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19. Conclusion

Let us recapitulate the whole discussion that the location of Amir Pir provides an avenue for various healthy activities. It is a best gala for excursion. It is a historical place associated with the history of Jerruk. It should be maintained and that its annual mela should not be abolished. Karachi, Hyderabad and other cities in Sind are thickly populated that none can muster large gathering of the Ismailis except the location of Amir Pir. Some regular and casual venerators visit the cave for vows, but the average visitors come for excursion. It should not be discontinued at the cost of few venerators.

The Ismaili pilgrims should go through its actual history that it has no concern or link with Ismaili faith. Believing in the concealment of Ibn al-Hanafia and making vows in the cave apparently denote an acceptance of the doctrine of the Kaysania sect. This sect does not exist now in the world, but it seems that the venerator elite shares in its revival. It is a very devastating effect on the moral, social and religious attitudes of some people, professing one thing and practicing another. There is no place of reverence or paying homage to any known or unknown cave, tomb of any Imam, Pir or Saint in Ismailism. If this point is cleared in the minds of the people, there is no other reason to wind up the Amir Pir Mela. Before its liquidation, it should keep in mind that there is a Jamatkhana as well as the historical residence of Imam Aga Ali Shah.

The Regional Council for Sind should control the irresponsible persons, who freely place plaques bearing false dates and legends. The plaques written in modern period should be removed, especially the plaque on the entrance of the mosque. Besides, the word “mosque” should not be written thereon. Instead, the word “place for the prayers” should be mentioned if required, otherwise it should not be dressed alike. Since the mosque comes within the circuit of the land of the Ismailis, it would perhaps cause difficulty in case the need of its demolish arose in future.

It must be mentioned in concluding lines that the followers of Mawlana Hazar Imam must look ahead and abandon the immaterial practices inherited from past period. If the making of vows in the cave was the part and parcel of the Ismaili faith, it would not exceed to Karachi and Sind, but the Ismailis of other parts of the world would have also required to participate in the Amir Pir Mela. It devolves upon the Ismailis to decide with their own reason.

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