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Sixth Farsiram Avtar

FARSIRAM was born to the great saint of the time, JALVAGAN and his wife RENKAVATI. The saint and his wife led a pure and divine life.
Saint JALVAGAN'S wife's sister was married to the powerful Devil SAHESTRA-ARJUN.

On one occasion when SAHESTRA-ARJUN with his large army was at the place in the jungle where saint JALVAGAN and RENKAVATI lived, it passed in the thoughts of RENKAVATI, for one moment, that she was a pauper in comparison to her sister who had so much wealth and glory.

Unfortunately because of such poor thinking, her spiritual power was awakened. On that day she was unable to carry out her daily practice of filling water in apiece of cloth. RENKAVAN'S husband saint JALVAGAN guessed the cause of this weakening and cautioned her: he said to her that the SPIRITUAL KINGDOM is much richer and powerful than the TEMPORAL KINGDOM. JALVAGAN told SATI RENKAVATI to invite SAHESTRA ARJUN and his army to dine at their hut.

SAHESTRA ARJUN took this matter as a mockery, but JALVAGAN assured him of his able ness to provide the food. And just as he said, the whole army and SAHESTRA ARJUN were fed with a hearty meal, at which they were greatly amazed. This was done by the saint's spiritual power.

SAHESTRA ARJUN could not utter anything except that he asked the saint if he would part with the holy cow NANDINI, miraculously, thousands of warriors appeared to fight mercilessly the army of SAHESTRA ARJUN. This happened due to the divine mystery of the 'NOOR,' the light of GOD.

The sixth Avtar 'FARISRAM' appeared in ZAHIR. SAHESTRA ARJUN who had the power of a thousand hands was killed and the fate of his army also ended.

BHAGAT KAMLAPATI and other BHAGATS hereafter lived happily. Religion was enlightened and salvation was granted to all the BHAGAT RUHANIS.

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