Fatimid Period, Rice, D. S. , (1958)

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