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I am searching for my childhood Ismaili friends from Zanzibar, Tanzania, who left the country abruptly, after the overthrow of government in 1964. I have recently moved to Los Angeles, California, and have been told there are quite a few ex-Zanzibaris in the city. If you are from Zanzibar, whether from Darajani, Mchangani, Mulandege, Mwembeladu or Ghambhu area, or if you know of any ex-Zanzibari, please contact me at:


Thank you very much. I love you all.


my father is from zanzibar.my grandfather's name is count mohammed varas saleh kassam.i reside in calgary but my father resides in mombasa,kenya.if you would like to contact him at nuralli@coastlamps.com

thank you

JK in Europe

I am going on vacation to three destination, Madrid,Spain PAris, France and Lisbon, Portugal. I would appreciate if I can get info to attend JK meet my Ismaili jamat while I am visiting

Jamat Khana in Jaipur

Is there jamat Khana in Jaipur (Rajestan)?

If No J.K. in Jaipur (India), then which is the nearest JK

Ya Ali Madad ! If there is No Jamat Khana in Jaipur (India), then please advise which is the nearest JK.

Thank you & YAM

You may reply direct to my email address at shiraztours@yahoo.ca

Shiraz Mohamed

Ya Ali Madad

Ya Ali Madad to every one

I send my best wishes to my dear brothers and sisters.

I wish you all the best in your life.

Kind Regards




Please can someone help me. I am looking for JK in or around Inglewood, Los angeles..Thank you sooo much.


Jamat Khana near Inglewood CA

There is Torrance Jamatkhana which is about 6 to 8 miles from Inglewood CA.

JK around Inglewood, CA

Salim, your closest JK would be Torrance at 3625 Del Amo Boulevard.
Another alternative would be Santa Monica khana at 3360 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica across from the El Torito Grill.

need prayers

.…I hope that every buddy had a nice time during the Imamat day celebrations of 2009….. like the jamat is usually having every time…..but a small piece of information I want to add with this to entire global jamat that as we all know the law and order situation in Pakistan is getting worse day by the day, creating disruptions among the communities in all this chaos the talibinization which is a part of ideological conflictional genre, is rooting disturbance in the peace of the country . It is creating tensions for all and targeting their rivals, the ismailia jamat has also became their avengens specifically in the northern areas of Pakistan which includes the areas of chitral yaseen and some areas of gilgit.
In a very unfortunate incident, four Chitralis (expectedly belonging to ismaili jamat) were slaughtered by Taliban in Bajaur. They were traveling to Peshawar from Chitral. They got into a wagon in Timergarah for Peshawar. When they reached Mandal Khawar area of Khar tehsil, the militants waylaid the vehicle and asked if there is any Chitrali in the wagon. Later, they checked the ID cards of the passengers and pulled the Chitralis down and killed them. Two of the ill-fated Chitralis were brothers and belonged to Karimabad in Garam Chashma (majority population of garam chashma is comprising of more than thousands of ismailies); one was from Shogram and the fourth was a resident of Kosht. Jamat get strengthen we need your prayers, previously I used to be emotional and ask my self that why Maula is not coming to Pakistan, but I got my answer on the kushali day, 11 july 2009 ………now I am alert and thinking technically in different vertices….Maula knows better……just praying that May Maula bless us all with his Noor and safe us from evils.

we pray karim to give health happyness to all isamaily alam keep

really we hapy you got very good chance we hope all isamaily alam get also we pray karim keep all isamali alam under his blessing and khanawadan all time our progress is khanawadan and regular blessing and gidens we hope will get thatv amin lakhani

Need unity and prayers in these bad situation ....

Dear Nizar bhai

I m feeling really very bad to know all this...but inshallah eveything will be fine the MHI blessings. I dont understand what this taliban is getting by doing all this...instead it making Islam names more worst....we all uniter and pray for peace and siratal mustakim.....ameen...

JK Database

Why is it there is no comprehensive site with a database of all the Jamtkhana's of the world with names, addresses and info on current Mukhi's etc?

How difficult can this be? A database would encourage us to visit JK while traveling and foster a closeness between Ismailis of different cultural and national backgrounds.

