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Aga Khan to Receive an Honorary Degrees From Cambridge in June - 2009-02-11

Wednesday, 2009, February 11

The University of Cambridge has today announced the names of 12 distinguished people, to be submitted for approval to the Regent House for the conferment of honorary degrees.

Ten eminent individuals from the worlds of religion, business, science, music, history, philanthropy, politics and economics are proposed for Honorary Doctorates, and two nominations are made for the Honorary Degree of Master of Arts.

Those submitted are:

His Highness Prince Karim Al-Hussayni, the Aga Khan (Doctor of Divinity)

Mrs Melinda Gates, Philanthropist (Doctor of Law)

Mr Bill Gates (William Henry Gates III), Philanthropist and Chairman of the Microsoft Corporation (Doctor of Law)

Baroness (Shirley) Williams of Crosby, Honorary Fellow of Newnham College, Public Service Professor of Elective

Politics Emerita in the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University (Doctor of Law)

Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, Professor of Biology and Physiology at the University of California , San Francisco (Doctor of Science)

Professor Wallace Broecker, Climatologist, Columbia University (Doctor of Science)

Professor Sir Peter Crane, the John & Marion Sullivan Professor in the Department of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago, former Director of Kew Gardens (Doctor of Science)

Professor Amartya Sen, Fellow and former Master of Trinity College. Professor of Economics and Philosophy at Harvard University. Nobel Laureate in Economics (Doctor of Letters)

Professor Wang Gungwu, Director of the East Asian Institute, Singapore. Historian of China and the Chinese (Doctor of Letters)

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Composer and conductor (Doctor of Music)

Mr Allan Brigham, Local historian and guide (Master of Arts)

Sir Miles Hunt-Davis, Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the University, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh (Master of Arts)

It is expected that that the honorary doctorates will be conferred at a Congregation to be held on Friday, 12 June. The honorary MA degrees for Allan Brigham and Sir Miles Hunt-Davis are expected to be conferred at a Congregation on Saturday, 18 July.

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