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Jamatkhanas of the World - Search by Name & City

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JK NameCity
Taimani Wat Ismailis Umumi Jamatkhana, Kabul, Afghanistan Taimani WatKabulAfghanistan
TALAJA Jamatkhana, Gujarat, India TALAJAGujaratIndia
Tampa Jamatkhana & Ismaili Center, Florida , United States of America TampaFloridaUnited States of America
Tanga Jamatkhana, Tanzania TangaTanzania
Tehran Jamatkhana, Iran TehranIran
Throncliffe (wk ends) Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada TorontoOntarioCanada
Tillsonburg Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada TillsonburgOntarioCanada
Torrance Jamatkhana, California , United States of America TorranceCaliforniaUnited States of America
Tri-Cities Jamatkhana, British Columbia, Canada Port MoodyBritish ColumbiaCanada
Tricities Jamatkhana, Dallas, Texas, United States of America Dallas | ColleyvilleTexasUnited States of America
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