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Ismaili flag - It's Origin & Importance, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (2000)
Jamatkhana, Tejpar,Shamshudin G. , Ismaili Association, (Submitted)
On The Recognition of the Imam, Ivanov,W. , Ismaili Texts and Translations Series, (Submitted) Abstract
Gulshani Raz - Interpretation, Ivanov,W. , (Submitted)
Encyclopaedia of Ismailism, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , Karachi, (2006)
Imamate Enthronement Disk Cover, Anonymous , (1957)
Wordfind Games for Youth, anonymous , (2007)
Theme of Moman Man Em, Heritage , (2007)
Moman Tchetamni - Selected verses, Heritage , (2007)
Moman Tchetamni - 1 - Full Translation with Transcription, Anonymous , (Submitted)
Moman Tchetamni - 2- Full Translation, Anonymous , (Submitted)
Anant Akhado - Selected verses, Anonymous , (Submitted)
Anant Akhado - Full Translation, Karim Maherali , Ashaji, (1995)
Reading Global Islam Through Messianic Renewal in Dasavatar, Purohit, Teena , 12/2007, (2007) Abstract
A Comprehensive Grand History of the Noor en Allah Noor, Bandali Haji, Alwaez Rai Shamshuddin , Edmonton, (1979) Abstract
History Of The Ismailis, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (1998)
Ismaili History Charts, Mawjee, Nargis , (1988) Abstract
Dua - Namaz in Shia Ismaili Tariqah, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (2009) Abstract
The 'first true scientist', Al-Khalili, Jim , 01/2009, (2009)
Moman Tchetamni - Selected verses for Mayat, Anonymous , (2008)
The Extent of Our Ginanic Literature, Aziz, Abu Aly A. , Volume 1, (1990)
Satpanth Literature in Khojki Manuscripts, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (1990)
History in Ginans, Aziz, Abu Aly A. , (1990)
An Introduction to Chogadia Ginans, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (1990)
Ginans and Granths, Wards, Umed , (1990)
Proposal to Encode the Khojki Script in ISO/IEC 10646, Pandey, Anshuman , (2009)
Ismaili Hero Summaries, Anonymous , (1995)
Pensée pour l'éblouissant Golden Jubilee Darbar de Paris, Nato,Mohez , (2009) Abstract
Challis Wato - An Unpublished Granth, Rahemtulla, Mukhi Abdulsultan , (1990)
Chhatris Kror - An Unpublished Granth, Ismail, Dr. Shiraz , (1990)
Pandavo no Parab - An Unpublished Granth, Daredia, Nazim , (1990)
Pir Shamsh Jo Das Avtaar - An Unpublished Ginan, Khaki, Dr. Gulshan , (1990)
Sloko Moto - Translation, Anonymous , (Submitted)
Boudh Awatar: Ainsi Parla Boudh Awtar, Edwards, U.M. , (1990)
Qalaam-e-Mowla - Text and Translation, Ibn Abu Talib, Hazrat Ali , (Submitted)
Qalaam-e-Mowla - Translation and Summary, Bandali Haji, Alwaez Shamsudin , (1982)
The Khojki Script, Khaki, Dr. Gulshan , (1990)
Some Guidelines for Cataloguing Khojki Manuscripts, Asani, Dr. Ali S. , (1990)
Catalogue of Khojkî Manuscripts available through the Heritage Society, Heritage Society , (1990)
Khojki Books Accessible through the Heritage Society, Heritage Society , (1990)
Kalam-e Imam-e Zaman Golden Edition Farmans 1957-2009, Aga Khan,H.H. Prince Karim , p.1552, (2009) Abstract
Ginan and Farman - Necessity of Dissemination: Extracts, Heritage , (2008)
Ritual and Daily Life: Transmission and interpretation of the Ismaili tradition in Vancouver, Dossa, Parin Aziz , (1985)
