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Taadhu taadhu mithaadhuPir Sadardin4General Ginan | Advice
Taare putthaddiyen chhe paanchPir Shamash7General Ginan | Advice
Taariyen tun taarannPir Sadardin6General Ginan | History | Chogariyo Morning
Tab Pir Kabirdin ham kuSayyed Imaam Shaah 10General Ginan | History | Jodilo
Tajiyo sang ku sangi yaarePir Sadardin 12General Ginan | Advice
Tam kun sadhaare soh dinPir Sadardin11General Ginan | Ruhani Enlightenment | Venti
Tamaara thai ame srevaSayyed Imaam Shah 12General Ginan | Advice | Jodilo
Tame ghaaflate ma suvore munivaroSayyed Imaam Shaah11General Ginan | Subhu Sadak
Tame sunno minivaro ved vichaaroPir Indra Imaam Shaah 23General Ginan | Advice
Tamne raaji yen bolaaviya - jodilo - 17Pir Sadardin15General Ginan | Advice
Teeth Aatthmee Aavyaa Gaam Naa Lok - Garbi 16Pir Shamsh19Garbi
Teeth Navmee Aavyaa Gurujee Aap - Garbi NO.19Pir Shamsh18Garbi
Thar thar moman bhaai koi raheshe jiPir Sadardin19General Ginan | History
Til bhaar tulannaaPir Sadardin4General Ginan | Akhrat
Tiyaan dul dul ghode saami raajaPir Shamash45General Ginan | Advice | History
Tiyaan Gur-e ginaan kariyaa - jodilo - 11Pir Shams15General Ginan | Advice
Tiyaan thi ame aaviya unchh maa- jodilo- 5Pir Shams8General Ginan | Advice
Tran tran jug vartiyaa munivaraaPir Hassam Shaah 6General Ginan | History
Tran tran ved maa dhyaavoSayyed Imaam Shaah 21General Ginan | Advice
Travenni sansaar maahen jilantaPir Sadardin8General Ginan | Advice
Tri tri lok dhar Ali hekPir Sadardin5General Ginan | Chogariyo Morning | Ruhani Enlightenment
Tum chet man meraaBibi Imaam Begum10General Ginan | Advice
Tun hi gur tun hi narPir Sadardin9General Ginan | Chogariyo Morning | Praise
Turi yen bhi turi yen sacho saamiPir Sadardin10General Ginan | Ruhani Enlightenment
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