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Sulemani Bohras <i>da'is</i>:-

Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

27. Suleman bin Hasan (d. 1005/1597)

28. Jafar bin Suleman (d. 1050/1640)

29. Ali bin Suleman (d. 1088/1677)

30. Ibrahim bin Mohammad (d. 1094/1683)

31. Mohammad bin Ismail (d. 1109/1697)

32. Hibatullah bin Ibrahim (d. 1160/1747)

33. Ismail bin Hibatullah (d. 1184/1770)

34. Hasan bin Hibatullah (d. 1189/1775)

35. Abdul Ali bin Hasan (d. 1195/1781)

36. Abdullah bin Ali (d. 1225/1810)

37. Yusuf bin Ali (d. 1234/1819)

38. Hussain bin Hussain (d. 1241/1826)

39. Ismail bin Mohammad (d. 1256/1840)

40. Hasan bin Mohammad (d. 1262/1846)

41. Hasan bin Ismail (d. 1289/1872)

42. Ahmad bin Ismail (d. 1306/1889)

43. Abdullah bin Ali (d. 1323/1905)

44. Ali bin Hibatullah (d. 1331/1913)

45. Ali bin Muhsin (d. 1355/1936)

46. Husamuddin Ghulam Hussain (d. 1357/1938)

47. Sharafi Sharafuddin Hussain b. Ahmad al-Makrami (d.1358/1939)

48. Jamaluddin Ali b. Hussain al-Makrami (d. 1396/1976)

49. Sharfi Hussain bin Hasan (d. 1413/1992)

50. Hussain bin Ismail al-Makrami (the present da'i)

The Sulemani Bohras are so few in number that very little is known about them. Apart from those that are to be found in Bombay and Karachi, the bulk of them exists in the Yamen. Their religious head is based in Yamen, and eighty percent are of Arab origin.

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