The Vedas as Sources of Satpanthi Ismaili Ginan Literature, Khakee, Dr. Gulshan , Khojki Conference 1991 Proceedings, (2011) Abstract
AGREEMENT OF COOPERATION BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA AND THE ISMAILI IMAMA, The Ismaili Imamat; Government of Alberta , (2012)    Download:  2012_10_24_-_Agreement_of_Cooperation_-_Alberta__oct_12--_OCR.pdf  2012_10_24_-_Agreement_of_Cooperation_-_Alberta__oct_12--_OCR.pdf  2012_10_24_-_Agreement_of_Cooperation_-_Alberta__oct_12--_OCR.pdf 
The prophetic Figure of Adam within the Fatimid Tradition, Nomoto, Shin , Proceedings of the SOS Khojki Conference , Volume 1991, (1991) Abstract
Health, AKHS , 03/1983, (Submitted)
Travel from Bombay to Najaf, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali; Mukhi Kassim Musa , (Submitted)
Cairo - "From the Pages of Glorious Fatimid History", Unknown , 01/1969, (1969)
Mowlana Sultan Muhammed Shah: The Devoted Champion Of Islam, Anonymous , Volume Vol.I, Issue No.7, (Submitted)
Chantas, Anonymous , (Submitted)
Selected Ginans For Mayat, Pirs , (2008)    Download:  Mayat-Ginans.doc 
The Relation Between the Druze Faith and OtherReligions , Abi-Khzam, Sheikh Anwar F. Ph.D.Prof , (2000)
A Descriptive Catalogue of the Fyzee Collection of Ismaili Manuscripts, Gorianwala, Mu'izz. , Bombay, p.PAGES: 172 pp., (1965)
Ba'zi az Ta'wilat-e Gulshan-e Raz., Alibhai, Najmuddin. , London, p.PAGES: 11 pp., (1983)
A Brief History of Ismailism, Alibhai Aziz, Abualy. , Toronto, (1977)
A Ministry of Propaganda under the Fatimids, Barghuthy, Amar Saleh . , (1947)
Ceramics from the World of Islam, Atil, E. , Washington, (1973)
Mussulman Culture, Barthold, W. , Lahore, p.PAGES: p. 97; Ismailism and Fatimids, pp. 61 ff.; Alamût, pp. 100 ff., (In Press)
Abbasid and Fatimid Political Relations during the Buhawid Period, Abou Said, A. C. , (In Press)
Abu 'Abd Allah al-Shi'i, Stern, S. M. , (In Press)
Abu Ya`qub al-Sijistani and Kitab Sullam al-Najat: A Study in Islamic Neoplatonism, Alibhai Abualy, Mohamed. , (1983) Abstract
Al-Azhar . . . in a Thousand Years, Alwaye, M. , p.SERIES: Majalat al-Azhar ; VOLUME: XLVIII ; PAGES: ch.1-6, (1976)
An Arabic-Persian Wooden Kufic Ms. from the Royal Library of Shah Husein Safawi, Abbott, N. , p.SERIES: A.I. ; VOLUME: V ; PAGES: 89-94, (1938)
Batiniyya, Hodgson, Marshall G. S. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) ; PAGES: pp. 1098-1100, (In Press)
Crucial Bonds: Marriage among the Lebanese Druzes, Alamuddin, Nura S.; Paul D. Starr. , Delmar, N.Y., (1980)
Djazirat al-'Arab, Rentz, G. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) I ; PAGES: pp. 551-552, (In Press)
Establishment of the Fatemid Dynasty in Northern Africa, Arib, Ibn Saad. , (1840)
Fatimid and Post-Fatimid Glass Jetons from Sicily, Balog, B. , p.SERIES: Studi Magrebini VII ; PAGES: 125-148, (1975)
Fatimid Glass Jetons: Token Currency or Coin-Weight?, Balog, B. , p.SERIES: JESHO ; VOLUME: XXIV ; PAGES: 93-109, (1981)
Four Egypto-Islamic Carved Panels, Aga-Oglu, M. , p.SERIES: Bull. Detroit Institute of Art ; VOLUME: II ; PAGES: 28-31, (1929)
Ghadir Khumm, Veccia Vaglieri. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) ; PAGES: pp. 993-994, (In Press)
