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Eji Aal Ali Nabiji - ne olkhine srevjo

Contributions our Imams have made to the cause of Islam starting with Hazrat Ali

Mention of Nur - e- Mobin
Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah gave a few books to Ali Mohammed Jan Mohammed Chunara in 1932 to compile the history of Ismaili Imams

Hazrat Ali compiled the complete Quran after the death of the Holy Prophet
Accepted the Caliphat of 3 caliphs to save Islam from civil war
Ismaili Imams established Al-Azhar university
Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah's contribution to Muslim League
Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah's contribution towards the establishment of Alighar University

Mention of Prince Sadruddin

Anecdote of Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah at Krishna Mandir Dwarka
Golden Jubilee anecdote

Hazar Imam's contribution towards the establishment of AKU

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