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Ahong naam Gur shabd haiPir Hassan Kabirdin18General Ginan | Abdou | Ruhani Enlightenment
Ahunkaar mede dhiyaan dharinePir Indra Imaamdin5General Ginan | Advice
Ahunkaar sabde Shah aarabh kiyaaSayyed Imaam Shaah 24General Ginan | Advice
Ajab ajaayeb dekho moman bhaaiPir Sadardin13General Ginan | History | Advice
Ajab jamaana sunno moman bhaaiPir Shams30General Ginan | Advice
Ajab Saher madhe khalaak sirajiyaaPir Shams 26General Ginan | Advice | History
Ajar jariyo na jaay bhoraa magnaviPir Sadardin10General Ginan | Advice | Jodilo
Alaf niraale Khaalakh raajaPir Sadardin11General Ginan | Service
Alakh achede abhed aparamparPir Sadardin17General Ginan | Akhrat | History
Alakh srevo baana aapnnuPir Sadardin10General Ginan
Alakh srevo banna heth dhariPir Sadardin16General Ginan | History
Allah ek khasam sab kaaPir Sadardin17General Ginan | Ruhani Enlightenment
Amar te aayo more shaah ji joPir Sadardin17General Ginan | Changeover | History
Ame naa aaviye gaam maa- jodilo - 18Pir Shams40General Ginan | History
Ame Saaheb saathe sahel kidahPir Abdal Nabi9General Ginan | Advice | Venti
Amr ful chhe gur ji ne haathPir Sayyed Imaam Shaah 15General Ginan | Advice | Jodilo
Amraapur bahaar ek nadiPir Sayeed Imaam Shaah 12General Ginan | Advice | Jodilo
Amraapuri manhe anantPir Sayyed Imaam Shaah 14General Ginan | Jodilo
Anant aaranmbh Swami-e intth maahePir Indra Imaamdin4General Ginan | Advice
Anant Akhado (Ashaji)Pir Hassan Kabirdin500General Ginan | Venti | History | Granth
Anant rup saami-e shabd-j bhanniyePir Imaam Shah14General Ginan | Advice
Antaal vella vaapariPir Hassan Kabirdin8General Ginan | Advice
Aparam jyare aavsheSayyed Imaam Shaah 8General Ginan | Advice | Akhrat
Apnaa parab jyaare khutshePir Sadardin6General Ginan | Advice
Avichal allah avi chal khalakPir Sadardin13General Ginan | Advice
Avichal bhagat vimras huwaPir Sayeed Imaam Shaah 10General Ginan | Advice | Service
Awal tunhi akhir tunhiPir Sadardin7General Ginan | Ruhani Enlightenment
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