Ginans of Ismaili Pirs Rendered Into English Verse. Karachi: Ismailia Association for Pakistan, Al-Kaak , Karachi, p.PAGES: 411 pp., (1984)
Hudjdja, Hodgson, Marshall G. S. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) III ; PAGES: pp. 543-545, (In Press)
Islam and Socio-Economic Development: a Case Study of a Muslim Minority in Tanzania, Amiji, Hatim. , p.SERIES: Journal of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs IV ; PAGES: 175-187, (1982)
Ismaili Faith, Ceremonies and Customs., Alibhai Aziz, Abualy. , (1971)
Ismaili Population in the World., Alibhai Aziz, Abualy. , (1978)
Ismaili Selections from the 4th, 6th, 7th, and 10th Hijra Centuries, Awwa, Adil. , Damascus, (1958)
Ismailis, Adams, Charles. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: Encyclopaedia Americana XV ; PAGES: p. 513, (1979)
Jalaludin Rumi and Shams-i-Tabrizi, Avery, Peter W. , p.SERIES: M.W. ; VOLUME: XLVI, no. 3, (1965)
Kenya, Salim, A. I. , p.SERIES: s.v ; VOLUME: E.I. (new) IV ; PAGES: p. 888, (In Press)
Library Resources at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, London,, Gacek, Adam. , p.SERIES: British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Bulletin ; VOLUME: XI ; PAGES: pp. 63-64, (1984)
Mowlana Imam Sultan Mohamed Shah: The48th Ismaili Imam., Alibhai Aziz, Abualy. , (1977)
Nasir-i Khusraw, Arberry, Arthur John. , p.SERIES: s.v. ; VOLUME: E.B. (new ed.), (In Press)
Notes on some Fatimid Round-Flan dirhems, Balog, B. , p.SERIES: N.C., ser. 7 ; VOLUME: I ; PAGES: 175-179, (1961)
Our Freedom Fighters (1562/1947): Twenty-one Great Lives, Al-Kaak , p.PAGES: 350 pp., (In Press)
Political Structure of a Middle East Community: A Druze Village in Mount Lebanon., Ayoub, Victor Ferris. , (1955)
Religious Leadership and Social Change in the Ismaili Khoja Community, Ahmed, S. S. , (1975)
Role of the Late Aga Khan as a Leader of the Muslims of the Subcontinent in the Political Field, Alidina, Sherali. , p.PAGES: pp. 125 ff., (1968) Abstract
Shams Tabrizi. Was he an Ismailian?, Akhtar, Ahmedian. , p.SERIES: I.C. ; VOLUME: X ; PAGES: 131-136, (1936)
The Aga Khan Moslem Pontiff, Baker, Robert L. , p.SERIES: Current History ; PAGES: 591-597, (In Press)
The Asian Communities., Amiji, Hatim. , New York, p.PAGES: pp. 141-175, (1969)
The Bohras of East Africa, Amiji, Hatim. , p.SERIES: Journal of Religion in Africa ; VOLUME: VII/1 ; PAGES: 27-61, (1972)    Download:  node-27997-The Bohras of East Africa, By Amiji, H.pdf 
The Brethren Of Purity, Sufi, Isma'ili, Yezidi. , (In Press)
The Druze People and their Religion, Barbour, N. , p.SERIES: J. of Palestine Oriental Society ; VOLUME: XIX ; PAGES: 14-17, (1939)
The Druzes: a New Study of their History, Faith and Society, Abu-Izzedin, Nejla. , Leiden, p.PAGES: 259 pp., (1984)
Ba'zi az Ta'wilat-e Gulshan-e Raz., Alibhai, Najmuddin. , London, p.PAGES: 11 pp., (1983)
Abu Ya'qub al-Sijistani: Intellectual Missionary, Walker, Paul. , p.SERIES: Encycl. Iranica I, fasc. 4 ; PAGES: pp. 396-398, (In Press)
Abu Ya'cub al Sijistani and the Development of Isma'ili Neoplatonism., Walker, Paul. , p.219p, (1993) Abstract
Al-Ghazali’s turning point: on the writings on his personal crisis, Hozien, Muhammad , (In Press)

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