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History Events

YEAR YYYYEvent Title
1021Creation of the Druze sect at the Death of Imam Al-Hakim

Cision dans le mouvement Ismaelien: Naissance de la secte Druze a la mort de l'Imam Al-Hakim

1010Multan gets annexed and Ismailis get massacred -Mahmood Ghazna - 1010

Annexation de la ville de Multan et massacre de milliers d'Ismaelien Mahmood de Ghazna

1005Birth of Imam Zahir - 1005AD

Imam Zahir was born on the 10th of Ramazan, 395AH (1005AD) in Cairo.

1004Foundation of Dar-al-Hiqma under Imam al Haqim bi Amrillah - 1004

Fondationde la mosquée Dar-al-Hiqma (maison de la Sagesse) sous l'Imam al Haqim bi Amrillah

0996 - 1021Imamate of Imam Hakem bi Amrillah - 996-1021AD

Mowlana Imam Hakem bi Amrillah ascended the Throne of Imamate at the young age of eleven years. Many forces in the pursuit of power actively sought to undermine the security of the Fatimid Empire during his reign, including the Abbasid Caliph of Baghdad, Qadir Billah. The Imam left his palace, never to be seen again, on the 27th of Shawwal, 411AH (1021AD) - an event that would cause a few to split from the main branch of Ismailis in their belief that the Imam had ascended to heaven and would not return for a thousand years. This sect would come to be known as the Druzes.

0986Birth of Imam Hakem bi Amrillah - 986AD

Mowlana Imam Hakem bi Amrillah was born on the 3rd of Rabi-el-Awwal, 375AH (986AD), in Cairo.

0975 - 0996Imamate of Imam Aziz - 975-996AD

The twenty-one year rule of Imam Aziz marks the height of the Fatimid rule, with the empire securing regions as far as Yemen, Damascus, and Palestine to the lands bordering on the Atlantic Ocean. Espousing a culture of religious freedom of practice, the resulting peace and prosperity attracted many non-Muslims and foreigners to make their home within the perimeters of the vast empire.

0970Foundation of Al-Azhar Mosque

Fondation de la mosquée al-Azar sous Al-Muizz

0970Conquest of Egypt by Imam Al-Muizz - 970AD

Conquete de l'Egyte par l'Imam al-Muiz

0959 - 1010Ismaili State in Multan, Sindh - 959-1010

Etablissement d'un etat ismaelien a Multan au Sind qui durera jusqu'a 1010

0953Birth of Imam Aziz - 953AD

Mowlana Imam Aziz was born on the 14th of Muharram, 344AH (953AD), in Qairwan.

0952 - 0975Imamate of Imam Moez - 952-975AD

Mowlana Moez became the Imam of the Time at the age of 22 years. Under his leadership, a new capital near Fustat was established and came to be named al-Qahira (present-day Cairo). The great masjid of al-Azhar was also built at this time, and would eventually be extended to a university by the following Imam, Mowlana al-Aziz. This period in Ismaili history marks the lifetime of several well-known Ismaili dai's including Qazi Noman and Abu Yaqoob al-Sijistani (Aziz, 1974).

0946 - 0952Imamate of Imam Mansoor - 946-952AD

During his seven years of Imamate and Caliphate, Imam Mansoor as the third Fatimid Caliph, encountered many forces which were actively seeking to undermine the security of the Fatimid Empire, most notably the Kharijis, led by Abu-Yezid Khariji and later by his son Fazal, and the Umayyad ruler in Spain. Despite these pressures, the boundaries of the Fatimid territory were maintained and the Ismaili dawa, under the leadership of Pir Abdul Majid bin Pir Ghalibuddin, spread as far as Afghanistan (Aziz, 1974).

0944Revolt of Abu Yazid - 944AD

Revolte de Abu Yasid

0934 - 0946Imamate of Imam Qaim - 934-946AD

Imam Qaim succeeded his father to the Throne of Imamat at the age of 42 years, and his Imamate lasted for a period of 12 years in which he conquered Genoa, Sardinia, and Corsica in order to curb piracy at the Mediterranean Sea. He passed away in the city his father had founded, namely Mehdia (formerly known as Mehdavia), at the age of 54 on the 13th of Shawwal 334AH (946AD).

0930Birth of Imam Moez - 930AD

Imam Moez was born on the 21st of Ramazan, 318AH (930AD) in Mehdia. Tall, handsome, and wellbuilt, he was well-known for his kindness and generosity.

0913Birth of Imam Mansoor - 913AD

Imam Mansoor was born in 302AH (913AD) in Qairwan.

0910Imam Al-Mahdi Proclaimed First fatimid Khaliph - 910AD

In January 910AD, Imam Al Mehdi was officially proclaimed First fatimid Khaliph and Spiritual Leader of islam at Raqqada.

L'Imam al-Mehdi est proclame officielement premier calif fatimid et chef spirituel de l'Islam a Raqqda

0909 - 1171Fatimid Dynasty in Egypt - 909-1171

Nizari Ismaili Fatimids till 1094, Mustealian Ismaili Fatimids afterwards

Dynastie des Fatimides en Egypte(a partir de 1094 : fatimide mustealiens)

0893Birth of Imam Qaim - 893AD

Imam Qaim was born in Salamiya in 280AH (893AD). During the Imamate of his father Imam al-Mehdi, he had been commander-in-chief of the army, and had built a naval fleet to secure the Mediterranean Sea, thereby making it safe for all marine traffic (Aziz, 1974).

0879Ismaili State in Yemen established by Dai Mansoor al Yemen - 879AD

Etablissement d'un état Ismaelien au Yemen par le dai Mansoor al Yemen

0876 - 1097Imamate in Africa - 876-1097AD
0876 - 0934Imamate of Imam Muhammed al-Mehdi - 876-934AD

Imam Al-Mehdi founded the Fatimid Empire, named after the Holy Prophet's daughter Fatima, in the year 910AD in the city of Qayrawan. During his rule as the first Fatimid Caliph, the dynasty spread as far as Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sicily, Italy and Southern Spain.

0859Birth of Imam Muhammed al-Mehdi - 859AD

Imam Muhammed al-Mehdi was born on the 15th of Ramazan, 245AH (October, 859AD).

0840 - 0876Imamate of Imam Razi Abdullah - 840-876AD

The demise of Imam Razi Abdullah in Salamiya in the year 876AD marks the end of the concealment period known in Ismaili historiography as the dawr al-satr.

0827 - 0840Imamate of Imam Taqi Muhammed - 827-840AD
0825Birth of Imam Razi Abdullah - 825AD

Imam Razi Abdullah was born on the 12th of Shaban, 210AH (825AD), in Mahmoudabad (formerly, Muhammedabad), near Rey (now Tehran).

0813 - 0827Imamate of Imam Wafi Ahmed - 813-827AD
0790Birth of Imam Taqi Muhammed - 790AD

Imam Taqi Muhammed was born on the 12th of Rajab, 174AH (790AD), in Muhammedabad.

0775 - 0813Imamate of Imam Muhammed b. Ismail - 775-813AD

Imam Muhammed b. Ismail lived in a time that had become increasingly hostile to the Ismailis, and had to therefore live in disguise and in hiding from the governing bodies of those times, in particular from the Abbasid Caliph, Haroon al-Rashid. Despite the unfavourable conditions and his humble dwelling in a small town he founded called Muhammedabad in Rey, the movement of Ismailism spread as far as India.

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