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Etiquette of Drinking

Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

The name of God should be uttered before drinking; and the Lord should be praised at the end (Daim al-Islam, p. 447). Imam Jafar Sadik used to drink standing as well as sitting (Ibid., p. 449). Ali bin Abu Talib drank water while standing, and added that people did not like it but he had seen the Prophet drinking water while standing (Bukhari, 74:15).

Water should be sipped and taken slowly (massa), and not gulped down in haste (abba) (Ibid., p. 452). According to Bihar al-Anwar, Imam Jafar Sadik said, "Cold water lessens temperature, cures vomiting, digests food and is an antidote for heat. Besides, water is good for all types of pains and is not harmful in any way."

It is related by Imam al-Muizz that his father, Imam al-Mansur, was present at a feast provided by Imam al-Mahdi. One of the boys eating with others was offered drinking water, without his asking for it. He refused it and Imam al-Mahdi was greatly enraged at the servant, and said that, "Water possesses such excellence that it should never be offered without being asked for; and it should never be refused when offered to any person."

Milk should always be swallowed quickly (abba) and not drunk slowly (yatjarra'u). (Ibid., p. 455)

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