The world is changing rapidly and it is time we moved forward into the information age

looking to rental for six months in florida


I'm looking for a place to Rent a Furnished Room from October to April every year in Fort Lauderdale or Miami near Jamat Khana. I don't smoke I'm allargic to smoking or don't drink alcohol. I'm very quite. Very Religious.

JK listings

Ya Ali Madad. I agree that a listing of jamatkhanas would be ideal.

This starts with a first step so lets be positive in our suggestions and comments.

In brotherhood,

jamat khana address and phone numbers

looking for the jk in niagara falls, london ontario, new jk in toronto, ottawa, quebec city and halifax.ph numbers and address please email to alina786@telus.net
thank you and YAM

YAM All I am visiting


I am visiting Detroit for a business trip next week. Can anyone tell me if there is a jamatkhana or any Ismaili's living in Detroit or surrounding areas please?


karima r u from versova,andheri, mumbai{india}if yes please contact me on sadik.daredia@hotmail.com
if not then it's ok! but if yes atleast please contact me searching u since 2000.YAM!

Detroit JK Address

27712 Franklin Road, Southfield, MI 48034

JK in Detroit

Hi Minaz,

I am in Detroit for 2 days for a couple of meetings. I would really like to go to JK tonight, but its a bit far from where I am staying in Dowtown (Holiday Inn Express). Do you know anyone who lives near this area that would be willing to take me. I don't have my US cell phone on me, but you can email me at IrfaanL@gmail.com with your phone number and I can call you from my hotel.

I really appreciate any help you can give.



Can any one tell me abt Jamatkhanas in China. As I am going there for a holiday and would love to meet our fellow ismaili's

ismailis in china

Ya ali madad

ismailis living in xinjiang china there is abut 60000 ismailis 54 jamatkhana

you can contact in urumqi Mr sakhijan phone #0086-13899944984


Gilgit pakistan


your info

Its a pity Aliyar...i wish i had known of your info about ismailis and JKs in Xinjiang...was in china and specifically in xinjiang about couple of years ago...would have really loved connecting with our fellow ismailis there...have been following events there for sometime...ami


A well-researched excellent material for wide publication to raise awareness of our rich heritage of our mystical faith not just mechanical observance of prescribed prayers within mosques or other forms of prayer-houses. Self-search is what Ismaili faith is based on, on the gift of Aq'l from Allah, or intelligence that humans 'insaan' have as opposed to those of the animal kingdom of 'hewan' who are supposed to have a limited form of it; at least in the abstract thinking point of view. They live more by 'nafs' or instincts. Humans have to cultivate the highest form of 'nafs' and overcome that at animal level in a mystical sense. This is what 'fannah fillah' is about. This is based on my personal stimulation I achieved via reading this article. Thanks!


I agree "Aq'l " is what distingushes us from animals and its the very same thing which should prompt us to respect other human beings and their faith, however the form of practice from may appear to the outside less knowledgeable observer.

IBO & PEMBA Islands of Mozambique

Mukhi Saheb ,
Maputo Jamatkhana ,Mozambique

Are there ismaili Jamat and the Jamatkhanas in Ibo & Pemba Isand ? Please provide contact Email ID of your known Ismaili for communication.
Regards and Ya Ali Madad.
Mapusa, Goa.


dear you know whree is IBO,? IT IS A ILAND FAR FROM pemba, also call Port Amelia, in portuguese ec- colonial time.i dont know there is a road to Ibo or not ,but by samll boat,and there no JK neither in IBo ,nor in Pemba.but there is one exismaili family in pemba. i have live inmozambique for 15 years.-ali

Ibo & Pemba Islands

Ya Ali madad. Thank you very much for the informations. Further to this can you get me in touch with that perticular ismaili family. My contact Email ID is rassiwala123@yahoo.co.in & ksh_rassiwala@hotmail.com
Phone: 0091 832 2264514 .Mob.: 9423882446. I shall be highly obliged for further informations . Best of regards, best of wishes and Ya ali madad.
Kamaludin S. Haji Rassiwala
Soap,Detergent Technologist.
Mapusa, Goa.

Address of Jamat Khana in Italy-Turen

Ya Ali Madad to all the visitors of this site!!!!

