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05. The Greeks

Another kind of special relation does exist between the Druze faithand the Greek idealistic philosophy. The Druze consider Socrates, Plato,and Aristotle as prophets. Many inspirations were taken from the Greekthought. The idea of Ultimate reason adopted by the Druze is a neo-platonicidea. The Greek philosophers are currently mentioned in the Druze culture,and there is an extensive use of Aristotle's logic in the argument dedicatedto prove the validity of the new thesis presented to people by the Druzepreachers. It is well known that the Druze's call came in the time whenthe interrelation between Islam and Greek metaphysics has reached its climax.Every Islamic sect was trying to affirm its issues by referring to Aristotle'scategories. Islamic philosophers worked hard to combine Islamic theologywith the Greek philosophy. The Druze's call was one of these attempts.The Druze preachers reached a high level in understanding this philosophyand applied its concepts on their religion.

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