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The Relation Between the Druze Faith and Other Religions


Since long, it was commonly believed that theDruze community possessed an independent religious doctrine which differedtotally from other religions. This belief was the basic reason for thepublic opinion which justified the fact of keeping this religion in totalsecrecy by its members. However, such a belief lacks accuracy, and a deeplook at the Druzes culture may reveal many points in common between thisreligion and other religions. In fact the Druze sheikhs prefer to considertheir Dogma a sect or a Sufi conduct rather than a religion. This pointof view is not far from reality, and there is an accord between the Druzewriters who admit that the Druze cult is not more than an inheritance descendingfrom the Ishmaili-Fatimid culture which marked the Islamic thought by itscharacteristical aspect. Yet, the relation between this sect and the Islamicheritage is not all; there are for sure other connections with Christianity,Judaism and some eastern philosophies.
We aim here to reveal these relations which will give us a clear view aboutthis particular confession.

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