My uncle is to visit Italy from Pakistan in this month and he wants for some information about the existing JKs in Turen Italy or near by..... If anyone of you can give some directions which may help will be very good. I wish you all very very very barakats in the upcoming blessing moment of Imamat Day Mubarak.
Ya Ali Madad

Gojal Pakistan

Ya Ali Madad to all in the Immamat day

let say from all my heart to all Ismailies all over the world reaching to the seventh sky Mobark to us to all in the Immamat day wish good health life and happiness to my spiritual brothers and sisters in this wonderful day it's from us and to us .Aday considered since the beginning of creation the best day of " Morreden of H.H Maolana Hazer Immam "Mobark to us ,to U and so many thanks to those who work on this site 'cause allowed the Ismailian bro and sis to communicate to gather in touch with a heavenly love bounded with the love and loyalty to the Immam's Immamat and Y.A.M
Maolana Ali Madad

congratulatio for imamat day all of you and famaly members

request pls pray for us shah karim come to pakistan since long we are waiting congratulation all isamaili world on this mubarak celebration with ya ali madad lakhani

Virtual Jamatkhana

Du'as should not be more then 7 min each time
Please get better reciters of Du'a
each day tasbis, Ginans & waez should be changed to bring in variety in presenters

Please Contribute your audio recitations

This is your virtual Jamatkhana. Please contribute additional recitations, and we will post them.

To change ginans and waez just reload the virtual jk page or press F5 inside the virtual JK.

need ur prayers

I m really happy for those who could have the opportunity to attend the Golden Jublee darbar, they r lucky and blessed by the greatest Barakaat of Mula….its just a request that they should really call the tasbeh of shukarana zillion times….and should not forget to pray for those who r still waiting in the cue just to have a single glimpse of our Beloved Imam……

Thats true one who got the

Thats true one who got the opportunity to get the glimpse of our beloved hazar imam are blessed lifetime. but Nizar trust me we guys pray everyday for jamat in pakistan that they are also blessed with didar.... amin

thankz for ur prayers

Thankz a lot for ur prayers Rahim…I m really happy and I have many reasons to acclaim my happiness specially specially being An Ismaili which also makes me feel proud….and now u see I can technically prove to the outer world that see this is Imailisam where we r united and have one objective in our hearts and soul…..thankz a lot for ur prayers and concern. Ismailies in Pakistan r facing dire straits in terms of religious ideological conflicts………my ismaili brothers and sisters ur prayers helps us more directly and indirectly in our daily endeavors like when we r traveling or some times when we r sick….some times when we have crises and some times when we feel isolated…..
Ur prayers r highly appreciated……last we all ismailie jamat in Pakistan r still having this hope that Maula will come and will bless the jamat with ZAHIRE DEEDAR….Aameen………( but some times when I look at the conditions of the ismailies in iran I forget my sorrows and grieves because that is the only jamat which has is still living a life of DAUR-E-SATTAR precautionary dissimulation because of the religious and dialogistic conflicts MAY MAULA BLESS ALL THE ISMAILIES A SAFE AND HAPPY LIFE AAMEEN )

يا علي مدد YAM

I'm very broud of being as Ismailian & I'm really dying to be as my lovely IMMAM is doing opened to all and loving 2 all, this's my most pleasure when I'm of U & U of me anywhere anytime & everywhere and everytime to all spiritual brothers and sisters
I'm at "meraljandali@yahoo.com" willing to say to all YAM
my name's Mudher and called Abu-AL-hasan Haedara

YAM to all ismaili brothers and sisters living on this nglobe

Ya ali madad to all,

i am very happy to find this web site which is fantastic to know the openions and allow us to give our comments . i am proud to be an ismili and i love my beloved imam , we ismailis are lucky that we live in peace and i request all my brother and sisters to be an example for the man kind which is our faith and cause to be humenkind. i wish you all deedar mubarak .

safi baig

Ya Ali Madad

Dear All,
It is pleasure for me that I can contect via this web site with my Ismaili brothers & sisters.
Ya Ali Madad to all of you. you can contect me in this e-mail jamalpogzr@gmail.com.

