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History Events

YEAR YYYYEvent Title
0766Birth of Imam Wafi Ahmed - 766AD

Imam Wafi Ahmed was born on the 22nd of Shaban, 149AH (766AD), in Rey.

0765 - 0876Imamate in Syria - 765-876AD

This period begins with Imam Ismail bin Jafar al-Sadiq and ends with Imam Radi Abdullah.

0765 - 0775Imamate of Imam Ismail - 765-775AD

Imam Ismail passed away after ten years of Imamate, leaving behind two sons, Muhammed and Ali, the former of which succeeded him in his role as Imam-of-the-Time (Aziz, 1974). Imam Ismail was buried in Salamiya.

0765Creation of the Ithnashri Sect - 765AD

Shias separate into Ismailis and Ithnashris at the death of Imam Jaffar As-Sadiq

Scission dans le mouvement shia : Ismaeliens et Ithnashrien

0756 - 1258Umayyad Dynasty in Spain - 756-1158

Dynastie des Omayades d'Espagne

0746Birth of Imam Muhammed b. Ismail - 746AD

Imam Muhammed bin Ismail was born on the 12th of Rabi-el-Awwal, 128AH (746AD), in Medina.

0732 - 0765Imamate of Imam Jafar al-Sadiq - 732-765AD

Mowlana Imam Jafar al-Sadiq succeeded his father at the age of 31. He died of poisoning at the age of 57 on the 17th of Zul Hijja, 114 AH (August, 732AD). His body was buried in Medina (Aziz, 1974).

0719Birth of Imam Ismail - 719AD

The sixth Ismaili Imam, Mowlana Ismail, was born in Medina in the month of Shawal 100AH (719AD).

0713 - 0732Imamate of Imam Muhammed al-Baqir - 713-732AD
0702Birth of Imam Jafar al-Sadiq - 702AD

Imam Jafar al-Sadiq was born in Medina on the 17th of Rabi-el-Awwal, 83AH (August, 702), during the Imamate of his grandfather, Imam Zayn al-Abidin, and the reign of Abdul Malik bin Marwan. He was also known as Sadiq Aal Muhammed and Amir Ahmed (Aziz, 1974).

0680 - 0713Imamate of Imam Zayn al-Abidin - 680-713AD
0680Karbala Massacre - 680AD

Masacre a Karbala

0677Birth of Imam Muhammed al-Baqir - 677AD

Mowlana Imam Muhammed al-Baqir was born at Medina on the 3rd of Safar 57 AH (December, 677AD) during the Caliphate of Muawiya. His mother was Omm Abdullah, the daughter of Hazrat Hassan ibn Ali. He was only about three years old when he lost his grandfather Imam Hussain at the Battle of Karbala (Aziz, 1974). His title 'al-Baqir' meant 'the revealer of the secret sciences' or 'the opener of knowledge' (Sadik Ali, 1997).

0661 - 0680Imamate of Imam Hussain - 661-680AD

Imam Hussain succeeded his father Imam Ali as the Imam-of-the-Time during the reign of Muawiya on the 21st of Ramazan, 40AH (January 26th, 661AD). The tragic massacre of Imam Hussain, his family and his supporters took place at Karbala in 680AD at the hands of the second Umayyad Caliph Yazid ibn Muawiya (Daftary & Hirji, 2008).

0661 - 0750Umayyad Dynasty in Damascus - 661-750AD

Dynastie des Omayades a Damas

0661Demise of Imam Ali - 661AD

Hazrat Imam Ali, during prayer in the mosque of Kufa on the nineteenth of Ramazan, 40AH (24th of January, 661AD), was assassinated by Abdur Rehman bin Muljam and died two days later. His body was buried at Najaf (Aziz, 1974). After the death of Imam Ali, Mu'awiya declared his rule in Damascus, thereby establishing the Omayyad Caliphate (Daftary & Hirji, 2008).

0659Birth of Imam Zayn al-Abidin - 659AD

Mowlana Imam Zayn al-Abidin, son of Imam al-Husayn, was born in Medina on the fifteenth of Sha'ba'n, 38AH (January, 659) during the Caliphate of his grandfather Mowla Ali.

0659Adruh Arbitration and conference - 659AD

Arbitrage et conférence d'Adruh

0658Battle of Naherwan
0657Battle of Siffin - 657AD
0656 - 0661Caliphate of Imam Ali - 656-661AD
0656Battle of Camel - 0656AD
0644 - 0656Caliphate of 'Uthman - 644-656AD
0634 - 0644Caliphate of 'Umar - 634-644AD
0632Declaration of Imamat of Hazrat Ali At Ghadir e Khumm on Navroz - 632-03-21

On 18th Zilhaja, 632, Muhammad after performing farewell pilgrimage, halted at the plain of Ghadir Khum, where he declared Ali bin Abu Talib as his successor.

0632 - 0634Caliphate of Abu Bakr - 632-634AD
0632Death of Prophet Muhammed - 632AD

Prophet Muhammed (SAS) passed away on the first of Rabi-el-Awwal, 11AH (May, 632), at the age of 63. His body was bathed by Hazrat Ali, who subsequently buried him in a grave dug out in the house of Bibi Aysha (Aziz, 1974).

0626Birth of Imam Hussain - 626AD

Imam Hussain was born on Thursday the 3rd of Shaban, 4 AH (February, 626), in Medina.

0625Battle of Ahad And Battle of the Ditch - 625AD
0624Battle of Badr - 624AD

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