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Other Document
Proposal to Encode the Khojki Script in ISO/IEC 10646, Pandey, Anshuman , (2009)
Historical Document
AGREEMENT OF COOPERATION BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA AND THE ISMAILI IMAMA, The Ismaili Imamat; Government of Alberta , (2012)    Download:  2012_10_24_-_Agreement_of_Cooperation_-_Alberta__oct_12--_OCR.pdf  2012_10_24_-_Agreement_of_Cooperation_-_Alberta__oct_12--_OCR.pdf  2012_10_24_-_Agreement_of_Cooperation_-_Alberta__oct_12--_OCR.pdf 
Ismaili History Charts, Mawjee, Nargis , (1988) Abstract
Anant Akhado - Selected verses, Anonymous , (Submitted)
Moman Tchetamni - Selected verses for Mayat, Anonymous , (2008)
Moman Tchetamni - Selected verses, Heritage , (2007)
Moman Tchetamni - 1 - Full Translation with Transcription, Anonymous , (Submitted)
Moman Tchetamni - 2- Full Translation, Anonymous , (Submitted)
Theme of Moman Man Em, Heritage , (2007)
Anant Akhado - Full Translation, Karim Maherali , Ashaji, (1995)
LE SERMON D’Al-GHADIR - Traduction Francaise, Prophet Muhammad , (1995) Abstract
Avichal Allah, Avichal Khalaq, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz Ali , (1993) Abstract    Download:  Avichal Allah Avichal Khalaq by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin.pdf 
Gulshani Raz - Interpretation, Ivanov,W. , (Submitted)
Health, AKHS , 03/1983, (Submitted)
Ismailis in Russia, Ivanow, Prof. W. , Issue No.5, (Submitted)
Ismaili Missionaries, Ivanow, Prof. W. , Issue No. 26, (Submitted)
Jamatkhana, Tejpar,Shamshudin G. , Ismaili Association, (Submitted)
Mowlana Sultan Muhammed Shah: The Devoted Champion Of Islam, Anonymous , Volume Vol.I, Issue No.7, (Submitted)
My First Meeting With the Ismailis in Persia, Ivanow, Prof. W. , (Submitted)
The Meaning of Six Days in Which God Created the Heavens and Earth , Al-Shiraz, Al-Muayyad-Fid-din , (Submitted)
Chiragh-I-Rawshan - An Ismaili Tradition in Central Asia, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (In Press) Abstract
Al-Shaykh al-Ṭūsī: His Writings on Theology and their Reception, Ansari, Hassan; Schmidtke, Sabine , (2020)
Fatimid Da’wa and Ismaili resistance to Seljuq rule in Iran, Pabón, Sebastián Cote , 2020, (2020)
Fatimids: A Legacy of Pluralism, Pachani, Naila , (2020)
Islamic History B: From the Crusades to the 'Gunpowder Empires', Unknown , 2020, (2020)
Salah al-Din and Syrian Assassins, Narimanishvili, George , 2020, (2020)
Sectarian References of Political Position of Nizārī Ismāʿīlīs in 11th and 12th centuries, Demirtaş, Dücane , 2020, (2020) Abstract
The Fatimid Caliphate Diversity of Traditions, Daftary, Farhad; Jiwa, Shainool , 2020, (2020)
The Egyptian Art of the Tiraz in Fatimid Times, O’Kane, Bernard , 2020, (2020)
The Turkic Dynasties of Ghaznavids and Seljuqs role in Consolidating a Sunni Identity, Donmez, Adile Sedef , 2020, (2020) Abstract
Alamūt, Ismailism and Khwājah Qāsim Tushtarī’s Recognizing God, Virani, Shafique N. , 2018, Issue No 1-2 , p.193-227, (2018)
An Assessment Batiniyya In History Of Seljuk, Bekman, Busranur , 2018, (2018)
Beyond the Qur’ān: Early Ismaʿīlī Taʾwīl and the Secrets of the Prophets, Andani, Khalil , 2018, (2018)    Download:  Review_Beyond_the_Quran_Early_Ismaili_T.pdf 
The Effects of Succession Crisis between Bayezid II and Cem Sultan on Ottoman Foreign Policy, Demirtaş, Dücane , 2017, (2017)
A History of Syncretism of the Khoja Muslim Community, Ranjan, Amit , 2017, Volume 4: 1-2, Issue March-June, p.53-65, (2017) Abstract
