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03. Judaism

We have seen that the three celestial religions are closely relatedin the Druze belief. The history of these three religions is one. Thereis a vital common factor which links between them. The belief in the arrivalof a Saviour to salvage humanity on the judgement day. This common factormeans that the three religions were inspired from one personality, so Abraham,Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad are the same cosmic principles in differentpersonal manifestations. In every manifestation new ideas were added andsome modifications were presented. According to this doctrine, which isbased mainly on reincarnation, the three religions are only different consecutivesteps of one common religion notably called Islam. Needless to say howmuch such a belief solidify the unity between these three religions. Wemust not forget that the Tawhid movement i.e. the Druze Movement has aimedto unify people under one religious doctrine which belongs to all. TheTawhid in itself mean Unification.

As for the relation of the Druze faith with Judaism we see that in theDruze tradition the Jews are said to be divided into twelve tribes, twotribes and and a half are lost. The Druze claim to be these lost tribes.In their belief, the lost tribes left JUdaism and joined Christianity andIslam afterwards. And their final station was the Druze's tawhid i.e. Monotheism.For this reason the Druze glorify the prophets of the Bible and give aspecial esteem to David and Solomon. The other prophets of Israel are classifiedin a hierarchic order. The number of prophets for one epoch is one hundredsixty four. This number is based on a legendary science where conclusionsare obtained from an arithmetical relation between the Arabic letters andthe number corresponding to them.
The prophets are called "letters of veracity" and they transmigratefrom one epoch to another spreading the word of God across the ages, andpreparing his people to welcome eternal happiness after the Judgement Day.

We conclude that the three celestial religions with respect to the Druzeare three consecutive stages by which God has sent his aid and blessingto humanity ,and every individual has chosen his fate by belonging to oneof these trends. Truth and Reality are found in the three Holy Books; theOld testament, the Gospels, and the Koran. The truth is revealed to thebelievers by Wisdom. The Wisdom of the Druze has uncovered the secret andunified the three dogmas in one consistent doctrine.

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