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Laagi re jene man vishePir Satgur Noor6General Ginan | Advice | Venti
Laavo laavo ghaans bandhaavoPir Sadardin5General Ginan | Akhrat | History
Laavo to aanhi lodiyenPir Shams9General Ginan | Ruhani Enlightenment
Lele loli Karsan shaamadhePir Hassan Kabirdin11General Ginan | Advice | History
Lil varann dhandhukaar ji hotaaPir Indra Imaamdin12General Ginan | Advice
Lil varann dhandhukaar jo hotaaPir Imaam Shaah 6General Ginan | Advice
Lobh savarathe jiv tun bhuliyoSayyed Imaam Shaah11General Ginan | Akhrat
Lobh savarathe jiv tun vaapiyoSayyed Imaam Shaah14General Ginan | Akhrat
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