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Mowla Murtaza Ali and the Protection of Islam

During the lifetime of Mowla Ali's father, Hazarat Abu Talib's, the KAFFIRS, although creating a lot of difficulties for Prophet Muhammad in his preaching of Islam, were not able to go very far with their plans. But in the eleventh year of Prophet hood, Hazarat Abu Talib passed away from this world, and the KAFFIRS planned to kill the Prophet S.A.S.
Our Holy Prophet Muhammad decided not to stay in Macca any longer and to move to Medina. Mowla Murtaza Ali and Prophet Muhammmad also advised the faithful momins to migrate from Mecca to Medina.
A heroic incident of Mowla Ali's strength took place at this time. Mowla Ali asked the Prophet to proceed to Medina, while himself staying behind. This, the Prophet S.AS. Was cleverly able to do without raising the suspicion of the KAFFIRS who were guarding the house of Prophet Muhammad. Kaffirs began to throw stones heavily at the house and were able to break in. To their great surprise! They found Mowla Murtaza Ali in the house. Mowla Murtaza Ali was very bold and he killed many Kaffirs.

Prophet Muhammad RASUL-E-KARIM S.A.S. Reached Medina This migration, at the time Prophet Muhammad was 53 years, and Mowla Ali, 23, is known as the first year of 'Hijra' (A.H.).

The Kaffirs did not give peace, ABU SUFIYAN was afraid that his cousin Muhammad was becoming influenced and would harm his government. Therefore, in Jijra two (2A.H.), he invaded Medina with an army of 1000, and the battle of Badar was fought.

Our Nabi Saheb and Mowla Murtaza Ali had a small army of 313. Against all odds, the mostly unarmed Muslim army won a brilliant victory over the well-equipped Meccan army. Mowla Murtaza Ali fought bravely and in the battle Abu Jahel, the powerful enemy warrior was killed. It was a great day for Islam.

During Hijra Three (3 A.H.), another battle, a fiercer one, was fought at OHAD. Prophet Muhammad S.A.S. became worried and was wounded. Mowla Ali fought almost single handed against the KAFFIRS, and was not only successful at killing them but also at protecting Prophet Muhammad S.A.S.

After the above battle, ABU SUFIYAN his own son MUAVIYA as a Prophet in Syria, and started to make the people take BAIYAT of MUAVIYA. It was the aim of Abu Sufiyan to murder the members of the family of HASHAMI and to make the Umayyad government influential and powerful. Those people who took Muaviya's baiyat, later, became known as the 'SHIAS OF MUAVIYA,' while those who remained firm behind Mowla Murtaza Ali, were known as the 'SHIAS OF MOWLA ALI.'

The battle of Khaybar took place in 7A.H. When the Holy Prophet S.A.S. fought, without result, for almost forty days, he prayed to Mowla Murtaza Ali. Hazarat Jabrail brought the DUA of NA'DE ALI.


Remember Mowla Ali, the creator of the 'Quadrat.' He shall assist you at the time of difficulty and all adversities shall be eradicated. O ALI, O ALI, O MURTAZA ALI.

And sure enough, Mowla Murtaza Ali, with his divine power, won the strong fort of KHAYBAR.

In Hijra ten (10 A.H.) , Hazarat Raul-e-Karim S.A.S. declared in the presence of one hundred and twenty four thousand Moslems that Mowla Murtaza Ali was to be the Imam and Khalif of Islam after the Prophet. The Prophet declared:


ALI is the master of those amongst whom I was master,
O ALLAH love those who love Mowla ALI and reckon those
As enemies who have enmity with MOWLA ALI.

Thus, the FIRST HOLY 'IMAMAT' day was celebrated at Ghadeer-Khum-Khum.

A prominent scholar, S.V. Mir Ahmedali has written in his commentary on the Last AYAT in the Holy Quran - Revealed to Hazarat HABI RASUL-E-KARIM (S.A.S.) (SURATUL AL-MAIDAH, V: 3) after declaration of Mowla Murtaza Ali as Imam and khalif:

This verse occupies a very important and leading
Position in the Holy Quran and forms an essential
Part of the word of God. When the huge caravan of
Several thousands of the pilgrims along with the Holy
Prophet was on its march, returning from Mecca after
The 'Hajjatul-wida' and the caravan was at a place
Called Ghadeer-e-Khum, this verse was revealed to
The Holy Prophet.

Immediately on the receipt of the revelation, the
Holy Prophet ordered halt to the marching Caravan
And called back those who had gone ahead and waited
For those who were coming behind. When all the pilgrims
Had gathered, the Holy Prophet ordered a pulpit to be prepared.

