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Aga Khan's hopeful words - 2008-11-26

Wednesday, 2008, November 26
Vancouver 24hrs

The last leg of the Aga Khan's tour commemorating his golden jubilee ended yesterday in Vancouver where he thanked Canada for offering Ismaili Muslims a chance to live in a safe society.
'I have to thank you for two reasons,' he began. 'Not only because you've received these men and women in Canada but you have given them the wherewithal to return to their countries in your cause. Bring back to Africa, bring back to Asia, bring back to East Africa the pluralism, the values of Canada, the knowledge society which you have created here in Canada.'

The Aga Khan, spiritual leader to 15 million Ismaili Muslims, told a packed house of British Columbia's elite that the developing world's greatest challenge is entering a global knowledge society in order to become increasingly competitive.

'Knowledge in its purist form is often abrasive and when this knowledge comes into these societies it creates difficulties, it creates reactions because these societies are not prepared for pure knowledge,' he said.

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