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04. Hinduism

The relation between the Druze faith and the far eastern thinking is obscure. One of the main evidences is the belief in reincarnation, but there is a main difference between the Druze and the Hindus concerning this issue. Unlike the Hindus, the Druze DO NOT believe in the transmigration of the human soul from the human body to animal, plant or inorganic substances.

The human soul transmigrates only from human body to another human body and maintains the same gender. A male into male, and female into a female.This difference is accompanied also by another difference which is the belief in sanction. The human soul is rewarded or punished eternally on the Judgement Day. There is no Nirvana because the human soul cannot exist without a body. The attachment of the soul to the consecutive bodies is eternal in this world, and in the future world. Such ideas make it difficult to find the clue which relates the Druze faith to Indian religions. What is certain is that there has been no??? relation between the Druze and some Indian personalities and one of them is mentioned in the books of the Druze's Wisdom, and there is a special Epistle which is named the Epistle of India. Moreover, one of the Druze authors claimed to find many epistles sent to India, and he classified them in a book. This book is regarded by the Druze intellectuals as an important reference, but the Druze sheikhs refuse to accept it as one of their books.

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