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Seventh Shri Ram Avtar

In INDIA, there was a king named RAVAN. RAVAN had prayed extensively, he took a promise from God in his IBADAT that he should be given power equivalent to ten brains and twenty hands. Also he demanded that his heart be filled with AMRIT (Divine Water) so that he may remain deathless. All this was given him as a reward for Ibadat.
Thereafter, RAVAN became arrogant. He started to create obstacles in religious matters and to harass saints and sages. People were much disturbed by his aggressiveness. All the people prayed for 'MUSKIL ASAN' and their prayers were heard as 'SHRI RAMCHANDRAJI' reincarnated as the SEVENTH AVTAR of the Lord VISHNU (THE ALI)

SHRI RAM was a very brave, handsome prince, the son of King DASHRATH of AYODHYA city in INDIA. RAM was married to the most beautiful princess of a neighboring city, SATI SITA.

SHRI RAM also had a stepbrother named BHARAT. BHARAT'S mother out of jealously, sought to make BHARAT instead of RAM the heir to the throne (GADI) of AYODHYA. King DASHRATH, because of a previous promise to fulfill any wish of BHARAT'S mother's, had to do as she wished. BHARAT was made king and RAM was banished to the jungle. SITA went with him.

Devil RAVAN came to know about this and he saw his chance to fight against RAM. He kidnapped SITA to LANKA (CEYLON). There was a battle between SHRI RAM and RAVAN in which HANUMAN helped SHRI RAM get back SITA. Devil RAVAN was eventually defeated and killed.

SHRI RAMCHANDRAJI as the SEVENTH AVTAR met with many BHAGATS in different parts of the jungle where the momins were day and night praying for DARSHAN and DIDAR. BHAGAT VIBIKSHAN, a chief BHAGAT of the time, was appointed ruler of LANKA and the momins of the time lived happily in their religious and worldly lives.

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