Jamal Hussain
Gahkuch Gilgit
Northern Areas Pakistan.

address for Jamatkhana in Dubai

Ya Ali Madad:

I am visiting Dubai and would like to go an see Jamatkhana in Dubai, can you please provide me with the address? Pls. note I couldn't find jamatkhana listed.

Thank you,

Dubai JK

Just go to google maps and type "Ismaili Centre, Dubai"
Here are GPS coordinates N 25 14.345' E 55 18.522'



malaisia jamat

realy malecia jamat also big khidamatgar when hazar imam give didar in int.hotel shigapore arrange and girls from maleciya give so nice ginan e sharif and we enjoy lovely celebration in mahatma ganhi hole jamat forgot house we enjoy very much rasuda ginan we never forgot malaisiya almighty give more and more progress and give them return of there khidamat give them to us valimohammed lakhani ya ali madad to all

religes and general

pls kindly put my name in member list i am from pakistan my pakistan adress is valli lakhani 227/13 noorani villas garden east karachi next to tarika board karachi now i am in dellas with my som till aug aftr i will be in pakistan my e.mail is lakhani_vm@hotmail.com and (2)vallilakhani@gmail.com thanks lakhani

want to know

hey which member list u guys r talking about would u like to tell me plz....

required e.mail adress of houston isamailicenter or houston coun

please give me houston isamaili center or houstion council

dubai jamatkhana

thanks asking for commets Dubai jamatkhana is a real surprising sceme we been to dubai realy fantastic when imam thinks it heppend 100 times no dout now arab people will know prince karim is something for world and dubai jamat also high khidamatgar they done lot of khidamat for arriving gest also the garden imam gift dubai also very nice big and hart of dubai we pry almighty he give return for khidamat they done we pray kari hazar imam give didar pakistan ya ali madad lakhani

visit to the Ismaili centre, Dubai

Iam an Ismaili from Europe currently in Afghanistan for 4 weeks on my way back home i would like to visit the Ismaili Centre in Dubai, I would like to get in touch with the Ismailis in Dubai, i would be greatful from your help.
waiting for any respond



DO YO REMEMBER ME IT WAS A DREAM I SAW YOU DEEDAR TIME ofer 15 yrs . hamed7861@hotmail.com

Jamatkhana Address in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore

YA Aly Madad,

Can anyone in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore, after reading my request, please provide me responses in a form of reply - I want FULL and complete addresses of our Shia Imami Ismaili Jamatkhana addresses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in Singapore. I would appreciate your help in this mattter.

Or if you prefer not to post Jamatkhana addresses in this forum, then you can send me Jamatkhana addresses in private to my email address at: alyaly1@yahoo.com

Thanking You for all your help,

YA Aly Madad
Saif Aly

Jamatkhana Address in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore

YAM Saif Aly ! Even I have been looking for the address but in vein. did you get any response. if yes Please share with me at following email address: shiraztours@yahoo.ca

Thank you very much and eagerly awaiting for above

yaali madad

can some one post the meaning of the duha pleas!


ya lai madad,

there is no difference between dua and Namaz.

so you can explain now.

ya ali madad,

safi baig

yaali madad

ya ali madad!
i request all my brothers and sisters to prey for me to go to jk regularly as other .

Imam in Pakistan - when?

during Imam's golden jublee visits to other countries there use to have announcements in jk in such a suspensive way that i used to hold my heart beats to hear that If Imam is coming to Pakistan....after every announcement i couldn't stop my tears n felt like living dead..
its 4:00 am in the morning sitting my hostel room typing this message and having tears in my eyes....for our beloved Imam.....YA MAULA WE ALL R WAITING FOR U.......

Be happy!!!!!!!!!!! and remember That all for the best

hi friend,
Yaa ali madad.

