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06. Epilogue

The Druze doctrine was very ambitious like every humanitarian movement.But the path to its final end was not paved. The Druze preachers triedhard to unify people under its flag, but all their effort went in vain.Its radical ideas did not appeal to the people at that time, and fanaticismremained the ruling factor.

Today, the Druze community lives peacefully in the Middle East. Its membersare extremely polite with others, and they don't interfere with others'matters. They dont preach anymore, and they don't like others to interferwith their religious matters. It is almost impossible to reveal their secret.When religious matters are presented in front of them, they keep silent.The philosophy of their life is quite simple. It can be summarised in thefollowing epigram: Keep Silent and Wait.

So, the Druze believer waits for the final Judgement which he thinks tobe his last shelter. He despises all the riches of the world because hethinks that every thing on earth is temporary, and Wisdom is to seek forthe eternal.

The highest concern for the Druze sheikh is to await patiently for thearrival of the city of God where Justice, Love, and Grace will reign forever.

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