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History Events

YEAR YYYYEvent Title
0619Death of Abu talib / Accession of Hazrat Ali to the Imamat - 619AD

Deces de Abu Talib / Accession de Hazrat Ali a l'Imamat

0610Mission of Prophet Muhammad - 610AD

Mission du Prophete

0600 - 0765The Arabian Period - 600-765AD

From the time of Prophet Muhammed to the Imamate of Imam Jafar al-Sadiq, this period is witness to the Caliphates of the first four Caliphs, the bitter battle at Karbala, as well as to the rise and fall of the Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties.

0600Birth of Hazrat Ali - 600AD Mowlana Ali was born on the 13th of Rajab, 22 years before the Hijra (600AD) within the sacred walls of the Holy Ka'ba - a birthplace that is exclusive to him as no one else was born there ever since its erection by Prophet Abraham. His mother, Sayyida Fatima, daughter of Asad bin Hashem, related that at birth he neither cried nor opened his eyes, and even refused to be fed.
0571Presumed Birth of Muhammad - 571AD

Naissance présumée de Mohamed

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