Its nice to hear from fellow ismaili from pak.
Well its very sad that Imam couldnt visit pak during golden jubilee year. I know that all ismailis in pak and all around the world r anxiously waiting for Imams visit to pak. But if you know that more then us, Imam is anxious to meet the jamat all over including pak.Therefore even at the age of 73 he walk across slowly while giving his jaheri deedar as it was seen in hyderabad in 2006. it is said that Imam could have got Car in pandol as huge ismaili jamat were present there in hydreabad. But then he refused this offer made by leaders saying that i want to meet each jamat and no one should miss my glimpse of deedar or vice versa. He know everything your feelings your gratitude etc... Be strong on siratal mustakim, follow your faith on etihc of islam. Keep praying for all ismaili and insah allah in near future we all prayer that imam visit pak in the best interest of all. knowing current scenario he knows what is right and what is wrong. So lets hope for the best.

Don,t worry, In our heart lives our Imam

My dear i am very touched by ur message. In our religoin yes Didar of imam is like a big Haij. But u rember if we remember our Imam we can recall and even we can see in our imagination, our beloved imam. Physical near is not so important because Moula himself says that if if I am not phyically with u I am all the time spritually with u . Even Moula sayes I am even nearer to ur blood vains.....

A friend from

Hunza, Aliabad

thankz for reminding me about Maula's presence

Thankz lot for ur replies and I can imagine the scenario in which u have forwards your views............i being appreciative and very much greatful for ur concern in reminding me about the views that our beloved Maula tells us every He says “ no matter I m not physically present with u…but u r always in my hearts in my thoughts and in my prayers” believe me …when ever I got to hear a farman at the jk ending with these lines of Maula my heart cries and my eyes get wet……….at the moment its 3:48 pm in my hostel room out side it very hot…warm heat but when I read ur comments I felt like I m in Hunzoo some sort of inner undefined vibes came out and gave me hypothermia…this is the feelings that Imam is with me…and my love for Maula…..thankz for ur concern about reminding me that Maula is always with us…..

Books written by our imam

Do we have any data related books written by our Imams? If yes then pls let me know the topics and from where can we get it. Highly obliged.


Books written by Imam

Sir Sultan Mohammad Shah our 48th Imama has written a famous book" India In Transition" . It is a famous book in India. You may have the same from reputed book shops in India. This book was written in the recent past but I am sure in the past many a books might have been written by our Imams, you can have the information from the Institute of Ismaili Studies, London.

Salom from Tajikistan

Just want to say salom to ismailis all over the world and pass my best regards to all.

JK in Dushambe

YAM as you are from Jajikistan so plz let me know is there in Jamat Khana in Dushambe?

YAM to spritual brothers and sisters

I would be very happy to have ismaili friends from over the world, please contact me at shamsuddin.babayee@gmail.com

thanks a lot ,


my responsc

I am a lecturer in a college. we can share views on mail.
pleaser replay me.

HUnza, Aliabad


Ya ali madad shamsuddin. Iam an ismaili radiologist from pune india. please let me know if there are any services for me to offer in afghanistan but paid. thanks. bye. malik


i m still waiting for Golden jublee deedar.......
i m still waiting to see my Maula live..and wanna hear his voice.... i know that we have more important of bateeni deedar in our tariqa but i cant bear it...i have been waiting and i m still waiting to hear the announcement in jk that maula is coming to give deedar to Pakistan Jamat..... during Imam's golden jublee visits to other countries there use to have announcements in jk in such a suspensive way that i used to hold my heart beats to hear that If Imam is coming to Pakistan....after every announcement i couldn't stop my tears n felt like living dead..
its 4:00 am in the morning sitting my hostel room typing this message and having tears in my eyes....for our beloved Imam.....YA MAULA WE ALL R WAITING FOR U.......


InshaAllah our beloved Mawlo ll hear our voice and inshaAllah again and again
we ll have didar with our Mawla.

I read your message i pray

I read your message i pray to hazar imam that very soon my brothers in pakistan will have maulpapas dedar

YAM: keep faith

Really very sad, But Mawla bapa is aware of everything. I feel that one day Bapa's throne will be in PAK. So be happy :)


i m really proud of being ismaili................i just posted one comment and i got to see nice replies by my other ismaili brothers and sisters i really appreciate and i m really happy........thankz alot Naseem ......my faith is strong and i m still waiting for deedar

Buffalo Jamat

Please advise the amount of Ismailies in Buffalo, NY. Like how many in the Jamaat ??