Has Kalki Already Appeared as ʿAlī? The Influence of Hindu Beliefs on the Nizārī Ismaili Khojas, KUTLUTURK, Cemil , 2017, Volume Vol X, Issue No. 1, (2017)
ISLAMISATION ON THE IRANIAN PERIPHERY: NASIR-I KHUSRAW AND ISMAILISM IN BADAKHSHAN, Behen,Daniel , 2017, (2017)    Download:  Islamisation_on_the_Iranian_Periphery_N.pdf 
Persecutions against Ismaʿili Missionaries in Central Asia: The Case of Nāser , Mahamid, Hatim , 2017, (2017)
THE FATIMID HOLY CITY: REBUILDING JERUSALEM IN THE ELEVENTH CENTURY, PRUITT, JENNIFER , 2017, p.35-56, (2017)    Download:  The_Fatimid_Holy_City_Rebuilding_Jerusal.pdf 
The Shi'i World: Pathways in Tradition and Modernity, Daftary, Farhad; Sajoo, Amyn B; Jiwa, Shainool , 2017, (2017) Abstract
Antoine Isaac Silvestre de Sacy and the Myth of the Hachichins: Orientalizing hashish in nineteenth-century France, Guba, David A , 2019, Volume Vol 30, Issue SHAD (2016, (2016)
A teaching and learning guide for: “A survey of Ismaili studies Part 1” and “A survey of Ismaili studies Part 2”, Andani,Khalil , 2016, (2016)
English and the transnational Ismaili Muslim community: Identity, the Aga Khan, and infrastructure, Bolander, Brook , 2016, p.583-604, (2016)
Les manuscrits du sud de la vallée de l’Indus en écriture khojkī sindhī, Bhalloo, Zahir; Akhtar, Iqbal , 2016, (2016) Abstract    Download:  Les_manuscrits_du_sud_de_la_vallee_de_l.pdf 
SECTARIANIST WRITINGS IN ISLAM: PREJUDICE AGAINST THE HASHSHASHIN IN 12TH AND 13TH CENTURY MUSLIM HISTORIOGRAPHY, Shahid, Natasha , 2016, (2016)    Download:  Sectarianist_Writings_In_Islam_Prejudice.pdf 
The Dhimmis and their Role in the Administration of the Fatimid State, Kharanbeh, Dr. Saleh; Hamad, Dr. Muhammad , 2016, (2016) Abstract
VERNACULAR SCRIPTS OF THE INDUS VALLEY AND BEYOND, Shackle,, Christopher , 2016, (2016) Abstract
A Semiotics of Infinite Translucence: The Exoteric and Esoteric in Ismaili Muslim Hermeneutics, Karim, Karim H. , 2015, Volume Vol 40 , Issue (2015), p.11-28, (2015)
The origins, evolution and decline of the Khojki script, Bruce, Juan , 2015, (2015)
Negotiating the Racial Boundaries of Khōjā Caste Membership in Late Nineteenth-Century Colonial Zanzibar (1878–1899), Akhtar, Iqbal , 2014, (2014) Abstract    Download:  Negotiating_the_Racial_Boundaries_of_Kho.pdf 
The Narrative Prayers ( kaha ) of the Indo-African Khōjā, Akhtar, Iqbal , 2014, (2014)    Download:  The_Narrative_Prayers_kahai_of_the_Afri.pdf 
Addenda to Secondary Sources in Ismāʿīlī Studies: The Case of the Omissions, JIWA, NAWAZALI A. , 2013, Issue Number 86, p.20-100, (2013)
IIS alumni, 2013 (various topics), Saleh, Ambreen , 2013, Issue 2013, (2013) Abstract    Download:  Culture_Connections_IIS_Alumni_Newslette.pdf 
Historical Dictionary of the Ismailis, Daftary, Farhad. , 2012, p.275, (2012)
The Fatimids and the Red Sea, Bramoullé, David , 2012, (2012)
The Qā’im and Qiyāma Doctrines in the Thought of Fāṭimid and Alamūt Ismāʿīlism: The Evolution of a Doctrine, Pabani, Nadim , 2012, (2012)    Download:  The_Qa_im_and_Qiyama_Doctrines_in_the_Th.pdf 
The Aga Khan Case: Religion and Identity in Colonial India, Purohit, Teena , 2012, (2012) Abstract
A Modern History of the Ismailis Continuity and Change in a Muslim Community, Daftary, Farhad; Karim, Karim H. , 2011, (2011)
Al-‘Aziz bi’llah, Jiwa, Shainool , 2011, (2011) Abstract
Fortresses of the Intellect Ismaili and Other Islamic Studies, Alí-de-Unzaga,Omar , 2011, (2011)
Redefining Muslim Women: Aga Khan III’s Reforms for Women’s Education, Khoja-Moolji, Shenila. , 2011, (2011)    Download:  Redefining_Muslim_Women_Aga_Khan_III_s_R.pdf 
