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07. Verse 24th ( Muhammad Hanif’ka Gazipana )

“When he fought with the infidels, he killed them by his own hand. On that moment, he received a Divine inspiration: ‘How long will you fight for religion? Leave the infidels now alone and take rest in any place. You have conquered all countries including Damascus. You now leave and kill them during the Judgment Day. If you will kill them now, the world population will be decreased, and there will be no infidel in the world. If the infidels are reduced, how the affairs of the world will be run? How the believers will know the spiritual status? Believers achieve the spiritual status after facing the infidels because the eternal grade is gained after toleration of the grief.’”

a) It claims that he alone killed the infidels and conquered many lands including Damascus, which is also a bombastic story bereft of historical value. Damascus was the capital of the Umayyads, which fell in 132/750, while Ibn al-Hanafia died in 81/700. One can gleaned from the sources of Abu Mikhnaf (d. 157/774), Waqidi (d. 207/822), Baladhuri (d. 279/892), Yaqubi (d. 284/898), Tabari (d. 310/922), Atham al-Kufi al-Kindi (d. 314/926), etc. that Ibn al-Hanafia never took revenge of Imam Hussain’s blood from the Kuffans and the Umayyads, nor he ever came in Kufa, but remained in Mecca till death.

b) It further indicates that he left the remaining infidels and took rest, lasting till the Judgment Day as per Divine order. It also exhorts that the remaining infidels would be killed in Judgment Day by him, not by God. The revenge of Imam Hussain’s blood was assigned to him, half infidels were executed in the material world and remaining in immaterial world. Is it believable? While taking this story in Islamic perception, it is quite improbable that a human being in his physical state will kill the immaterial beings with a physical sword in Judgment Day? This is a baseless story in its implications.

c) It claims that God commanded him not to kill all the infidels, otherwise the world population would be decreased. The enemies of Imam Hussain were in Iraq and Syria, why the composer of the verse made him to kill the infidels of other countries?

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