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Event - 1999-11-10

Wednesday, 1999, November 10

His Highness the Aga Khan, Imam (spiritual leader) of the Ismaili Muslims today addressed industry leaders, government officials and development executives from around the world at the World Bank on applying information technology to the problems of human capital and development needs. According to the Aga Khan, it is only by positioning users to shape content and applications, that the full potential of this technology will be realized and its perceived threat to their cultures addressed. Lauding World Bank President James Wolfensohn's promotion of culture as a dimension of development, the Aga Khan said 'for too long, culture was dismissed as either irrelevant or elitist, or was seen as an obstacle to development.'

H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan IV


Speech by H.H. The Aga Khan at the World Bank InfoDev Conference 1999-11-10

His Highness the Aga Khan delivering the keynote address on the New Networked Economy at the World Faiths & Development Dialogue

Thank you, Jim, for your kind words of introduction and for inviting me to address this gathering. It is an honour to have this opportunity to speak to an audience that is so distinguished and so accomplished.

The rapid developments in information and communication technology are of immense importance for those of us engaged in promoting positive economic, social, and cultural change. Like Jim Wolfensohn, I believe that they are also critical because development in all those dimensions is a prerequisite for world peace.

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