Re, Buffalo Jamat

i live in buffalo but have no Idea.

jamat in Buffalo

YAM. No jamat at the moment. Known Ismailis are seven. Not known how many Ismaili students at the University.
Hope this helps.

excellent question - when

excellent question - when are they going to give the address of buffalo jk. our leaders are letting us down.

Waez in persian

Could you please post some persian waezs for the persian speaking ismaili community.

Ya Ali Madad

Mubarak for all jamaat in Badakhshan of the visit Prince Rahim Aga Khan


Dear Raziya i was searching for jamatkhan in Nigeria for you dad Amirali Bhanyani we sit together in northlake jamatkhan


Ya Moula aap naraz ho. Q ? main bura hon is liye .agr aap ne bhi mera sath chhor dia to main kahan jaon ga. Moula papa mujhe maaf kr do .
plz aap sb bhi mere haq mein dua krein .

Richmond Hill JK in Toronto, ON (Richmond Hill, ON)

a request can you pls make sure that the addresse for the above JK and other khanes such as Pickering, Oshawa and Niagara Falls are updated as we went for chandraat today and missed it because the website has not been updated it has been moved from Silver Pine Public School but the address hasn't been updated...pls do that...


Ontario Jk

a request can you pls make sure that the addresse for the above JK and other khanes such as Pickering, Oshawa and Niagara Falls are updated as we went for chandraat today and missed it because the website has not been updated it has been moved from Silver Pine Public School but the address hasn't been updated...pls do that...

jamatkhana in malaysia

i would like to know how many jks in kuala lampur nad how big is the jamat.as i am thinking of movimg to move to malaysia in the near future. thank you.

Jamatkhana Malaysia

Please send me your e-mail address so I will be able to give you list of Jamatkhana and contects
Reply me my e-mail address r-alihassam@rogers .com

i want to knows about chiness ismailise

یا علی مدد برای همه جما عت
my name is akram from Afghanistan i want to knows about China Jamat of ismailis and also where is the place of those who are living there
my email addrass akram_shah_abdaal@hotmail.com
best wish for all of you

ya aiy madad

ya ali madad

my name is aliyar i am from pakistan im liveing in xinjing china mostly liveing ismaili jamat xinjing there are 600

60000 papulitin abut 50 jamat khanas

best wish for all afghanistan jamat



Marhoom Aly died unexpectedly


One of our fellow jamati member, 21 yr old Aly, from Ft. Lauderdale Jamatkhana, Florida died while he was in Costa Rica for a community service for the Orphange.

Let us all take a moment of silent to pray for the peace of the soul for the ruhani member. Let us all recite Salwat for the Marhoom.

Allah Humma Sallah Allah Muhammad din Wa Aalay Mohammad.

Sad Demise of Aly Lakdawala

My brother Aly Zain Lakdawala who graduated on May 01, 2009 from Univ of South Florida with double majors in Int' Studies and Philosophy was on a humatarian mission in Costa Rica with 14 other students from USF, teaching English at the Orphanage and at Matapalo Beach for Turtle restoration project, when he was swept away in the currents of Pacific Ocean while taking a dip on hot Saturday afternoon- May 16th with 3 other friends.

Aly Zain Lakdawala has moved so many souls in his short journey to this earth and is remembered by his family and friends forever to come.

You may visit http://www.legacy.com/gb2/default.aspx?bookid=8937954403410 and leave your thoughts and
memories for Aly Zain Lakdawala who is loved and admired by many. He devoted himself to Mowla's farmans
and connected with young and adults in our Jamat.

May Mowla Rest his Soul in Peace.
Allah Humma Sallah Allah Muhammad din Wa Aalay Mohammad

Sad demice of Aly L akdawala

We pray for his soul to rest in eternal peace. AMEN


kindly do me favour by adding or showing me ginan and granth by PIR SHAMS

jamat khana in Jaipur ( rajestan, India)

YAM Firoz bhai ! since you are from india, are you aware if there is J.K. in jaipur ?


i read ur messag to know any clue about the ginans of pir shams u have not mentioned ur gd name but no prob here i going to write u the address
u can visit www.ismaili.net there u wil find the menu on left side where u can see the option of ginan click on it and enjoy the sprituality

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