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Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

It was an association of brotherhood in the Ismaili community in India. The word panjibhai means a brother shaking hand. The word occurred once in the old prayer of the Ismailis. The term panjibhai became more famous however during the Aga Khan Case of 1866 in India. It was the time when the members of the opposition group were not excommunicated from the community, and they used to attend the Jamatkhana, but did not shake hand with the others at the end of the prayers, or they did not give shah didar to others. They were the supporters of the group of Bar Bhai, the seceders. The Ismailis, who were loyal with the Imam were the shakers of hands in the prayers, and became known as the panjibhai. These panjibhai were the early bricks of the Khoja Panje Bhai Club in the community.


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