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  • I think there are two forms of help. There is helping people without instigating them to help themselves. And then there is helping people by helping them help themselves. I prefer the second form. I believe it is also the intent of Allah to what He said in the Quran and in the tradition that you don't help people once. You try to help them in such a way that they become self sufficient, make them help the others.

    Aga Khan IV Interview 12 Nov. 1985
    Diamond Jubilee Darbar and Jamati work in UAE

    Hazar Imam will grant Holy Deedar to UAE Jamats in January 2018 on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee. Jamati work will also be conducted during this Darbar visit

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  • Our 12th Holy Imam Shah Qaim was born in Salamiya, Syria in A.H. 280 during the month of Muharram. He ascended to the throne of Imamat on the 15th of Rabbiul Awal A.H. 322. He had 3 sons whose names were Hazrat Imam Shah Mansur, Hazrat Hamza and Hazrat Adnan. Imam Shah Qaim passed away in Mehdiya on 14th of Shawwal A.H 334 at the age of 55 years

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