Redefining Muslim Women: Aga Khan III’s Reforms for Women’s Education, Khoja-Moolji, Shenila. , 2011, (2011)
Studying Isma‘ili Texts in Eleventh-Century Shiraz: al-Mu'ayyad and the “Conversion” of the Buyid Amir Abu Kalijar, Alexandrin, Elizabeth R. , (2011)    Download:  Studying_Ismaili_Texts_in_Eleventh-Cent.pdf 
Taqiyya and Identity in a South Asian Community, VIRANI, SHAFIQUE N. , 2011, (2011)    Download:  Taqiyya_and_Identity_in_a_South_Asian_Co.pdf 
A Comparison of the Refugee Resettlement of Ugandan Ismaili Muslims and Cambodian Theravada Buddhists in Canada, Cummins, Alyshea , 2010, (2010) Abstract
A Comparison of the Refugee Resettlement of Ugandan Ismaili Muslims and Cambodian Theravada Buddhists in Canada, Cummins, Alyshea , 2010, (2010)    Download:  A_Comparison_of_the_Refugee_Resettlement.pdf 
Dua - Namaz in Shia Ismaili Tariqah, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (2009) Abstract
Pensée pour l'éblouissant Golden Jubilee Darbar de Paris, Nato,Mohez , (2009) Abstract
The 'first true scientist', Al-Khalili, Jim , 01/2009, (2009)
Ginan and Farman - Necessity of Dissemination: Extracts, Heritage , (2008)
Kharadhar - Oldest Jamat in Karachi, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , 07/2007, (2007)
Reading Global Islam Through Messianic Renewal in Dasavatar, Purohit, Teena , 12/2007, (2007) Abstract
The Entanglement of the Ginans in Khoja Governance, Shodhan, Amrita , 2007, (2007)    Download:  The_entanglement_of_the_Ginan_in_Khoja_g.doc  The_entanglement_of_the_Ginan_in_Khoja_g.doc 
Isma‘ili Da‘wa and Politics in Fatimid Egypt, Mahamid, Hatim , 2006, (2006)    Download:  Ismaili_Dawa_and_Politics_in_Fatimid_Egy.pdf 
NCAB Canada Submission to Ontario Arbitration Review, Aga Khan NCAB Canada , (2004) Abstract
The Ismaili "Ginan" Tradition from the Indian Subcontinent, Gillani, Karim , 2004, (2004)
Voyage of Pir Sabzali in Central Asia, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (2001)
A Short History of the Ismailis Traditions of a Muslim Community, Daftary, Farhad , 1998, (1998)    Download:  Reading_Guide_A_Short_History_of_the_Ism.pdf 
An Introduction to Chogadia Ginans, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (1990)
Challis Wato - An Unpublished Granth, Rahemtulla, Mukhi Abdulsultan , (1990)
Chhatris Kror - An Unpublished Granth, Ismail, Dr. Shiraz , (1990)
Catalogue of Khojkî Manuscripts available through the Heritage Society, Heritage Society , (1990)
History in Ginans, Aziz, Abu Aly A. , (1990)
Khojki Books Accessible through the Heritage Society, Heritage Society , (1990)
Pandavo no Parab - An Unpublished Granth, Daredia, Nazim , (1990)
Pir Shamsh Jo Das Avtaar - An Unpublished Ginan, Khaki, Dr. Gulshan , (1990)
Satpanth Literature in Khojki Manuscripts, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (1990)
Some Guidelines for Cataloguing Khojki Manuscripts, Asani, Dr. Ali S. , (1990)
The Extent of Our Ginanic Literature, Aziz, Abu Aly A. , Volume 1, (1990)
The Khojki Script, Khaki, Dr. Gulshan , (1990)
Lailat Al-Qadr 15 Chantas, Anonymous , (1980)
Cairo - "From the Pages of Glorious Fatimid History", Unknown , 01/1969, (1969)
Expedition to Khorassan, Willey,Peter; M.A.; T.D.; F.R.G.S. , (1967)
The Philosophical Significance of the Imam in Isma'ilism, Makarem, Sami N. , Volume XXVII, p.41-53, (1967)
Circulars of The Religious Study Group Of Mombasa (Consolidated), Mombasa Study Group , 1959Mombasa , (1959)
Imamate Enthronement Disk Cover, Anonymous , (1957)
Religion of My Ancestors - Islam, Aga Khan III, Sir Sultan Mohamed , (1954)

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