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Event - 1996-09-10

Tuesday, 1996, September 10

Princess Zahra Aga Khan visited Ottawa, Canada as Guest of Honour at the launch of the book, Speaking Out: Women's Economic Empowerment in South Asia. Princess Zahra said; 'Womens's rights are human rights and when women can improve their social and economic well-being, the benefits spread to their families, communities and nations.'

Princess Zahra Aga Khan


Spirituality & Science The need for togetherness, by Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan -1996-09-26

GLOBE International

"The last of fools is he who indifferently asserts and denies...", prophetically wrote Dante, who probed all man's afflictions, at the dawn of the XIVth Century. Modern society is imbued with a tragic lack of self-confidence and afraid of appearing moralizing or oppressive. In this climate, absolute truth is seldom taken seriously.

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