The Holy prophet mounting the Pulpit delivered a long
Sermon of his parting advice to the people, and demanding
Acknowledgement from one and all of the huge audience,
Of his service towards the fulfillment of his mission as the
Apostle of God. He asked if he had conveyed to them the
Commands of God about the raith and its practice enumerating
Them one after another. The gathering in one voice replied to each
Question saying, 'Yes, O Apostle of God we do acknowledge that,
Thou hast conveyed the commands of the lord to us.' At last the Holy
Prophet asked, ' Am I not superior or the master to the believers more
Than their own selves?' The huge crowd in one voice shouted, 'certainly
O Apostle of God!' Again he asked, Am I not superior (or master) to every
Faithful one than his self?' Everyone of the huge gathering shouted, 'Certainly
O Apostle of God.' Then the Holy Prophet called Ali son of Abu Taleb to mount
The pulpit and raised him with the miraculous strength of his apostolic hands.

'To whomsoever I am the Maula (The Lord, Master) this Ali is his Maula.'

'O God! Be thou a friend to him who is a friend to him (Ali).'

'Be thou an enemy to him who is an enemy to Ali. Help the one who helps him
(i.e. Ali). Forsake the one who forsaketh Him (i.e. Ali).

As the Holy Prophet completed this declaration this verse (5:3) was revealed:

'This day have I perfected your religion for you and have completed my bounties on you and am pleased your religion to be Islam.' (5:3)

Descending from the pulpit, the Holy Prophet commanded everyone of the huge gathering to pay his 'Baiyat' or homage or allegiance to Ali. The first one to pay the baiyat was Omar ibne Khuttab (Who Later became the second Khalif) saying:

'Hurrah, Hurrah, O son of Abu Taleb thou hast now become my Maula (master) and the Maula (master) of every faithful man and faithful woman.'

Hearing the words with which Omar felicitated Ali, the Holy Prophet commanded Omar not to address Ali as son of Abu Taleb but as 'Amirul-Momineen,' i.e. the Lord commander of the faithful. Everyone paid his baiyat and the Holy Prophet commanded everyone in the audience to receive 'baiyat' for Ali as the 'Amirul-Momineen' at their own places on their return from the 'Haj.'

The event was so much known to everyone during the time of the Holy Prophet and so many of the great personalities have witnessed and vouched for it that none could ever venture to deny.

Without the appointment of some with divine qualities in the place of the Holy Prophet the security of the final word of God, the Holy Quran, and its true interpretation, the Holy Book would have met the same fate as that of the previous scriptures at the hands of the Jews and the Christians, and the promise God himself taking care of securing his own word in its originality under 15:9 could not have been fulfilled.

Thus without the faith in the 'Imamat,' i.e. continuation of the divine guidance , the religion Islam remains incomplete, to be nothing but what the fancy of the corrupt minds would have remolded it to suit their own selfish ends.

Besides the others, the following great authorities of even the accredited Sunni scholars have reported this even with all its details:

(S.V. Mir Ali goes on to give a list of THIRTY-SEVEN ACCREDITED AUTHORS AND SCHOLARS' NAMES and a list of FORTY-TWO WELL-KNOWN BOOKS In which the details of the event of Ghadeer-e-Khum have been given.)

A complete list of all the histories and the traditionists is impossible to present here. Only the well known and the leading ones whose position is universally accepted by the Sunni schools have been given.

When the Holy Prophet declared about Ali being the 'Maula'or the Lord or commander of the faithful, one of the hypocrites - Harith bin No'man Fehri could not tolerate the appointment of Ali in the place of the Holy Prophet and got upon his camel and deciding to leave the gathering, approached the Holy Prophet and said:

'O apostle of God, thou wanted us to discard idolatry: we did it. Thou wanted us to pray, fast, to go on pilgrimage, give the poor-rate, the Khums, to fight in the way of God, we did everything. And now thou art placing Ali over and above us. Is this what thou doest of thine own accord or in accordance with the command from God?'

The Holy Prophet said: 'Whatever I have done is nothing, but the execution of the revealed will of God.' Then the hypocrite prayed to God saying that if what the Holy Prophet said was true then let a torment come from heaven and kill him. Immediately a stone came from heaven and passing right through the man's body killed him.

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S.) passed away from this material world in Hijra 11. In spite of the declaration, Khalifat was not handed over by Islam to IMAM MOWLA SHAH MURTAZA ALI. But eventually, in Hijra 35, after there had already been there three Khalifs of Islam, almost all Muslims decided and approached MOWLA MURTAZA ALI to accept the Seat of Khalifat. They gave their oath of allegiance to Mowla Murtaza Ali.

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