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Jamatkhanas of the World - Search by Name & City

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JK NameCity
Kunvara Jamatkhana, Gujrat, India GujaratSidhpurIndia
Kurla Jamatkhana, India MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
Lahore Jamatkhana, Pakistan LahorePakistan
Las Vegas Jamatkhana, Nevada , United States of America Las VegasNevadaUnited States of America
Laval Jamatkhana, Quebec, Canada LavalQuebecCanada
Leathbridge Jamatkhana, Alberta, Canada LethbridgeAlbertaCanada
Leeds Jamatkhana, United Kingdom LeedsUnited Kingdom
Leicester Jamatkhana, United Kingdom LeicesterUnited Kingdom
Lisbon Jamatkhana, Portugal LisbonPortugal
Liverpool Jamatkhana, United Kingdom LiverpoolUnited Kingdom
Liversedge Jamatkhana, United Kingdom LiversedgeUnited Kingdom
Ljungby Jamatkhana, Sweden LjungbySweden
London Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada LondonOntarioCanada
London : North London Jamatkhana, United Kingdom LondonUnited Kingdom
London : Northwest Jamatkhana, United Kingdom LondonUnited Kingdom
London : Putney Jamatkhana, United Kingdom London : PutneyUnited Kingdom
London : Sutton Jamatkhana, United Kingdom LondonUnited Kingdom
London: Darkhana Jamatkhana, United Kingdom LondonUnited Kingdom
Lumumbashi Jamatkhana, Congo LumumbashiCongo
Lyon Jamatkhana, France LyonFrance
Mahim Jamatkhana, India MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
Main Jamatkhana, Tamilnadu, India ChennaiTamilnaduIndia
Malad Jamatkhana, India MumbaiMaharashtraIndia
Manchester Jamatkhana, United Kingdom ManchesterUnited Kingdom
Manhattan Jamatkhana , New York, United States of America New YorkNew YorkUnited States of America
Mankabood Jamatkhana, Samangan Province, Afghanistan Pust-e-BandSamangan ProvinceAfghanistan
Maputa Jamatkhana, Mozambique MaputoMozambique
Mariestad Jamatkhana, Sweden MariestadSweden
Mashad Jamatkhana, Iran MashadIran
Mashad Jamatkhana, Iran MashadIran
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