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Jamatkhanas of the World - Search by Name & City

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JK NameCity
Kalyan Jamatkhana, India MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
Kankara Jamatkhana, India India
Kanpur Jamatkhana, Uttar Pradesh, India KanpurUttar PradeshIndia
Karimabad Jamatkhana, Ahmedabad, India AhmedabadGujaratIndia
Karimabad Jamatkhana, Juhapura, India JuhapuraGujaratIndia
Karimabad Jamatkhana, Junagadh, Gujarat, India JunagadhGujaratIndia
Karimabad Jamatkhana, Karachi, Pakistan KarachiSindhPakistan
Karimabad Jamatkhana, Mumbai, India MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
Karimabad Jamatkhana, Surat, India SuratGujaratIndia
Karti Sol Jamatkhana, Mazar-e-sharif, Balkh, Afghanistan Mazar-e-sharifBalkhAfghanistan
Karti-i-itifaq Jamatkhana, Baghlan, Afghanistan Puli KhumryBaghlanAfghanistan
Keel Jamatkhana, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan GilgitNorthern AreasPakistan
Kelowna Jamatkhana, British Comumbia, Canada KelownaBritish ColumbiaCanada
Kerman Jamatkhana, Kerman, Iran KermanKermanIran
Kermeen Jamatkhana, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan GilgitNorthern AreasPakistan
Khairabad Jamatkhana, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan GilgitNorthern AreasPakistan
Khan Abad Jamatkhana, Kunduz, Afghanistan KunduzAfghanistan
Khandood Jamatkhana, Wakhan distrect, Badakhshan, Afghanistan KhandoodBadakhshanAfghanistan
Kharadar Jamatkhana, Karachi, Pakistan KarachiSindhPakistan
Khoja Jamathkhana Dombivali East India
Khoja Jamatkhana, Gujarat, India KutchGujaratIndia
Khyber Village Jamatkhana, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan GilgitNorthern AreasPakistan
Kigali Jamatkhana, Rwanda KigaliRwanda
Kingston Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada KingstonOntarioCanada
Kinshasa Jamatkhana, Congo KINSHASACongo
Kirkland Jamatkhana, Washington , United States of America KirklandWashingtonUnited States of America
Kisii Jamatkhana, Nyanza, Kenya KisiiNyanzaKenya
Kisumu Jamatkhana, Kenya KisumuKenya
Kitchener Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada KitchnerOntarioCanada
Knoxville Jamatkhana, Tennessee , United States of America KnoxvilleTennesseeUnited States of America
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